NWS MOS Download Interface

This page allows you to download from the IEM's archive of NWS MOS data. The archive goes back to June 2000. You can set the start and end times to the same time to get that particular run.

For dates after 25 Feb 2020, the NBS was only archived for the 1, 7, 13, and 19 UTC cycles as per guidance from the MOS developers. For dates before 25 Feb 2020, the NBS was only archived for 0, 7, 12, and 19 UTC runs.

Enter 4-Char Station ID: Select Model
Start Date
End Date (inclusive)

Description of MOS variables

n_xMax/Min Temp [F]
tmp2m Air Temperature [F]
dpt2m Dew Point [F]
cldCloud Coverage
wdr10m Wind Direction [deg]
wsp10m Wind Speed [kts]
p066 Hr Probability of Precipitation [%]
p1212 Hr Probability of Precipitation [%]
q066 Hr Quantitative Precipitation Forecast
q1212 Hr Quantitative Precipitation Forecast
t066 Hr Thunderstorm Probability [%]
t1212 Hr Thunderstorm Probability [%]
snwCategorical Snow
cigCategorical Ceiling Height
visCategorical Visibility
obvObstruction to Vision
pozFreezing Rain Probability [%]
posSnowfall Probability [%]
typPrecipitation Type
skySky Coverage [%]
gstWind Gust [kts]
pzrProbability of Freezing Rain [%]
psnProbability of Snow [%]
pplProbability of PL [%]
praProbability of Rain [%]