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321 Views 5 June NWS Data Outage [resolved]


The NWS is having a data flow issue that started about 1:45 PM. The primary impact is the lack of RADAR information, but other things appear impacted as well. Will update this news item once some resolution happens or updates are made.

Update 6 PM: Data flow has returned to about normal with no known data loss at the moment. Continue to monitor.

Update 6:15 PM: The NWS finally issued some update. Things look promising to be fully resolved soon.

Update 6:50 PM: There is an unrelated outage with the boulder datacenter, which has knocked out NOMADS. I should have that worked around now.

Update 7 AM: I continue to attempt fixes of various archive holes, but some appear to be unrepairable. This is probably the last update on the outage.