This page presents the raw observations of daily high and low temperature along with precipitation and snow when available. The dates shown are the date when the observation was reported. For observations made at 7 AM, this would be a for a 24 hour period up until that time and not for that local date. The timestamps shown are valid for the local timezone of that reporting station.

Hint: You should be able to highlight the values in the table and then copy + paste these values into a spreadsheet program like Excel. A download interface does exist for these observations.

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NWSLI: Site Name: Date: Temp at Ob Max Air Temp Min Air Temp Precip Snowfall Snow Depth Snow Water Equiv
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE1 Jan 2024 8AMM2821000M
.A WAUI4 240101 C DH0800/TX 28/TN 21/TA M/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2401020855 Was a light mix of snow and rain Sunday, but no additional precipitation or accumulation from Sunday morning readings.
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE2 Jan 2024 8AM232318000M
.A WAUI4 240102 C DH0800/TX 23/TN 18/TA 23/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2401020855
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE3 Jan 2024 8AM283123000M
.A WAUI4 240103 C DH0800/TX 31/TN 23/TA 28/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2401030824
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE4 Jan 2024 8AM223322000M
.A WAUI4 240104 C DH0800/TX 33/TN 22/TA 22/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2401041036
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE5 Jan 2024 8AM202518000M
.A WAUI4 240105 C DH0800/TX 25/TN 18/TA 20/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2401050819
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE6 Jan 2024 8AMM3420000M
.A WAUI4 240106 C DH0800/TX 34/TN 20/TA M/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2401080844
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE7 Jan 2024 8AMM2924000M
.A WAUI4 240107 C DH0800/TX 29/TN 24/TA M/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2401080844
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE8 Jan 2024 8AM222720000M
.A WAUI4 240108 C DH0800/TX 27/TN 20/TA 22/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2401080844
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE9 Jan 2024 8AM2730220.34.24M
.A WAUI4 240109 C DH0800/TX 30/TN 22/TA 27/PP 0.30/SF 4.2/SD 4/DC2401090921 Snowing yet.
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE10 Jan 2024 8AM2130210.243.88M
.A WAUI4 240110 C DH0800/TX 30/TN 21/TA 21/PP 0.24/SF 3.8/SD 8/DC2401100916
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE11 Jan 2024 8AM1630130.11.18M
.A WAUI4 240111 C DH0800/TX 30/TN 13/TA 16/PP 0.10/SF 1.1/SD 8/DC2401110842
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE12 Jan 2024 8AM1521120.031.29M
.A WAUI4 240112 C DH0800/TX 21/TN 12/TA 15/PP 0.03/SF 1.2/SD 9/DC2401120836 Snowing.
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE13 Jan 2024 8AMM2290.697.712M
.AR WAUI4 240113 C DH0800/TX 22/TN 9/TA M/PP 0.69/SF 7.7/SD 12/DC2401161612
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE14 Jan 2024 8AMM9-150.020.312M
.AR WAUI4 240114 C DH0800/TX 9/TN -15/TA M/PP 0.02/SF 0.3/SD 12/DC2401161610
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE15 Jan 2024 8AMM-4-160011M
.AR WAUI4 240115 C DH0800/TX -4/TN -16/TA M/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 11/DC2401161610
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE16 Jan 2024 8AMM0-1700112.1
.AR WAUI4 240116 C DH0800/TX 0/TN -17/TA M/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 11/SW 2.1/DC2401161610
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE17 Jan 2024 8AM00-50010M
.A WAUI4 240117 C DH0800/TX 0/TN -5/TA 0/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 10/DC2401170933
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE18 Jan 2024 8AM41100010M
.A WAUI4 240118 C DH0800/TX 11/TN 0/TA 4/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 10/DC2401180916
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE19 Jan 2024 8AM-411-60.040.611M
.A WAUI4 240119 C DH0800/TX 11/TN -6/TA -4/PP 0.04/SF 0.6/SD 11/DC2401190904
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE20 Jan 2024 8AMM1-100011M
.A WAUI4 240120 C DH0800/TX 1/TN -10/TA M/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 11/DC2401221112
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE21 Jan 2024 8AM08-90010M
.A WAUI4 240121 C DH0800/TX 8/TN -9/TA 0/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 10/DC2401221112
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE22 Jan 2024 8AM2222-30091.9
.A WAUI4 240122 C DH0800/TX 22/TN -3/TA 22/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 9/SW 1.9/DC2401221111
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE23 Jan 2024 8AM283022T09M
.A WAUI4 240123 C DH0800/TX 30/TN 22/TA 28/PP T/SF 0.0/SD 9/DC2401230832 Glaze of ice. Some fog and mist.
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE24 Jan 2024 8AM303128008M
.A WAUI4 240124 C DH0800/TX 31/TN 28/TA 30/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 8/DC2401240820
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE25 Jan 2024 8AM313329T07M
.A WAUI4 240125 C DH0800/TX 33/TN 29/TA 31/PP T/SF 0.0/SD 7/DC2401250825 Light rain and mist with dense fog.
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE26 Jan 2024 8AM3234310.4807M
.A WAUI4 240126 C DH0800/TX 34/TN 31/TA 32/PP 0.48/SF 0.0/SD 7/DC2401260923 Rain and fog.
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE27 Jan 2024 8AMM35320.0706M
.A WAUI4 240127 C DH0800/TX 35/TN 32/TA M/PP 0.07/SF 0.0/SD 6/DC2401290851
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE28 Jan 2024 8AMM3427005M
.A WAUI4 240128 C DH0800/TX 34/TN 27/TA M/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 5/DC2401290850
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE29 Jan 2024 8AM2631250040.7
.A WAUI4 240129 C DH0800/TX 31/TN 25/TA 26/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 4/SW 0.7/DC2401290850
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE30 Jan 2024 8AM334026001M
.A WAUI4 240130 C DH0800/TX 40/TN 26/TA 33/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 1/DC2401300828
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE31 Jan 2024 8AM293628001M
.A WAUI4 240131 C DH0800/TX 36/TN 28/TA 29/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 1/DC2401310828
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE1 Feb 2024 8AM334528000M
.A WAUI4 240201 C DH0800/TX 45/TN 28/TA 33/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2402010857 Snow currently on ground is drifts, low spots, and shaded areas.
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE2 Feb 2024 8AM264626000M
.A WAUI4 240202 C DH0800/TX 46/TN 26/TA 26/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2402020842
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE3 Feb 2024 8AMM3126000M
.A WAUI4 240203 C DH0800/TX 31/TN 26/TA M/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2402050841
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE4 Feb 2024 8AMM4227000M
.A WAUI4 240204 C DH0800/TX 42/TN 27/TA M/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2402050841
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE5 Feb 2024 8AM314926000M
.A WAUI4 240205 C DH0800/TX 49/TN 26/TA 31/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2402050840
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE6 Feb 2024 8AM314929000M
.A WAUI4 240206 C DH0800/TX 49/TN 29/TA 31/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2402060830
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE7 Feb 2024 8AM335231000M
.A WAUI4 240207 C DH0800/TX 52/TN 31/TA 33/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2402070934
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE8 Feb 2024 8AM414233000M
.A WAUI4 240208 C DH0800/TX 42/TN 33/TA 41/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2402080930
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE9 Feb 2024 8AM345733T00M
.A WAUI4 240209 C DH0800/TX 57/TN 33/TA 34/PP T/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2402090833 Just a trace of rain during late afternoon.
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE10 Feb 2024 8AMM3725000M
.A WAUI4 240210 C DH0800/TX 37/TN 25/TA M/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2402120911
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE11 Feb 2024 8AMM3822000M
.A WAUI4 240211 C DH0800/TX 38/TN 22/TA M/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2402120910
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE12 Feb 2024 8AM294023000M
.A WAUI4 240212 C DH0800/TX 40/TN 23/TA 29/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2402120910
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE13 Feb 2024 8AMM4623000M
.A WAUI4 240213 C DH0800/TX 46/TN 23/TA M/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2402131158
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE14 Feb 2024 8AM303826000M
.A WAUI4 240214 C DH0800/TX 38/TN 26/TA 30/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2402140925
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE15 Feb 2024 8AM2443230.590.71M
.A WAUI4 240215 C DH0800/TX 43/TN 23/TA 24/PP 0.59/SF 0.7/SD 1/DC2402150941 Layer of ice, mixed with snow. Rained first then snowed overnight.
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE16 Feb 2024 8AM183018000M
.A WAUI4 240216 C DH0800/TX 30/TN 18/TA 18/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2402160823
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE17 Feb 2024 8AMM235000M
.A WAUI4 240217 C DH0800/TX 23/TN 5/TA M/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2402190914
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE18 Feb 2024 8AMM295000M
.A WAUI4 240218 C DH0800/TX 29/TN 5/TA M/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2402190914
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE19 Feb 2024 8AM254119000M
.A WAUI4 240219 C DH0800/TX 41/TN 19/TA 25/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2402190913
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE20 Feb 2024 8AMM4420000M
.A WAUI4 240220 C DH0800/TX 44/TN 20/TA M/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2402201522
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE21 Feb 2024 8AM404929000M
.A WAUI4 240221 C DH0800/TX 49/TN 29/TA 40/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2402211405
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE22 Feb 2024 8AM405434000M
.A WAUI4 240222 C DH0800/TX 54/TN 34/TA 40/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2402220901
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE23 Feb 2024 8AM306127000M
.A WAUI4 240223 C DH0800/TX 61/TN 27/TA 30/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2402230823
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE24 Feb 2024 8AMM4012T00M
.AR WAUI4 240224 C DH0800/TX 40/TN 12/TA M/PP T/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2402261300 Some snow flurries during the afternoon Friday. Low temp showed 12 degrees. Expected low was around 38 degrees.
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE25 Feb 2024 8AMM3712000M
.AR WAUI4 240225 C DH0800/TX 37/TN 12/TA M/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2402261300 Low temp showed 12 degrees. Expected low was around 32 degrees.
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE26 Feb 2024 8AM375631000M
.A WAUI4 240226 C DH0800/TX 56/TN 31/TA 37/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2402260905
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE27 Feb 2024 8AM446836000M
.A WAUI4 240227 C DH0800/TX 68/TN 36/TA 44/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2402270847
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE28 Feb 2024 8AM86660.10.30M
.A WAUI4 240228 C DH0800/TX 66/TN 6/TA 8/PP 0.10/SF 0.3/SD 0/DC2402280834
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE29 Feb 2024 8AMM216000M
.A WAUI4 240229 C DH0800/TX 21/TN 6/TA M/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2403010927
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE1 Mar 2024 8AMM4812000M
.A WAUI4 240301 C DH0800/TX 48/TN 12/TA M/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2403010927
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE2 Mar 2024 8AMM5025000M
.A WAUI4 240302 C DH0800/TX 50/TN 25/TA M/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2403040859
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE3 Mar 2024 8AMM6030000M
.A WAUI4 240303 C DH0800/TX 60/TN 30/TA M/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2403040858
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE4 Mar 2024 8AM407234000M
.A WAUI4 240304 C DH0800/TX 72/TN 34/TA 40/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2403040856
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE5 Mar 2024 9AM3341270.900M
.A WAUI4 240305 C DH0900/TX 41/TN 27/TA 33/PP 0.90/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2403050921
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE6 Mar 2024 8AMM5027000M
.A WAUI4 240306 C DH0800/TX 50/TN 27/TA M/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2403080852
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE7 Mar 2024 8AMM5229000M
.A WAUI4 240307 C DH0800/TX 52/TN 29/TA M/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2403080851
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE8 Mar 2024 8AM3452340.0300M
.A WAUI4 240308 C DH0800/TX 52/TN 34/TA 34/PP 0.03/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2403080851
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE9 Mar 2024 8AMM3720T00M
.A WAUI4 240309 C DH0800/TX 37/TN 20/TA M/PP T/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2403110929
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE10 Mar 2024 8AMM3819000M
.A WAUI4 240310 C DH0800/TX 38/TN 19/TA M/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2403110929
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE11 Mar 2024 8AM394620000M
.A WAUI4 240311 C DH0800/TX 46/TN 20/TA 39/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2403110929
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE12 Mar 2024 9AM486739000M
.A WAUI4 240312 C DH0900/TX 67/TN 39/TA 48/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2403120916
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE13 Mar 2024 9AM476844000M
.A WAUI4 240313 C DH0900/TX 68/TN 44/TA 47/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2403130915
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE14 Mar 2024 8AM436743000M
.A WAUI4 240314 C DH0800/TX 67/TN 43/TA 43/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2403140841 Some early morning sprinkles of rain.
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE15 Mar 2024 8AM3351310.0800M
.A WAUI4 240315 C DH0800/TX 51/TN 31/TA 33/PP 0.08/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2403150850
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE16 Mar 2024 8AMM5732000M
.A WAUI4 240316 C DH0800/TX 57/TN 32/TA M/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2403180914
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE17 Mar 2024 8AMM4822000M
.A WAUI4 240317 C DH0800/TX 48/TN 22/TA M/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2403180914
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE18 Mar 2024 8AM213120TT0M
.AR WAUI4 240318 C DH0800/TX 31/TN 20/TA 21/PP T/SF T/SD 0/DC2403200745 Light snow flurries.
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE19 Mar 2024 9AM333621TT0M
.AR WAUI4 240319 C DH0900/TX 36/TN 21/TA 33/PP T/SF T/SD 0/DC2403200746 Some light snow flurries during the morning.
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE20 Mar 2024 8AM215620000M
.A WAUI4 240320 C DH0800/TX 56/TN 20/TA 21/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2403200928
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE21 Mar 2024 9AM243421000M
.A WAUI4 240321 C DH0900/TX 34/TN 21/TA 24/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2403210944
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE22 Mar 2024 8AM2533240.222M
.A WAUI4 240322 C DH0800/TX 33/TN 24/TA 25/PP 0.20/SF 2.0/SD 2/DC2403220829
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE23 Mar 2024 8AMM3014000M
.A WAUI4 240323 C DH0800/TX 30/TN 14/TA M/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2403250912
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE24 Mar 2024 9AM2734150.10.71M
.A WAUI4 240324 C DH0900/TX 34/TN 15/TA 27/PP 0.10/SF 0.7/SD 1/DC2403250912 Snowing.
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE25 Mar 2024 8AM3838250.382.120.8
.A WAUI4 240325 C DH0800/TX 38/TN 25/TA 38/PP 0.38/SF 2.1/SD 2/SW 0.8/DC2403250910
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE26 Mar 2024 8AM3849370.2100M
.A WAUI4 240326 C DH0800/TX 49/TN 37/TA 38/PP 0.21/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2403260824
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE27 Mar 2024 8AM2138200.02T0M
.A WAUI4 240327 C DH0800/TX 38/TN 20/TA 21/PP 0.02/SF T/SD 0/DC2403270825
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE28 Mar 2024 8AMM3610000M
.A WAUI4 240328 C DH0800/TX 36/TN 10/TA M/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2404030943 Will be gone until 3 April 2024.
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE29 Mar 2024 8AMM4218000M
.A WAUI4 240329 C DH0800/TX 42/TN 18/TA M/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2404030942
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE30 Mar 2024 8AMM5126000M
.A WAUI4 240330 C DH0800/TX 51/TN 26/TA M/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2404030941
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE31 Mar 2024 8AMM5434000M
.A WAUI4 240331 C DH0800/TX 54/TN 34/TA M/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2404030941
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE1 Apr 2024 8AMM4935000M
.A WAUI4 240401 C DH0800/TX 49/TN 35/TA M/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2404030939
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE2 Apr 2024 8AMM4030M00M
.A WAUI4 240402 C DH0800/TX 40/TN 30/TA M/PP M/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2404030939 Did snow, but was gone - recorded next day for total amount.
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE3 Apr 2024 9AM303129MM7M
.A WAUI4 240403 C DH0900/TX 31/TN 29/TA 30/DVD02/PPV 1.09/SFV 7.2/SD 7/DC2404030938 Snowing yet.
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE4 Apr 2024 8AM313330TT5M
.A WAUI4 240404 C DH0800/TX 33/TN 30/TA 31/PP T/SF T/SD 5/DC2404040841 Done snowing and raining.
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE5 Apr 2024 9AM343827002M
.A WAUI4 240405 C DH0900/TX 38/TN 27/TA 34/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 2/DC2404050938
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE6 Apr 2024 8AMM4930000M
.A WAUI4 240406 C DH0800/TX 49/TN 30/TA M/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2404080833 Snow cover was melted by late Friday.
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE7 Apr 2024 8AMM5331000M
.A WAUI4 240407 C DH0800/TX 53/TN 31/TA M/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2404080833
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE8 Apr 2024 8AM4345390.2500M
.A WAUI4 240408 C DH0800/TX 45/TN 39/TA 43/PP 0.25/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2404080833
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE9 Apr 2024 8AM395434000M
.A WAUI4 240409 C DH0800/TX 54/TN 34/TA 39/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2404090850
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE10 Apr 2024 8AM486039000M
.A WAUI4 240410 C DH0800/TX 60/TN 39/TA 48/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2404100824
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE11 Apr 2024 8AM466940000M
.A WAUI4 240411 C DH0800/TX 69/TN 40/TA 46/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2404110829
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE12 Apr 2024 8AM446041T00M
.A WAUI4 240412 C DH0800/TX 60/TN 41/TA 44/PP T/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2404120836 Just a brief period of light rain.
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE13 Apr 2024 8AMM6040000M
.A WAUI4 240413 C DH0800/TX 60/TN 40/TA M/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2404150844
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE14 Apr 2024 8AMM7441000M
.A WAUI4 240414 C DH0800/TX 74/TN 41/TA M/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2404150843
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE15 Apr 2024 8AM557948000M
.A WAUI4 240415 C DH0800/TX 79/TN 48/TA 55/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2404150843
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE16 Apr 2024 8AMM7347T00M
.A WAUI4 240416 C DH0800/TX 73/TN 47/TA M/PP T/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2404170826
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE17 Apr 2024 8AM5264462.0700M
.A WAUI4 240417 C DH0800/TX 64/TN 46/TA 52/PP 2.07/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2404170826
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE18 Apr 2024 8AM4254400.44000
.A WAUI4 240418 C DH0900/TX 54/TN 40/TA 42/PP 0.44/SF 0.0/SD 0/SW 0.0/DC2404180925
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE19 Apr 2024 8AM3549300.0600M
.A WAUI4 240419 C DH0800/TX 49/TN 30/TA 35/PP 0.06/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2404190846
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE20 Apr 2024 8AMM4827000M
.A WAUI4 240420 C DH0800/TX 48/TN 27/TA M/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2404220826
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE21 Apr 2024 8AMM4028000M
.A WAUI4 240421 C DH0800/TX 40/TN 28/TA M/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2404220825
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE22 Apr 2024 8AM465832000M
.A WAUI4 240422 C DH0800/TX 58/TN 32/TA 46/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2404220825
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE23 Apr 2024 8AM486344000M
.A WAUI4 240423 C DH0800/TX 63/TN 44/TA 48/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2404230816
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE24 Apr 2024 8AM356329000M
.A WAUI4 240424 C DH0800/TX 63/TN 29/TA 35/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2404240837
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE25 Apr 2024 8AM405533000M
.A WAUI4 240425 C DH0800/TX 55/TN 33/TA 40/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2404250835
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE26 Apr 2024 8AM445940000M
.A WAUI4 240426 C DH0800/TX 59/TN 40/TA 44/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2404260824
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE27 Apr 2024 8AMM61441.1400M
.A WAUI4 240427 C DH0800/TX 61/TN 44/TA M/PP 1.14/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2404271242
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE28 Apr 2024 9AM527051TT0M
.AR WAUI4 240428 C DH0900/TX 70/TN 51/TA 52/PP T/SF T/SD 0/DC2405141140 Pea size hail Friday night. Short duration and no accumulation.
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE29 Apr 2024 8AM5055430.4800M
.A WAUI4 240429 C DH0800/TX 55/TN 43/TA 50/PP 0.48/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2404290831
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE30 Apr 2024 8AM485439000M
.A WAUI4 240430 C DH0800/TX 54/TN 39/TA 48/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2404301312
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE1 May 2024 8AM5267460.1500M
.A WAUI4 240501 C DH0800/TX 67/TN 46/TA 52/PP 0.15/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2405010822
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE2 May 2024 8AM4966480.2200M
.A WAUI4 240502 C DH0800/TX 66/TN 48/TA 49/PP 0.22/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2405020908
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE3 May 2024 8AM5261430.7800M
.A WAUI4 240503 C DH0800/TX 61/TN 43/TA 52/PP 0.78/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2405030822 Fog in low lying areas this morning.
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE4 May 2024 8AMM6945000M
.A WAUI4 240504 C DH0800/TX 69/TN 45/TA M/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2405060851
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE5 May 2024 8AMM57400.500M
.A WAUI4 240505 C DH0800/TX 57/TN 40/TA M/PP 0.50/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2405060851
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE6 May 2024 8AM536442000M
.A WAUI4 240506 C DH0800/TX 64/TN 42/TA 53/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2405060827
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE7 May 2024 8AM5470530.7400M
.A WAUI4 240507 C DH0800/TX 70/TN 53/TA 54/PP 0.74/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2405070833
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE8 May 2024 8AMM7050M00M
.A WAUI4 240508 C DH0800/TX 70/TN 50/TA M/PP M/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2405130857
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE9 May 2024 8AMM7450M00M
.A WAUI4 240509 C DH0800/TX 74/TN 50/TA M/PP M/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2405130856
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE10 May 2024 8AMM5443M00M
.A WAUI4 240510 C DH0800/TX 54/TN 43/TA M/PP M/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2405130855
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE11 May 2024 8AMM7044M00M
.A WAUI4 240511 C DH0800/TX 70/TN 44/TA M/PP M/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2405130855
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE12 May 2024 8AMM7046M00M
.A WAUI4 240512 C DH0800/TX 70/TN 46/TA M/PP M/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2405130855
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE13 May 2024 7AM5883830.54M0M
.AR WAUI4 240513 C DH0800/TX 83/TN 54/TA 58/DVD06/PPV 0.82/SFV 0.0/SD 0/DC2405130857 Was out of office 7 - 12 May.
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE14 May 2024 8AM536551T00M
.A WAUI4 240514 C DH0800/TX 65/TN 51/TA 53/PP T/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2405140824 Light showers yesterday.
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE15 May 2024 9AM556846000M
.A WAUI4 240515 C DH0900/TX 68/TN 46/TA 55/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2405150909
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE16 May 2024 9AM5971540.6700M
.A WAUI4 240516 C DH0900/TX 71/TN 54/TA 59/PP 0.67/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2405161130 Some lightning with rain last night.
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE17 May 2024 9AM647153000M
.A WAUI4 240517 C DH0900/TX 71/TN 53/TA 64/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2405170935
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE18 May 2024 8AMM7853000M
.A WAUI4 240518 C DH0800/TX 78/TN 53/TA M/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2405201124 Was thunder, heavy downpours, and pea size hail in Postville area, late afternoon.
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE19 May 2024 8AMM8552000M
.A WAUI4 240519 C DH0800/TX 85/TN 52/TA M/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2405201123
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE20 May 2024 8AM5871560.5900M
.A WAUI4 240520 C DH0800/TX 71/TN 56/TA 58/PP 0.59/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2405201122
WAUI4Waukon 3NNE21 May 2024 8AM5975581.900M
.A WAUI4 240521 C DH0800/TX 75/TN 58/TA 59/PP 1.90/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2405210902

Errors exist in this dataset and you should evaluate the observations before using...