IEM Daily Feature
Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Waterloo's Daily Records

Posted: 25 Nov 2020 06:02 AM

Along with the snow from the most recent winter storm system, a significant amount of rainfall was received over much of Iowa as well. Waterloo set a daily precipitation record for the 24th. The featured chart presents the year the present day daily records reside for Waterloo. The five sections provide two sub-plots each with the left plot showing the year the record resides for a given day of the year and the right plot summarizes the number of records per decade. The bottom right section is of relevance for today's feature and shows that the 2010s have most of the daily precipitation records for the site vs any other decade. The 2020s are getting off where the last decade left off with a number of daily records already set this year.

Good = 8
Bad = 0