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986 Views 10 Nov: Degraded Website [resolved]

The virtual server infrastructure at Iowa State on which much of the IEM runs is currently (3 PM 10 Nov 2023) in a very degraded state. Very capable folks are actively working on it, so hopefully the degraded website performance does not last much longer. I'll update this news item once we are in the clear. Thanks for the patience.

Update 6 PM: We are still on the struggle bus with many unhappy virtual machines within the cluster. Continue to monitor and hope for a restoration soon!

Update 8 PM: No progress to report, latency to the backend storage remains horrible. Folks continue to work on things!

Update 9:30 PM: The backend storage is back to normal operation and I am now attempting to get everything back going and fill in data holes.

Update 6 AM: Hopefully have completely recovered from this, but please let me know of any variances found.