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If you have seen my IEM website talks before, I like to claim that this website is the second worst organized weather website on the Internet (you can guess which government website is the worst). Whilst failing to figure out where one of my plots was located on this website last night, I figured it was time to reorganize the navigation bar (the gray bar found below the ISU boilerplate bar). Here's a summary of how I attempted to organize things into new categories.

  • Apps: A listing of often deep rabbit holes to get lost in while interactively exploring archives.
  • Areas: I struggled with this name, but it is general main-pages for interest areas of various groups that like to frequent this website. I suppose "Topics" could cover these items as well.
  • Datasets: The IEM curates a number of disparate datasets and this tab lists out some of the more popular ones.
  • Info: Generally the same content as before, a listing of information portals to various IEM things.
  • Networks: Same as before, the IEM processes different observation sources into "networks" for some sort of organization.
  • NWS Data: This lists out some NWS datasets that the IEM has curated archives for. This somewhat differs from the Datasets tab as these are very NWS specific and the others are more general / IEM products.
  • Services: Listing of IEM web services and other more programatic interfaces some users are looking for.
  • Webcams: Same as before, legal webcam content.

Just a comment that actual links on the website did not change and anything you had bookmarked will continue to work. This change just reorganizes the 70 some links that appear within the nav-bar. As always, let me know of how upset you are by this change and if you still can not find something that hopefully I can now at least find!