Archived Pilot Reports (PIREPs)

The IEM attempts to process a feed of Pilot Reports (PIREPs). This processing is done via the PyIEM Library. Sadly, there is not strict coherence to a format specification and so a number of reports are simply unparsable. This archive should not be considered 'complete'.

The PIREP parsing library that decodes the location information into a latitude and longitude is crude. It does not properly account for magnetic north and may also have errors with VOR baseline locations. This download interface provides the raw undecoded PIREP reports, so users that have more sophisticated location calculators are encouraged to process them for yourself.

Due to filesize and speed, you can only request up to 120 days of data at a time! If you request data with the spatial filter, you can download longer periods of data.

Select time interval

(Times are in UTC.)
Time Interval Format Spatial Filter (Optional)
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Shapefile DBF schema:

Field 0: Type=C/String, Title='VALID', Timestamp in UTC
Field 1: Type=C/String, Title='URGENT', Was this an urgent PIREP
Field 2: Type=C/String, Title='AIRCRAFT', Reported Aircraft type
Field 3: Type=C/String, Title='REPORT', The PIREP Report
Field 4: Type=N/Double, Title='LAT', Latitude
Field 5: Type=N/Double, Title='LON', Longitude 

Archive notes: