Archived Data & Plots

This page contains a listing of archive resources. A brief description of each link is included to aid your search. If you are still having difficulty finding something, please let us know.

Multi-RADAR Multi-Sensor (MRMS) Archiving

The IEM maintains some unique archiving of the MRMS Project. The archive beginning date and variable coverage varies with the links below. There is a helpful Grib Table and you should use the MRMS Data Website for realtime data.

  • ~Complete Hourly Zipfiles on Google Drive since 28 Sep 2019.
    These are based on whatever was provided by the LDM NCEP feed and there is no mechanism attempted to repair any holes (quasi rare) from the LDM feed. Automated downloads from the Google Drive are difficult, but is your only option if the next link below does not have your files of interest.
  • Local Cache of ~Complete Hourly Zip Files
    Same files as found on the Google Drive, but served from a local spinning disk and so is easy to script against to download a large chunk of data. The intention is to keep about the last year's worth of data available here.
  • Mtarchive Daily Selected Files contains selected grib2 files of interest and has a more aggressive process that attempts to fill in holes based on NCEP LDM or HTTP outages. This archive goes back to the beginning of MRMS, but the number of data types archived varies.
  • Current MRMS Files
    provides files in a staging area before they are zipped up and uploaded to CyBox at the link above. This link does not provide anything more than the MRMS Data Website does.

NWS Watch/Warnings/Advisories


  • Amazon S3 NEXRAD II Archive
    Your first stop if you are looking for archived Level II files!
    NEXRAD data from the seven sites (DMX,DVN,OAX,FSD,ARX,MPX,EAX) with Iowa coverage. Since mid April 2002, all NIDS products are archived. Before then, only base reflectivity was saved.
  • IEM 2 day Level II Archive
    The IEM maintains an archive of Level II data for roughly the past two days.
  • NCDC ~Complete NEXRAD archive
    This is the one-stop place for historical Level II and Level III NEXRAD information. A wonderful site!
  • GIS NEXRAD Composites
    Composites of NEXRAD base reflectivity. The raw files are found in the general IEM archive in the sub-directory called 'GIS/uscomp/'.
  • Single Site NIDS Imagery
    You can generate images from their online archive!


NWS Text Products

See this news item for more details on this archive and how it is made available.

Storm Event Pictures

Raw Data

  • BUFKIT archives
    Iowa Only The general IEM data archive contains a sub-directory called 'bufkit'. This directory contains model point soundings for locations near Iowa. The archive started 25 January 2006 - 27 March 2015.
    Mtarchive BUFKIT Archive This archive contains data for many more sites and models.
    IEM API BUFKIT Webservice allows for nearest in space/time searches, atomic data download and more.
  • GEMPAK data archive
    Archive of gempak products taken from the UNIDATA NOAAPORT feed. This archive dates back to 2001 and for some dates even further.
  • HRRR Model Archive
    Archive maintained by University of Utah of the HRRR model.
  • IEM Network Data
    IEM data in its original unprocessed form. ASOS/AWOS METAR observation, RWIS comma-deliminated data, schoolnet csv data, SCAN site format and COOP observations
  • Unidata IDD 6 month archive
    Archive of raw data provided by Unidata for the past 6 months!
  • NCDC NOMADS Big Archive!!
    Lots of raw model data and other goodies, a definite must-visit.


US Daily Weather Maps

Data download forms

Are we forgetting something? Please let us know of other archives that are available for Iowa data.