This page presents the raw observations of daily high and low temperature along with precipitation and snow when available. The dates shown are the date when the observation was reported. For observations made at 7 AM, this would be a for a 24 hour period up until that time and not for that local date. The timestamps shown are valid for the local timezone of that reporting station.

Hint: You should be able to highlight the values in the table and then copy + paste these values into a spreadsheet program like Excel. A download interface does exist for these observations.

COOP obs listed by station

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NWSLI: Site Name: Date: Temp at Ob Max Air Temp Min Air Temp Precip Snowfall Snow Depth Snow Water Equiv
VNTI4VINTON1 Jan 2022 10AM929900MM
VNTI4VINTON2 Jan 2022 8AM-429-90.1835M
VNTI4VINTON3 Jan 2022 8AM629-800MM
VNTI4VINTON4 Jan 2022 8AM2424600MM
VNTI4VINTON5 Jan 2022 8AM632600MM
.AR VNTI4 220105 C DH0800/TX 32/TN 6/TA 6/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD M/DC2202141054 severe blowing snow from previous storm
VNTI4VINTON6 Jan 2022 8AM-612-600MM
VNTI4VINTON7 Jan 2022 8AM-10-2-1100MM
VNTI4VINTONNo Observation Reported for 2022-01-08
VNTI4VINTONNo Observation Reported for 2022-01-09
VNTI4VINTON10 Jan 2022 9AM613200MM
VNTI4VINTON11 Jan 2022 8AM811000MM
VNTI4VINTONNo Observation Reported for 2022-01-12
VNTI4VINTON13 Jan 2022 8AM20412000MM
VNTI4VINTON14 Jan 2022 8AM33412000MM
VNTI4VINTON15 Jan 2022 8AM1333120.316.8MM
VNTI4VINTON16 Jan 2022 8AM1619-700MM
VNTI4VINTON17 Jan 2022 9AM22271600MM
VNTI4VINTON18 Jan 2022 8AM23271000MM
VNTI4VINTON19 Jan 2022 8AM437400MM
VNTI4VINTON20 Jan 2022 8AM-98-1000MM
VNTI4VINTON21 Jan 2022 8AM-188-2000MM
VNTI4VINTON22 Jan 2022 11AM1622-18T0MM
VNTI4VINTON23 Jan 2022 8AM7264T0MM
VNTI4VINTON24 Jan 2022 8AM25257TTMM
VNTI4VINTONNo Observation Reported for 2022-01-25
VNTI4VINTON26 Jan 2022 8AM-143-1800MM
VNTI4VINTON27 Jan 2022 9AM2626-1400MM
VNTI4VINTON28 Jan 2022 8AM033-100MM
VNTI4VINTON29 Jan 2022 9AM1213-400MM
VNTI4VINTON30 Jan 2022 9AM1729400MM
VNTI4VINTON31 Jan 2022 8AM1522300MM
VNTI4VINTON1 Feb 2022 8AM31351500MM
VNTI4VINTON2 Feb 2022 8AM635600MM
VNTI4VINTON3 Feb 2022 8AM411-1000MM
VNTI4VINTON4 Feb 2022 8AM-212-1000MM
VNTI4VINTON7 Feb 2022 8AM035000MM
VNTI4VINTON8 Feb 2022 9AM2323000MM
VNTI4VINTON9 Feb 2022 8AM32422300MM
VNTI4VINTON10 Feb 2022 8AM25371700MM
VNTI4VINTON11 Feb 2022 8AM353817TTMM
VNTI4VINTON12 Feb 2022 8AM535100MM
VNTI4VINTON13 Feb 2022 8AM71350.030.4MM
VNTI4VINTON14 Feb 2022 8AM14145TTMM
VNTI4VINTON15 Feb 2022 9AM23281400MM
VNTI4VINTON16 Feb 2022 8AM424323T0MM
VNTI4VINTON18 Feb 2022 8AM1035500MM
VNTI4VINTON19 Feb 2022 8AM645600MM
VNTI4VINTON20 Feb 2022 8AM3939600MM
VNTI4VINTON21 Feb 2022 8AM375627000M
VNTI4VINTON22 Feb 2022 8AM224422T00M
.AR VNTI4 220222 C DH0800/TX 44/TN 22/TA 22/PP T/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2203180925 Freezing rain
VNTI4VINTON23 Feb 2022 8AM4233TT0M
.AR VNTI4 220223 C DH0800/TX 23/TN 3/TA 4/PP T/SF T/SD 0/DC2203180925 Mix of freezing rain and snow
VNTI4VINTON24 Feb 2022 8AM13233000M
VNTI4VINTON25 Feb 2022 8AM523-30.1122M
.AR VNTI4 220225 C DH0800/TX 23/TN -3/TA 5/PP M/SF 2.0/SD 2/DC2202250922 PP 2.00
VNTI4VINTON26 Feb 2022 8AM2021-600MM
VNTI4VINTON27 Feb 2022 10AM3035M001M
.AR VNTI4 220227 C DH1000/TX 35/TN M/TA 30/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 1/DC2203180929 TN -6
VNTI4VINTON28 Feb 2022 8AM31402200TM
VNTI4VINTON1 Mar 2022 8AM375431000M
VNTI4VINTON2 Mar 2022 8AM325628000M
VNTI4VINTON3 Mar 2022 8AM295828TT0M
VNTI4VINTON4 Mar 2022 8AM293426000M
VNTI4VINTON5 Mar 2022 8AM5151290.600M
VNTI4VINTON6 Mar 2022 8AM3262290.3500M
VNTI4VINTON7 Mar 2022 8AM2536250.142.32M
.A VNTI4 220307 C DH0800/TX 36/TN 25/TA 25/PP 0.14/SF 2.3/SD 2/DC2203070815 still light flurries
VNTI4VINTON8 Mar 2022 8AM1530800MM
VNTI4VINTON9 Mar 2022 8AM25368000M
VNTI4VINTON10 Mar 2022 8AM172715000M
VNTI4VINTON11 Mar 2022 8AM222313000M
VNTI4VINTON12 Mar 2022 8AM9254000M
VNTI4VINTON13 Mar 2022 8AM30309000M
VNTI4VINTON14 Mar 2022 8AM315630000M
VNTI4VINTON15 Mar 2022 8AM306125000M
VNTI4VINTON16 Mar 2022 8AM535728000M
VNTI4VINTON17 Mar 2022 8AM436928T00M
VNTI4VINTON18 Mar 2022 8AM3951380.1400M
VNTI4VINTON19 Mar 2022 10AM3939320.8100M
VNTI4VINTON20 Mar 2022 10AM475327000M
VNTI4VINTON21 Mar 2022 8AM456844000M
VNTI4VINTON22 Mar 2022 8AM4874450.1900M
VNTI4VINTON23 Mar 2022 8AM4252400.9200M
VNTI4VINTON24 Mar 2022 8AM3352320.1800M
VNTI4VINTON25 Mar 2022 8AM3848320.0500M
VNTI4VINTON26 Mar 2022 8AM253825000M
VNTI4VINTON27 Mar 2022 9AM234420000M
VNTI4VINTON28 Mar 2022 8AM27MM000M
VNTI4VINTON29 Mar 2022 8AM314327000M
VNTI4VINTON30 Mar 2022 8AM4242310.3300M
VNTI4VINTON31 Mar 2022 8AM3347310.10.5TM
VNTI4VINTON1 Apr 2022 8AM283624000M
VNTI4VINTON2 Apr 2022 8AM374728M00M
.AR VNTI4 220402 C DH0800/TX 47/TN 28/TA 37/PP M/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2205242008 Surroundings measured precip
VNTI4VINTON3 Apr 2022 8AM435224M00M
.AR VNTI4 220403 C DH0800/TX 52/TN 24/TA 43/PP M/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2205242008 Surroundings measured precip
VNTI4VINTON4 Apr 2022 8AM3746360.1600M
VNTI4VINTON5 Apr 2022 8AM344930000M
VNTI4VINTON6 Apr 2022 8AM4050340.1700M
VNTI4VINTON7 Apr 2022 8AM3648350.0100M
VNTI4VINTON8 Apr 2022 8AM3245310.05TTM
.A VNTI4 220408 C DH0800/TX 45/TN 31/TA 32/PP 0.05/SF T/SD T/DC2204080826 rain, sleet, and a trace of snow
VNTI4VINTON9 Apr 2022 8AM364524000M
VNTI4VINTON10 Apr 2022 8AM415633000M
VNTI4VINTON11 Apr 2022 8AM427133000M
VNTI4VINTON12 Apr 2022 8AM426530000M
VNTI4VINTON13 Apr 2022 8AM4569300.300M
VNTI4VINTON14 Apr 2022 8AM3145270.100M
.AR VNTI4 220414 C DH0800/TX 45/TN 27/TA 31/PP 0.10/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2205242008 sleet and snow
VNTI4VINTON15 Apr 2022 9AM344826000M
VNTI4VINTON17 Apr 2022 10AM3945M000M
.AR VNTI4 220417 C DH1000/TX 45/TN M/TA 39/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2205242008 TN 17
VNTI4VINTON18 Apr 2022 8AM324530000M
VNTI4VINTON19 Apr 2022 7AM224319000M
.A VNTI4 220419 C DH0800/TX 43/TN M/TA 22/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2205242008 TN 19
VNTI4VINTON21 Apr 2022 8AM4048340.3300M
.A VNTI4 220421 C DH0800/TX 48/TN 34/TA 40/PP 0.33/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2205242008 fog at day light
VNTI4VINTON22 Apr 2022 8AM5166400.8200M
.AR VNTI4 220422 C DH0800/TX 66/TN 40/TA 51/PP 0.82/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2205242008 still raining
VNTI4VINTON23 Apr 2022 8AM6464480.500M
VNTI4VINTON24 Apr 2022 8AM4776450.1700M
VNTI4VINTON25 Apr 2022 8AM366136000M
VNTI4VINTON26 Apr 2022 8AM324024000M
VNTI4VINTON27 Apr 2022 8AM405432000M
VNTI4VINTON28 Apr 2022 8AM3756360.2700M
.AR VNTI4 220428 C DH0800/TX 56/TN 36/TA 37/PP 0.27/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2205242008 still raining
VNTI4VINTON29 Apr 2022 8AM5161370.3900M
VNTI4VINTON30 Apr 2022 8AMMMM0.1500M
VNTI4VINTON1 May 2022 7AM4367430.0700M
VNTI4VINTON2 May 2022 8AM435042000M
VNTI4VINTON3 May 2022 8AM4455431.0600M
.AR VNTI4 220503 C DH0800/TX 55/TN 43/TA 44/PP 1.06/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2206272246 still raining
VNTI4VINTON4 May 2022 8AM525332000M
VNTI4VINTON5 May 2022 8AM506248000M
VNTI4VINTON6 May 2022 8AM5157480.2100M
VNTI4VINTON7 May 2022 8AM636635000M
VNTI4VINTON8 May 2022 8AM587152000M
VNTI4VINTON9 May 2022 9AM666755T00M
VNTI4VINTON10 May 2022 8AM768964000M
VNTI4VINTON11 May 2022 8AM779263000M
VNTI4VINTON12 May 2022 8AM729557000M
VNTI4VINTON13 May 2022 8AM729557000M
VNTI4VINTON14 May 2022 8AM588547000M
VNTI4VINTON15 May 2022 8AM6390580.0100M
VNTI4VINTON16 May 2022 8AM667545000M
VNTI4VINTON17 May 2022 8AM568244000M
VNTI4VINTON18 May 2022 8AM5471540.0900M
VNTI4VINTON19 May 2022 8AM617553000M
VNTI4VINTON20 May 2022 8AM638953000M
VNTI4VINTON21 May 2022 8AM506546000M
VNTI4VINTON22 May 2022 10AM576336000M
VNTI4VINTON23 May 2022 8AM586535000M
VNTI4VINTON24 May 2022 8AM526550000M
VNTI4VINTON25 May 2022 8AM5161490.5500M
.A VNTI4 220525 C DH0800/TX 61/TN 49/TA 51/PP 0.55/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2205250759 still raining
VNTI4VINTON26 May 2022 8AM5870490.0700M
VNTI4VINTON27 May 2022 10AM606953000M
VNTI4VINTON28 May 2022 8AM687552000M
VNTI4VINTON29 May 2022 8AM737864000M
VNTI4VINTON30 May 2022 8AM748472000M
VNTI4VINTON31 May 2022 8AM6790640.1700M
VNTI4VINTON3 Jun 2022 8AM618244000M
VNTI4VINTON4 Jun 2022 7AM5679520.0500M
VNTI4VINTON5 Jun 2022 7AM5874540.1600M
VNTI4VINTON6 Jun 2022 8AM6683581.3100M
VNTI4VINTON7 Jun 2022 8AM6873540.0400M
VNTI4VINTON8 Jun 2022 8AM647959000M
VNTI4VINTON9 Jun 2022 8AM6274510.3100M
VNTI4VINTON10 Jun 2022 8AM657962T00M
.AR VNTI4 220610 C DH0800/TX 79/TN 62/TA 65/PP T/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2207171117 currently raining
VNTI4VINTON11 Jun 2022 8AM7273570.1800M
VNTI4VINTON12 Jun 2022 8AM7576630.1600M
VNTI4VINTON13 Jun 2022 8AM788566000M
VNTI4VINTON14 Jun 2022 8AM919174000M
VNTI4VINTON15 Jun 2022 9AM749666000M
VNTI4VINTON16 Jun 2022 8AM699056000M
VNTI4VINTON17 Jun 2022 8AM6990M000M
.A VNTI4 220617 C DH0800/TX 90/TN M/TA 69/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2207171118 TN 56
VNTI4VINTON18 Jun 2022 8AM658655000M
.A VNTI4 220618 C DH0800/TX 86/TN 55/TA 65/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2206180733 00
VNTI4VINTON19 Jun 2022 8AM718355000M
VNTI4VINTON21 Jun 2022 7AM769663000M
VNTI4VINTON22 Jun 2022 8AM709664000M
VNTI4VINTON23 Jun 2022 8AM658756000M
VNTI4VINTON24 Jun 2022 8AM759156000M
VNTI4VINTON25 Jun 2022 8AM6585651.100M
VNTI4VINTON26 Jun 2022 8AM5579550.500M
VNTI4VINTON27 Jun 2022 8AM587449000M
VNTI4VINTON29 Jun 2022 10AM798255000M
VNTI4VINTON30 Jun 2022 8AM748965000M
VNTI4VINTON1 Jul 2022 8AM718868000M
VNTI4VINTON2 Jul 2022 9AM768052000M
VNTI4VINTON3 Jul 2022 10AM788454000M
VNTI4VINTON4 Jul 2022 10AM7185650.3600M
.AR VNTI4 220704 C DH1000/TX 85/TN 65/TA 71/PP 0.36/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2208170027 still drizzling
VNTI4VINTON5 Jul 2022 8AM7989700.0100M
VNTI4VINTON6 Jul 2022 8AM7193680.0300M
VNTI4VINTON7 Jul 2022 7AM718470000M
VNTI4VINTON8 Jul 2022 8AM7384700.0200M
.AR VNTI4 220708 C DH0800/TX 84/TN 70/TA 73/PP 0.02/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2208170027 currently raining
VNTI4VINTON9 Jul 2022 8AM7580610.8400M
VNTI4VINTON10 Jul 2022 8AM778361000M
VNTI4VINTON11 Jul 2022 8AM7283710.1600M
VNTI4VINTON12 Jul 2022 8AM658258000M
VNTI4VINTON13 Jul 2022 8AM698262000M
VNTI4VINTON14 Jul 2022 8AM678464T00M
VNTI4VINTON15 Jul 2022 8AM7183670.3300M
VNTI4VINTON16 Jul 2022 8AM7381700.1500M
VNTI4VINTON17 Jul 2022 8AM708867000M
VNTI4VINTON18 Jul 2022 8AM668459000M
VNTI4VINTON19 Jul 2022 8AM728766000M
VNTI4VINTON20 Jul 2022 8AMM8967000M
VNTI4VINTON21 Jul 2022 9AM798962000M
VNTI4VINTON22 Jul 2022 8AM668957000M
VNTI4VINTON23 Jul 2022 7AM7489660.400M
VNTI4VINTON24 Jul 2022 8AM7392730.3600M
VNTI4VINTON25 Jul 2022 8AM628257000M
VNTI4VINTON26 Jul 2022 8AM647755000M
VNTI4VINTON27 Jul 2022 8AM728264000M
VNTI4VINTON28 Jul 2022 1PM7483630.2700M
VNTI4VINTON29 Jul 2022 8AMM7752000M
VNTI4VINTON30 Jul 2022 11AM778050000M
VNTI4VINTON31 Jul 2022 10AM758251000M
VNTI4VINTON1 Aug 2022 8AM6784660.3500M
VNTI4VINTON2 Aug 2022 8AM7283630.0400M
VNTI4VINTON3 Aug 2022 8AM7590710.0300M
VNTI4VINTON4 Aug 2022 8AM6388600.7600M
VNTI4VINTON5 Aug 2022 7AM668760000M
VNTI4VINTON6 Aug 2022 8AM878766000M
.A VNTI4 220806 C DH0800/TX 87/TN 66/TA M/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2209071909 TA 87
VNTI4VINTON7 Aug 2022 8AM7692720.5200M
.A VNTI4 220807 C DH0800/TX 92/TN 72/TA M/PP 0.52/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2209071909 TA 76
VNTI4VINTON8 Aug 2022 8AM6782670.0800M
VNTI4VINTON9 Aug 2022 8AM607653000M
VNTI4VINTON10 Aug 2022 8AM618053000M
VNTI4VINTON11 Aug 2022 8AM708460000M
VNTI4VINTON12 Aug 2022 8AM6379620.0300M
VNTI4VINTON13 Aug 2022 8AM627561000M
VNTI4VINTON14 Aug 2022 8AM668662000M
VNTI4VINTON15 Aug 2022 8AM667461000M
VNTI4VINTON16 Aug 2022 8AM648050000M
VNTI4VINTON17 Aug 2022 8AM607959000M
VNTI4VINTON18 Aug 2022 8AM608253000M
VNTI4VINTON19 Aug 2022 8AM6585600.1900M
VNTI4VINTON20 Aug 2022 8AM6381601.1900M
VNTI4VINTON21 Aug 2022 8AM6676600.0800M
VNTI4VINTON22 Aug 2022 8AM597753000M
VNTI4VINTON23 Aug 2022 9AM638055000M
VNTI4VINTON24 Aug 2022 10AM738258000M
.A VNTI4 220824 C DH1000/TX 82/TN 58/TA M/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2209071909 TA 73
VNTI4VINTON25 Aug 2022 8AM6784640.1200M
VNTI4VINTON26 Aug 2022 8AM608055000M
VNTI4VINTON27 Aug 2022 10AM738160000M
VNTI4VINTON28 Aug 2022 10AM7086670.500M
VNTI4VINTON29 Aug 2022 8AM738370000M
VNTI4VINTON30 Aug 2022 8AM627955000M
VNTI4VINTON31 Aug 2022 8AM557852000M
VNTI4VINTON1 Sep 2022 8AM678655000M
VNTI4VINTON2 Sep 2022 8AM6885660.300M
VNTI4VINTON3 Sep 2022 8AM688765000M
VNTI4VINTON4 Sep 2022 8AM657259000M
VNTI4VINTON5 Sep 2022 8AM617656000M
VNTI4VINTON6 Sep 2022 8AM617656000M
VNTI4VINTON7 Sep 2022 8AM648053000M
VNTI4VINTON8 Sep 2022 8AM608354000M
VNTI4VINTON9 Sep 2022 8AM638357000M
VNTI4VINTON10 Sep 2022 7AM628662000M
VNTI4VINTON11 Sep 2022 7AM5466540.600M
VNTI4VINTON12 Sep 2022 8AM567253000M
VNTI4VINTON13 Sep 2022 8AM617442000M
VNTI4VINTON14 Sep 2022 7AM467844000M
VNTI4VINTON15 Sep 2022 8AM608346000M
VNTI4VINTON16 Sep 2022 8AM608556000M
VNTI4VINTON17 Sep 2022 8AM6585600.0700M
VNTI4VINTON18 Sep 2022 8AM6573610.100M
VNTI4VINTON19 Sep 2022 8AM6284530.0400M
VNTI4VINTON20 Sep 2022 8AM738362000M
VNTI4VINTON21 Sep 2022 10AM699766000M
VNTI4VINTON22 Sep 2022 8AM487646000M
VNTI4VINTON23 Sep 2022 8AM516746000M
VNTI4VINTON24 Sep 2022 8AM5959500.0300M
VNTI4VINTON25 Sep 2022 8AM637958000M
VNTI4VINTON26 Sep 2022 8AM487546000M
VNTI4VINTON27 Sep 2022 8AM396826000M
VNTI4VINTON28 Sep 2022 8AM3966M000M
VNTI4VINTON29 Sep 2022 8AM396429000M
VNTI4VINTON30 Sep 2022 8AM416831000M
VNTI4VINTON1 Oct 2022 8AM617631000M
VNTI4VINTON2 Oct 2022 10AM527639000M
VNTI4VINTON3 Oct 2022 9AM547652000M
VNTI4VINTON4 Oct 2022 9AM527436000M
VNTI4VINTON5 Oct 2022 8AM517643T00M
.AR VNTI4 221005 C DH0800/TX 76/TN 43/TA 51/PP T/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2211180240 current light drizzle
VNTI4VINTON6 Oct 2022 8AM4466400.0500M
VNTI4VINTON7 Oct 2022 8AM396737000M
VNTI4VINTON8 Oct 2022 10AM535623000M
VNTI4VINTON9 Oct 2022 8AM546129000M
VNTI4VINTON10 Oct 2022 8AM317530000M
VNTI4VINTON11 Oct 2022 8AM557731000M
VNTI4VINTON12 Oct 2022 8AM567355T00M
.AR VNTI4 221012 C DH0800/TX 73/TN 55/TA 56/PP T/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2211180240 currently trying to rain
VNTI4VINTON13 Oct 2022 8AM3668330.100M
VNTI4VINTON14 Oct 2022 8AM314826000M
VNTI4VINTON15 Oct 2022 8AM276225000M
VNTI4VINTON16 Oct 2022 8AM396427000M
VNTI4VINTON17 Oct 2022 8AM285427000M
VNTI4VINTON18 Oct 2022 8AM254225000M
VNTI4VINTON19 Oct 2022 8AM204617000M
VNTI4VINTON20 Oct 2022 8AM254720000M
VNTI4VINTON21 Oct 2022 7AM79M23000M
.AR VNTI4 221021 C DH0700/TX M/TN 23/TA M/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2211180240 TX 80, TA 79 (ob taken late)
VNTI4VINTON22 Oct 2022 10AM647938000M
VNTI4VINTON23 Oct 2022 9AM618556000M
VNTI4VINTON24 Oct 2022 8AM6378610.0800M
.AR VNTI4 221024 C DH0800/TX 78/TN 61/TA 63/PP 0.08/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2211180240 still drizzling
VNTI4VINTON25 Oct 2022 8AM4172401.1500M
VNTI4VINTON26 Oct 2022 8AM274526000M
VNTI4VINTON27 Oct 2022 8AM405427000M
VNTI4VINTON28 Oct 2022 8AM276126000M
VNTI4VINTON29 Oct 2022 7AM276126000M
VNTI4VINTON30 Oct 2022 7AM406525000M
VNTI4VINTON31 Oct 2022 8AM316431000M
VNTI4VINTON1 Nov 2022 8AM3266280MMM
VNTI4VINTON2 Nov 2022 11AM6574320MMM
VNTI4VINTON3 Nov 2022 8AM5976500MMM
VNTI4VINTON4 Nov 2022 8AM487447TMMM
.A VNTI4 221104 C DH0800/TX 74/TN 47/TA 48/PP T/DC2211040749 current drizzle
VNTI4VINTON5 Nov 2022 10AM4348422.44MMM
VNTI4VINTON6 Nov 2022 10AM5151370.15MMM
VNTI4VINTON7 Nov 2022 8AM3056240MMM
VNTI4VINTON8 Nov 2022 8AM4049280MMM
VNTI4VINTON9 Nov 2022 8AM5157400MMM
VNTI4VINTON10 Nov 2022 8AM6274510MMM
VNTI4VINTON11 Nov 2022 9AM2372200.3MMM
VNTI4VINTON12 Nov 2022 4AM2629230MMM
VNTI4VINTON13 Nov 2022 8AM2731160MMM
VNTI4VINTON14 Nov 2022 8AM2733160MMM
VNTI4VINTON15 Nov 2022 8AM3038270.1411M
.AR VNTI4 221115 C DH0800/TX 38/TN 27/TA 30/PP 0.14/SF 1.0/SD 1/DC2211200248 still snowing
VNTI4VINTON16 Nov 2022 8AM2633260.090.5MM
VNTI4VINTON17 Nov 2022 8AM253319TTMM
VNTI4VINTON18 Nov 2022 8AM183217TTMM
VNTI4VINTON21 Nov 2022 8AM264160MMM
VNTI4VINTON22 Nov 2022 8AM2041150MMM
VNTI4VINTON23 Nov 2022 8AM2552200MMM
VNTI4VINTON24 Nov 2022 7AM41552400MM
VNTI4VINTON25 Nov 2022 7AM21542100MM
VNTI4VINTON26 Nov 2022 7AM29512000MM
VNTI4VINTON27 Nov 2022 7AM39522600MM
VNTI4VINTON28 Nov 2022 9AM2546110MMM
VNTI4VINTON29 Nov 2022 8AM3947250MMM
VNTI4VINTON30 Nov 2022 8AM1752170MMM
VNTI4VINTON1 Dec 2022 8AM112690MMM
VNTI4VINTON2 Dec 2022 8AM343890MMM
VNTI4VINTON3 Dec 2022 8AM1552100MMM
VNTI4VINTON4 Dec 2022 8AM282880MMM
VNTI4VINTONNo Observation Reported for 2022-12-05

Errors exist in this dataset and you should evaluate the observations before using...