This page presents the raw observations of daily high and low temperature along with precipitation and snow when available. The dates shown are the date when the observation was reported. For observations made at 7 AM, this would be a for a 24 hour period up until that time and not for that local date. The timestamps shown are valid for the local timezone of that reporting station.

Hint: You should be able to highlight the values in the table and then copy + paste these values into a spreadsheet program like Excel. A download interface does exist for these observations.

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NWSLI: Site Name: Date: Temp at Ob Max Air Temp Min Air Temp Precip Snowfall Snow Depth Snow Water Equiv
PGHI4PRIMGHAR1 Jan 2023 4PM333926002M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR2 Jan 2023 4PM293324002M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR3 Jan 2023 4PM2530240.7213M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR4 Jan 2023 4PM2325200.0714M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR5 Jan 2023 4PM1624150.0516M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR6 Jan 2023 4PM15191005M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR7 Jan 2023 4PM615-5005M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR8 Jan 2023 4PM23243005M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR9 Jan 2023 4PM323415005M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR10 Jan 2023 4PM283213005M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR11 Jan 2023 4PM232919005M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR12 Jan 2023 4PM192318005M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR13 Jan 2023 4PM12206005M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR14 Jan 2023 4PM353611005M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR15 Jan 2023 4PM373930005M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR16 Jan 2023 4PM3338330.3805M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR17 Jan 2023 4PM2733250.0505M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR18 Jan 2023 4PM2627210.020.15M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR19 Jan 2023 4PM2629250.72712M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR20 Jan 2023 4PM2126140012M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR21 Jan 2023 4PM1824160012M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR22 Jan 2023 4PM131820012M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR23 Jan 2023 4PM313110012M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR24 Jan 2023 4PM3132100012M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR25 Jan 2023 4PM1431140.04M12M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR26 Jan 2023 4PM1515-40012M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR27 Jan 2023 4PM1934140010M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR28 Jan 2023 4PM-119-10.3414M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR29 Jan 2023 4PM-20-110.020.414M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR30 Jan 2023 4PM-5-2-120014M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR31 Jan 2023 4PM77-140014M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR1 Feb 2023 4PM1616-10012M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR2 Feb 2023 4PM-116-10012M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR3 Feb 2023 4PM44-100012M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR4 Feb 2023 4PM292930011M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR5 Feb 2023 4PM2930200011M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR6 Feb 2023 4PM343520006M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR7 Feb 2023 4PM343517006M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR8 Feb 2023 4PM394024005M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR9 Feb 2023 4PM294027004M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR10 Feb 2023 4PM30301004M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR11 Feb 2023 4PM383824003M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR12 Feb 2023 4PM333920003M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR13 Feb 2023 4PM424320003M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR14 Feb 2023 4PM3743360.3802M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR15 Feb 2023 4PM1538130.2702M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR16 Feb 2023 4PM16179002M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR17 Feb 2023 4PM34343002M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR18 Feb 2023 4PM404021002M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR19 Feb 2023 4PM324020002M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR20 Feb 2023 4PM363729002M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR21 Feb 2023 4PM223640.010.12M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR22 Feb 2023 4PM1623130.3713M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR23 Feb 2023 4PM21820.246M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR24 Feb 2023 4PM22-14006M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR25 Feb 2023 4PM33331006M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR26 Feb 2023 4PM434312003M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR27 Feb 2023 4PM3443340.3802M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR28 Feb 2023 4PM343625001M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR1 Mar 2023 4PM2735260.1221M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR2 Mar 2023 4PM293111001M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR3 Mar 2023 4PM373718000M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR4 Mar 2023 4PM343729002M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR5 Mar 2023 4PM3434260.0702M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR6 Mar 2023 4PM313431002M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR7 Mar 2023 4PM313214000M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR8 Mar 2023 4PM3335310.0200M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR9 Mar 2023 4PM3133310.192.53M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR10 Mar 2023 4PM303224000M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR11 Mar 2023 4PM3232270.4159M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR12 Mar 2023 4PM233220009M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR13 Mar 2023 4PM222418007M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR14 Mar 2023 4PM343511007M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR15 Mar 2023 4PM484832005M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR16 Mar 2023 4PM2951280.150.15M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR17 Mar 2023 4PM162912005M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR18 Mar 2023 4PM16172005M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR19 Mar 2023 4PM42426002M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR20 Mar 2023 4PM334423002M
PGHI4PRIMGHAR21 Mar 2023 4PM495228001M
PGHI4PRIMGHARNo Observation Reported for 2023-03-22

Errors exist in this dataset and you should evaluate the observations before using...