IEM Daily Feature
Tuesday, 02 April 2024

Just -10°F for Decorah

Posted: 02 Apr 2024 05:30 AM

Our most recently finished winter season was a mild one for Iowa. One way to measure how mild it was is to plot the accumulated season to date minimum temperature. Today's featured chart does just that for Decorah (far NE Iowa). The blue line represents the 2023-2024 value with the other areas and lines showing the climatology and climatological range. The value this year of -10°F comes just outside the 97.5th percentile on record. This value came with the brief, but intense cold during the middle of January. For those of you that don't wish to think of winter any more, the good news is that the cold season minimum temperature has never happened during the month of April in Iowa.

Good = 10
Bad = 0