This page presents the raw observations of daily high and low temperature along with precipitation and snow when available. The dates shown are the date when the observation was reported. For observations made at 7 AM, this would be a for a 24 hour period up until that time and not for that local date. The timestamps shown are valid for the local timezone of that reporting station.

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NWSLI: Site Name: Date: Temp at Ob Max Air Temp Min Air Temp Precip Snowfall Snow Depth Snow Water Equiv
OAKI4OAKLAND1 Jan 2024 7AM202820000M
.A OAKI4 240101 C DH0700/TX 28/TN 20/TA 20/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/XW 03/DC2401010804
OAKI4OAKLAND2 Jan 2024 7AM253419000M
.A OAKI4 240102 C DH0700/TX 34/TN 19/TA 25/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/XW 03/DC2401020740
OAKI4OAKLAND3 Jan 2024 7AM154015000M
.A OAKI4 240103 C DH0700/TX 40/TN 15/TA 15/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/XW 45/DC2401030817 3rd - dense fog
OAKI4OAKLAND4 Jan 2024 7AM243015000M
.A OAKI4 240104 C DH0700/TX 30/TN 15/TA 24/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/XW 03/DC2401040749 3rd - dense fog early with some fog lasting all day.
OAKI4OAKLAND5 Jan 2024 7AM263122000M
.AR OAKI4 240105 C DH0700/TX 31/TN 22/TA 26/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/XW 10/DC2401050754 5th - light fog
OAKI4OAKLAND6 Jan 2024 7AM273324TT0M
.A OAKI4 240106 C DH0700/TX 33/TN 24/TA 27/PP T/PT 5/SF T/SD 0/XW 45/DC2401060833 5th - light morning fog then cloudy; 6th - a few flurries sometime during the night, dense fog.
OAKI4OAKLAND7 Jan 2024 7AM2229220.010.2TM
.A OAKI4 240107 C DH0700/TX 29/TN 22/TA 22/PP 0.01/PT 5/SF 0.2/SD T/XW 03/DC2401070820 6th - fog early, steady daytime temps, light wintery mix with mostly snow flurries in afternoon.
OAKI4OAKLAND8 Jan 2024 7AM282922000M
.A OAKI4 240108 C DH0700/TX 29/TN 22/TA 28/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/XW 03/DC2401080722 8th - nearly steady overnight temperatures
OAKI4OAKLAND9 Jan 2024 7AM2832280.393.43M
OAKI4OAKLAND10 Jan 2024 7AM112880.010.24M
.A OAKI4 240110 C DH0700/TX 28/TN 8/TA 11/PP 0.01/PT 5/SF 0.2/SD 4/XW 02/DC2401100757 9th - snow early, then cloudy and windy.
OAKI4OAKLAND11 Jan 2024 7AM1726110.081.15M
.A OAKI4 240111 C DH0700/TX 26/TN 11/TA 17/PP 0.08/PT 5/SF 1.1/SD 5/XW 03/DC2401110746 10th - evening snow fall
OAKI4OAKLAND12 Jan 2024 7AM61760.2247M
.A OAKI4 240112 C DH0700/TX 17/TN 6/TA 6/PP 0.22/PT 5/SF 4.0/SD 7/XW 73/DC2401120757 11th - falling temperatures, snow late; 12th - snow and wind (precipitation amounts likely not accurate - wind blew snow over collection device. I have a 20 ft section of driveway with no snow, and my snow gauge in yard shows over 10 inches.)
OAKI4OAKLAND13 Jan 2024 7AM-26-30.265.214M
.A OAKI4 240113 C DH0700/TX 6/TN -3/TA -2/PP 0.26/PT 4/SF 5.2/SD 14/XW 05/DC2401130733 12th - snow, blowing snow, wind and falling temperatures.
OAKI4OAKLAND14 Jan 2024 7AM-20-2-20TT14M
.A OAKI4 240114 C DH0700/TX -2/TN -20/TA -20/PP T/PT 5/SF T/SD 14/XW 01/DC2401140829 13th - very light snow early, falling daytime temperatures, windy.
OAKI4OAKLAND15 Jan 2024 7AM-10-10-200014M
.AR OAKI4 240115 C DH0700/TX -10/TN -20/TA -10/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 14/XW 03/DC2401171705 15th - temperatures steady to rising overnight.
OAKI4OAKLAND16 Jan 2024 7AM-8-3-100014M
.A OAKI4 240116 C DH0700/TX -3/TN -10/TA -8/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 14/XW 01/DC2401160757
OAKI4OAKLAND17 Jan 2024 7AM55-80014M
.A OAKI4 240117 C DH0700/TX 5/TN -8/TA 5/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 14/XW 02/DC2401170747 17th - temperatures rising overnight
OAKI4OAKLAND18 Jan 2024 7AM152050014M
.A OAKI4 240118 C DH0700/TX 20/TN 5/TA 15/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 14/XW 01/DC2401180735
OAKI4OAKLAND19 Jan 2024 7AM-620-60.071.414M
.AR OAKI4 240119 C DH0700/TX 20/TN -6/TA -6/PP 0.07/PT 5/SF 1.4/SD 14/XW 01/DC2401191042 18th - afternoon and early evening snow with drifting,
OAKI4OAKLAND20 Jan 2024 7AM-113-120014M
.A OAKI4 240120 C DH0700/TX 3/TN -12/TA -11/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 14/XW 10/DC2401200801 20th - ground fog with clear skies above.
OAKI4OAKLAND21 Jan 2024 7AM44-140014M
.A OAKI4 240121 C DH0700/TX 4/TN -14/TA 4/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 14/XW 02/DC2401210757 20th - ground fog early; 21st - rising overnight temperatures
OAKI4OAKLAND22 Jan 2024 7AM252540014M
.A OAKI4 240122 C DH0700/TX 25/TN 4/TA 25/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 14/XW 03/DC2401220736 22nd - steady to rising temperatures overnight.
OAKI4OAKLAND23 Jan 2024 7AM3032240013M
.A OAKI4 240123 C DH0700/TX 32/TN 24/TA 30/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 13/XW 10/DC2401230806 22nd - clouds with fog nearly all day; 23rd - light fog
OAKI4OAKLAND24 Jan 2024 7AM3133290013M
.A OAKI4 240124 C DH0700/TX 33/TN 29/TA 31/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 13/XW 10/DC2401240759 23rd - clouds and fog at most times during the day. 24th - fog and mist.
OAKI4OAKLAND25 Jan 2024 7AM3136310011M
.A OAKI4 240125 C DH0700/TX 36/TN 31/TA 31/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 11/XW 45/DC2401250750 24th - low clouds and fog lasting all day, periods of dense fog. 25th - dense fog
OAKI4OAKLAND26 Jan 2024 7AM3134310.01010M
.A OAKI4 240126 C DH0700/TX 34/TN 31/TA 31/PP 0.01/PT 3/SF 0.0/SD 10/XW 03/DC2401260753 25th - all day fog, dense at times, with mid-day drizzle
OAKI4OAKLAND27 Jan 2024 7AM283528009M
.A OAKI4 240127 C DH0700/TX 35/TN 28/TA 28/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 9/XW 10/DC2401270809 27th - fog with clouds above.
OAKI4OAKLAND28 Jan 2024 7AM243124009M
.A OAKI4 240128 C DH0700/TX 31/TN 24/TA 24/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 9/XW 01/DC2401280804 27th - fog early, then clouds
OAKI4OAKLAND29 Jan 2024 7AM284123008M
.A OAKI4 240129 C DH0700/TX 41/TN 23/TA 28/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 8/XW 01/DC2401290729
OAKI4OAKLAND30 Jan 2024 7AM304826007M
.A OAKI4 240130 C DH0700/TX 48/TN 26/TA 30/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 7/XW 01/DC2401300750
OAKI4OAKLAND31 Jan 2024 7AM274126006M
.A OAKI4 240131 C DH0700/TX 41/TN 26/TA 27/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 6/XW 01/DC2401310749
OAKI4OAKLAND1 Feb 2024 7AM375127004M
.A OAKI4 240201 C DH0700/TX 51/TN 27/TA 37/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 4/XW 02/DC2402010748
OAKI4OAKLAND2 Feb 2024 7AM365035002M
.A OAKI4 240202 C DH0700/TX 50/TN 35/TA 36/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 2/XW 45/DC2402020740 2nd - dense fog and breezy
OAKI4OAKLAND3 Feb 2024 7AM354435000M
.A OAKI4 240203 C DH0700/TX 44/TN 35/TA 35/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/XW 45/DC2402030756 2nd - fog early and again late afternoon, cloudy and breezy:: 3rd - dense fog
OAKI4OAKLAND4 Feb 2024 7AM324532000M
.A OAKI4 240204 C DH0700/TX 45/TN 32/TA 32/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/XW 45/DC2402040815 3rd - foggy morning, cloudy and breezy; 4th - dense fog
OAKI4OAKLAND5 Feb 2024 7AM284526000M
.A OAKI4 240205 C DH0700/TX 45/TN 26/TA 28/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/XW 10/DC2402050746 4th - foggy morning followed by cloudy afternoon. 5th - very light ground fog with partly cloudy skies above.
OAKI4OAKLAND6 Feb 2024 7AM275325000M
.A OAKI4 240206 C DH0700/TX 53/TN 25/TA 27/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/XW 10/DC2402060736 5th - light fog early. 6th - ground fog
OAKI4OAKLAND7 Feb 2024 7AM445226000M
.A OAKI4 240207 C DH0700/TX 52/TN 26/TA 44/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/XW 03/DC2402070804 6th - foggy morning
OAKI4OAKLAND8 Feb 2024 7AM435543T00M
.A OAKI4 240208 C DH0700/TX 55/TN 43/TA 43/PP T/PT 1/SF 0.0/SD 0/XW 02/DC2402080745 7th - brief period of very light rain late
OAKI4OAKLAND9 Feb 2024 7AM2957290.0200M
.A OAKI4 240209 C DH0700/TX 57/TN 29/TA 29/PP 0.02/PT 1/SF 0.0/SD 0/XW 02/DC2402090748 8th - early afternoon very light shower
OAKI4OAKLAND10 Feb 2024 7AM304328000M
.A OAKI4 240210 C DH0700/TX 43/TN 28/TA 30/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/XW 03/DC2402100806
OAKI4OAKLAND11 Feb 2024 7AM243724000M
.A OAKI4 240211 C DH0700/TX 37/TN 24/TA 24/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/XW 02/DC2402110815
OAKI4OAKLAND12 Feb 2024 7AM233822000M
.A OAKI4 240212 C DH0700/TX 38/TN 22/TA 23/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/XW 01/DC2402120802
OAKI4OAKLAND13 Feb 2024 7AM335023000M
.A OAKI4 240213 C DH0700/TX 50/TN 23/TA 33/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/XW 03/DC2402130730
OAKI4OAKLAND14 Feb 2024 7AM275127000M
.A OAKI4 240214 C DH0700/TX 51/TN 27/TA 27/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/XW 01/DC2402140748
OAKI4OAKLAND15 Feb 2024 7AM215821000M
.A OAKI4 240215 C DH0700/TX 58/TN 21/TA 21/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/XW 01/DC2402150754
OAKI4OAKLAND16 Feb 2024 7AM2038200.040.71M
OAKI4OAKLAND17 Feb 2024 7AM6295000M
.A OAKI4 240217 C DH0700/TX 29/TN 5/TA 6/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/XW 01/DC2402170754
OAKI4OAKLAND18 Feb 2024 7AM22346000M
.A OAKI4 240218 C DH0700/TX 34/TN 6/TA 22/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/XW 01/DC2402180807
OAKI4OAKLAND19 Feb 2024 7AM244721000M
.A OAKI4 240219 C DH0700/TX 47/TN 21/TA 24/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/XW 01/DC2402190757
OAKI4OAKLAND20 Feb 2024 7AM255823000M
.A OAKI4 240220 C DH0700/TX 58/TN 23/TA 25/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/XW 01/DC2402200737
OAKI4OAKLAND21 Feb 2024 7AM366525000M
.A OAKI4 240221 C DH0700/TX 65/TN 25/TA 36/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/XW 02/DC2402210756
OAKI4OAKLAND22 Feb 2024 7AM396735000M
.A OAKI4 240222 C DH0700/TX 67/TN 35/TA 39/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/XW 02/DC2402220735
OAKI4OAKLAND23 Feb 2024 7AM346333000M
.A OAKI4 240223 C DH0700/TX 63/TN 33/TA 34/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/XW 01/DC2402230750
OAKI4OAKLAND24 Feb 2024 7AM205619000M
.A OAKI4 240224 C DH0700/TX 56/TN 19/TA 20/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/XW 10/DC2402240816 24th - very light fog with clear skies above
OAKI4OAKLAND25 Feb 2024 7AM346019000M
.A OAKI4 240225 C DH0700/TX 60/TN 19/TA 34/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/XW 01/DC2402250803 24th - light fog early
OAKI4OAKLAND26 Feb 2024 7AM406733000M
.A OAKI4 240226 C DH0700/TX 67/TN 33/TA 40/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/XW 01/DC2402260733
OAKI4OAKLAND27 Feb 2024 7AM517840000M
.A OAKI4 240227 C DH0700/TX 78/TN 40/TA 51/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/XW 02/DC2402270700
OAKI4OAKLAND28 Feb 2024 7AM6516000M
.A OAKI4 240228 C DH0700/TX 51/TN 6/TA 6/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/XW 01/DC2402280810 27th - windy with rapidly falling temperatures during the day, becoming clouding late in the day.

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