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222 Views Windrose Bar Convention


One of the unique and popular capabilities of the IEM website is to generate windrose plots for an automated station and time period of your choice. These wind rose plots used the meteorology convention of showing bars oriented in the direction that the wind is travelling from. This orientation is opposite of what some users desire which is to have bars oriented in the direction that the wind is blowing toward. So I've added support for selecting between the two.

For example, these two plots are showing the same data, but oriented in different directions:

Windrose Windrose

For lack of a more descriptive term, I label the difference between these two as Meteorology and Engineering orientations. Note that this change only impacts the visual presentation of the data. Any data downloaded still follows the meteorology wind direction reporting convention as it is meteorology data to begin with :)

The plots contain subtle arrows that attempt to help the user understand which way the wind is blowing relative to the plot center.

Please let me know of feedback and how this can be improved.