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2592 Views GOES East Satellite Status


For many moons now, the IEM has been providing various GIS services containing GOES East / West imagery. This imagery was based on GINI-format processing. The "East" and "West" signify two satellites that are geo-stationary over the eastern US and western US respectively.

The GOES "East" satellite got recently replaced by a newly launched satellite and the format of data it produces is different, much larger, and more computationally expensive to process than the previous GINI files. So the GOES East services provided by the IEM were discontinued.

We have gotten a number of inquires about this situation and I apologize for not communicating this change well on the website. Perhaps, we can stand up some services in the future, but at this point there is no clear research need nor funding stream to support updated computer resources. Besides, there are others out there providing better services than what the IEM did.

The current suggestion is to check out the RealEarth API for similar services and much more than what was offered here.

Later this year, GOES-S will be launched and replace the current satellite at the "West" position. When this happens, we'll remove the various goes-west services.

As always, let us know of questions!