This page presents the raw observations of daily high and low temperature along with precipitation and snow when available. The dates shown are the date when the observation was reported. For observations made at 7 AM, this would be a for a 24 hour period up until that time and not for that local date. The timestamps shown are valid for the local timezone of that reporting station.

Hint: You should be able to highlight the values in the table and then copy + paste these values into a spreadsheet program like Excel. A download interface does exist for these observations.

COOP obs listed by station

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NWSLI: Site Name: Date: Temp at Ob Max Air Temp Min Air Temp Precip Snowfall Snow Depth Snow Water Equiv
IWAI4IOWA FALLS1 Jan 2022 8AM1270001M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS2 Jan 2022 7AM-92-10TT1M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS3 Jan 2022 7AM59-9001M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS4 Jan 2022 7AM26295001M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS6 Jan 2022 7AM-813-8TT1M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS7 Jan 2022 7AM-91-10001M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS8 Jan 2022 8AM1515-9001M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS9 Jan 2022 7AM2292001M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS10 Jan 2022 7AM3202001M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS11 Jan 2022 7AM11143001M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS12 Jan 2022 7AM32481100TM
IWAI4IOWA FALLS13 Jan 2022 7AM274926000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS14 Jan 2022 7AM294625TTTM
IWAI4IOWA FALLS15 Jan 2022 7AM103290.9199M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS16 Jan 2022 7AM1214-6009M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS17 Jan 2022 7AM133212008M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS18 Jan 2022 7AM203113007M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS19 Jan 2022 7AM1401006M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS20 Jan 2022 7AM-125-12006M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS21 Jan 2022 7AM-181-20006M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS22 Jan 2022 7AM2324-18T0.16M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS23 Jan 2022 7AM13410.010.16M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS24 Jan 2022 7AM262700.020.46M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS25 Jan 2022 7AM-1327-13TT6M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS26 Jan 2022 7AM-193-19006M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS27 Jan 2022 7AM2525-19006M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS28 Jan 2022 7AM-735-7005M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS29 Jan 2022 7AM1213-8005M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS30 Jan 2022 7AM15295005M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS31 Jan 2022 7AM14219005M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS1 Feb 2022 7AM303614005M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS2 Feb 2022 7AM2322004M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS3 Feb 2022 7AM-77-7004M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS4 Feb 2022 7AM-57-12004M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS5 Feb 2022 7AM-314-7TT4M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS6 Feb 2022 8AM2632-3004M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS7 Feb 2022 7AM333-1004M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS8 Feb 2022 7AM14213004M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS9 Feb 2022 7AM344114004M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS10 Feb 2022 7AM173817004M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS11 Feb 2022 7AM3640170.103M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS12 Feb 2022 7AM-138-5TT3M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS13 Feb 2022 7AM413-40.050.53M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS14 Feb 2022 7AM1818-1003M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS15 Feb 2022 7AM132513003M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS16 Feb 2022 7AM354213002M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS17 Feb 2022 7AM7357002M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS18 Feb 2022 7AM12155002M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS19 Feb 2022 7AM4444TT1M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS20 Feb 2022 7AM35364000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS21 Feb 2022 7AM335431000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS22 Feb 2022 7AM1740170.02TTM
IWAI4IOWA FALLS23 Feb 2022 7AM-317-30.010.1TM
IWAI4IOWA FALLS24 Feb 2022 7AM711-300TM
IWAI4IOWA FALLS25 Feb 2022 7AM21900.152.83M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS26 Feb 2022 7AM818-1002M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS27 Feb 2022 7AM13377001M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS28 Feb 2022 7AM254313000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS1 Mar 2022 7AM345925000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS2 Mar 2022 7AM285528000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS4 Mar 2022 7AM283226000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS5 Mar 2022 7AM4345250.2500M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS6 Mar 2022 8AM2855250.4200M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS7 Mar 2022 7AM2233220.111.62M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS8 Mar 2022 7AM173416001M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS9 Mar 2022 7AM204017000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS10 Mar 2022 7AM1526140000
IWAI4IOWA FALLS11 Mar 2022 7AM172515000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS12 Mar 2022 7AM6213000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS13 Mar 2022 7AM27293000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS14 Mar 2022 7AM315827000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS15 Mar 2022 7AM295728000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS16 Mar 2022 7AM345529000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS17 Mar 2022 7AM446934T00M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS18 Mar 2022 7AM3344320.59TTM
IWAI4IOWA FALLS19 Mar 2022 7AM2939290.31T0M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS20 Mar 2022 7AM295728000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS21 Mar 2022 7AM496629000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS22 Mar 2022 7AM4573440.13000
IWAI4IOWA FALLS23 Mar 2022 7AM3549350.71000
IWAI4IOWA FALLS24 Mar 2022 7AM3238320.04TTM
IWAI4IOWA FALLS25 Mar 2022 7AM333932TT0M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS26 Mar 2022 7AM224622000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS27 Mar 2022 7AM193618000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS28 Mar 2022 7AM213519000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS29 Mar 2022 7AM334321000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS30 Mar 2022 7AM4041320.0600M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS31 Mar 2022 7AM3143310.111.11M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS1 Apr 2022 7AM223322000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS2 Apr 2022 7AM3247220.521.21M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS3 Apr 2022 8AM2955260.030.10M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS4 Apr 2022 7AM3445290.0200M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS5 Apr 2022 7AM345233000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS6 Apr 2022 7AM3752340.0700M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS7 Apr 2022 7AM3343330.01T0M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS8 Apr 2022 7AM3140300.03TTM
IWAI4IOWA FALLS9 Apr 2022 7AM264624000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS10 Apr 2022 7AM405526000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS11 Apr 2022 7AM387136000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS12 Apr 2022 7AM486436000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS13 Apr 2022 7AM3973390.5200M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS14 Apr 2022 7AM274326TT0M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS15 Apr 2022 7AM274527000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS16 Apr 2022 7AM244324000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS17 Apr 2022 7AM254424000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS18 Apr 2022 7AM2540250.06T0M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS19 Apr 2022 7AM224021000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS20 Apr 2022 7AM454522000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS21 Apr 2022 7AM3948350.4200M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS22 Apr 2022 7AM5165360.8900M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS23 Apr 2022 7AM6165500.300M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS24 Apr 2022 7AM4374420.1500M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS25 Apr 2022 7AM345333000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS26 Apr 2022 7AM263825000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS27 Apr 2022 7AM3454260000
IWAI4IOWA FALLS28 Apr 2022 7AM375734T00M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS29 Apr 2022 7AM4956360.6100M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS30 Apr 2022 7AM5557490.1900M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS1 May 2022 8AM4162410.0200M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS2 May 2022 7AM405040000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS3 May 2022 7AM4150400.82000
IWAI4IOWA FALLS4 May 2022 7AM3651330.01000
IWAI4IOWA FALLS5 May 2022 7AM4860360000
IWAI4IOWA FALLS6 May 2022 7AM505848T000
IWAI4IOWA FALLS7 May 2022 7AM4468410000
IWAI4IOWA FALLS8 May 2022 7AM5472410000
IWAI4IOWA FALLS9 May 2022 7AM6162510.35000
IWAI4IOWA FALLS10 May 2022 7AM6390600.02000
IWAI4IOWA FALLS11 May 2022 7AM6582630000
IWAI4IOWA FALLS12 May 2022 7AM7292650000
IWAI4IOWA FALLS13 May 2022 7AM669361000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS14 May 2022 7AM518050000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS15 May 2022 7AM538751T00M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS16 May 2022 7AM557748000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS17 May 2022 7AM548149000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS18 May 2022 7AM5569530.2200M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS19 May 2022 7AM5882550.0300M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS20 May 2022 7AM5689550.0700M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS21 May 2022 7AM467042T00M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS22 May 2022 7AM456040000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS23 May 2022 7AM426338000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS24 May 2022 7AM506542000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS25 May 2022 7AM4965481.4200M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS26 May 2022 7AM5156490.8600M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS27 May 2022 7AM505547000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS28 May 2022 8AM657650000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS29 May 2022 9AM6783610.0100M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS30 May 2022 7AM688267T00M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS31 May 2022 7AM6489600.0400M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS1 Jun 2022 7AM547951000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS2 Jun 2022 7AM567446000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS3 Jun 2022 7AM587850000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS4 Jun 2022 7AM5978540.0300M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS5 Jun 2022 7AM6469550.0100M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS6 Jun 2022 7AM5679561.1300M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS7 Jun 2022 7AM5870550.2800M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS8 Jun 2022 7AM5778570.3400M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS9 Jun 2022 7AM6077560.0400M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS10 Jun 2022 7AM6180590.0300M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS11 Jun 2022 7AM6174590.4200M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS12 Jun 2022 7AM6475610.0300M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS13 Jun 2022 7AM728864000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS14 Jun 2022 7AM7889710.0400M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS15 Jun 2022 7AM6695651.1400M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS16 Jun 2022 7AM657459T000
IWAI4IOWA FALLS17 Jun 2022 7AM6390580000
IWAI4IOWA FALLS18 Jun 2022 6AM638657000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS19 Jun 2022 7AM678363000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS20 Jun 2022 7AM719067000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS21 Jun 2022 7AM799371000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS22 Jun 2022 7AM679163000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS23 Jun 2022 7AM638760000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS24 Jun 2022 7AM738963000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS25 Jun 2022 8AM6783671.1800M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS26 Jun 2022 9AM6484560.1100M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS27 Jun 2022 7AM557651000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS28 Jun 2022 7AM648355000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS29 Jun 2022 6AM6184550.0800M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS30 Jun 2022 7AM729061000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS1 Jul 2022 7AM698868000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS2 Jul 2022 7AM668258000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS3 Jul 2022 7AM658558000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS4 Jul 2022 7AM6986650.2900M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS5 Jul 2022 7AM7990691.0300M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS6 Jul 2022 7AM6991680.3400M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS7 Jul 2022 7AM708168000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS8 Jul 2022 7AM7182703.3100M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS9 Jul 2022 7AM6582640.1700M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS10 Jul 2022 7AM668365000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS11 Jul 2022 7AM7186660.3400M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS12 Jul 2022 7AM6482610.0700M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS13 Jul 2022 7AM678364000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS14 Jul 2022 7AM688566000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS15 Jul 2022 7AM7287680.1800M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS16 Jul 2022 7AM6985680.0400M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS17 Jul 2022 7AM677966T00M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS18 Jul 2022 7AM668464000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS19 Jul 2022 7AM708866000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS20 Jul 2022 7AM699168T00M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS21 Jul 2022 7AM658665000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS22 Jul 2022 7AM688663T00M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS23 Jul 2022 9AM828967T00M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS24 Jul 2022 7AM6992690.4400M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS25 Jul 2022 7AM618059000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS26 Jul 2022 7AM597658000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS27 Jul 2022 7AM678059000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS28 Jul 2022 7AM6084580.400M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS29 Jul 2022 7AM587756000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS30 Jul 2022 7AM597955000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS31 Jul 2022 7AM658255000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS1 Aug 2022 7AM6585550MMM
IWAI4IOWA FALLS2 Aug 2022 7AM6885650MMM
IWAI4IOWA FALLS3 Aug 2022 7AM759268000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS4 Aug 2022 7AM619359000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS5 Aug 2022 7AM608459000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS6 Aug 2022 7AM728760000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS7 Aug 2022 7AM7292720.0500M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS8 Aug 2022 7AM6381630.2800M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS9 Aug 2022 7AM557754000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS10 Aug 2022 7AM578255000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS11 Aug 2022 7AM678757000M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS12 Aug 2022 7AM6678660.5200M
IWAI4IOWA FALLS13 Aug 2022 7AM7575660.0500M

Errors exist in this dataset and you should evaluate the observations before using...