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661 Views IEM Network Metadata Changes

Some downstream breaking changes were likely just made to the IEM metadata database. The changes included:

  • Washington National KDCA was moved from Virginia ASOS (VA_ASOS) to District of Columbia ASOS (DC_ASOS).
  • The Virgin Islands network identifier was changed from VI__ASOS to VI_ASOS, since that matches the nomenclature used by the IEM for US networks.
  • Puerto Rico ASOS identifier was updated from PR__ASOS to PR_ASOS, again to denote this is a US state.
  • Long Term Climate networks were added for Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. This networks will only contain stations that have near complete records and do not need daily estimates to fill in gaps.
As always, let me know of questions and concerns you have. These changes are meant to rectify nomenclatures and remove various one-offs within the code base.

Update 4 March: It was kindly pointed out to me that DCA Reagan National is actually in Arlington, VA. Oopsy, so it is moved back to Virginia. Sorry about this!