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499 Views 25 May Maintenance Outages


There are two maintenance outages scheduled for 24 May 2021 as summer time means disruptive changes are done!

ISU Network Engineers plan to do network updates between 5-7 AM with possible network outages during this time. The primary impact for the IEM would be you can't reach the website and real-time data ingest may be delayed or fail.

The central storage mtarchive uses will be down for most of the day for yearly updates and patching. I have some workarounds in place to prevent data loss, but various services that use that archive will be failing. This is not too impactful for the IEM nor its services.

I'll update this news item on Tuesday as these windows are cleared and services get restored. Thanks for your patience.

Updated 9:30 AM: The network outage lasted between 5:30 and 6:10 AM this morning with no known impacts other than some lost data from live platforms, like web cams. The mtarchive downtime is now ongoing and will update this news item later today. Thanks for your patience.

Updated 11 AM: The mtarchive outage is over, but a filesystem scrub operation is ongoing and typically takes a few days to complete. The operation causes some performance issues in the iterim.