This page presents the raw observations of daily high and low temperature along with precipitation and snow when available. The dates shown are the date when the observation was reported. For observations made at 7 AM, this would be a for a 24 hour period up until that time and not for that local date. The timestamps shown are valid for the local timezone of that reporting station.

Hint: You should be able to highlight the values in the table and then copy + paste these values into a spreadsheet program like Excel. A download interface does exist for these observations.

COOP obs listed by station

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NWSLI: Site Name: Date: Temp at Ob Max Air Temp Min Air Temp Precip Snowfall Snow Depth Snow Water Equiv
FTMI4Fort Madison1 Jan 2022 11PM1232120.24.54M
FTMI4Fort Madison2 Jan 2022 11PM0130004M
FTMI4Fort Madison3 Jan 2022 11PM2526-1004M
FTMI4Fort Madison4 Jan 2022 11PM323722003M
FTMI4Fort Madison5 Jan 2022 11PM133712003M
FTMI4Fort Madison6 Jan 2022 11PM1131003M
FTMI4Fort Madison7 Jan 2022 11PM1212-3003M
FTMI4Fort Madison8 Jan 2022 11PM1734120.0303M
FTMI4Fort Madison9 Jan 2022 11PM11189T03M
FTMI4Fort Madison10 Jan 2022 11PM112411002M
FTMI4Fort Madison11 Jan 2022 11PM39448002M
FTMI4Fort Madison12 Jan 2022 11PM324830001M
FTMI4Fort Madison13 Jan 2022 11PM344929001M
FTMI4Fort Madison14 Jan 2022 11PM3035290.322M
FTMI4Fort Madison15 Jan 2022 11PM1630160.162.53M
FTMI4Fort Madison16 Jan 2022 11PM28287003M
FTMI4Fort Madison17 Jan 2022 11PM253220002M
FTMI4Fort Madison18 Jan 2022 11PM404425001M
FTMI4Fort Madison19 Jan 2022 11PM6406001M
FTMI4Fort Madison20 Jan 2022 11PM112-1001M
FTMI4Fort Madison21 Jan 2022 11PM1619-3001M
FTMI4Fort Madison22 Jan 2022 11PM243516001M
FTMI4Fort Madison23 Jan 2022 11PM202416001M
FTMI4Fort Madison24 Jan 2022 11PM103610001M
FTMI4Fort Madison25 Jan 2022 11PM4161001M
FTMI4Fort Madison26 Jan 2022 11PM2525-2001M
FTMI4Fort Madison27 Jan 2022 11PM273824001M
FTMI4Fort Madison28 Jan 2022 11PM112711001M
FTMI4Fort Madison29 Jan 2022 11PM33359001M
FTMI4Fort Madison30 Jan 2022 11PM203319001M
FTMI4Fort Madison31 Jan 2022 11PM374117001M
FTMI4Fort Madison1 Feb 2022 11PM224722T0TM
FTMI4Fort Madison2 Feb 2022 11PM1422120.1233M
FTMI4Fort Madison3 Feb 2022 11PM9198003M
FTMI4Fort Madison4 Feb 2022 11PM7273003M
FTMI4Fort Madison5 Feb 2022 11PM23261003M
FTMI4Fort Madison6 Feb 2022 11PM214421002M
FTMI4Fort Madison7 Feb 2022 11PM252913001M
FTMI4Fort Madison8 Feb 2022 11PM334821001M
FTMI4Fort Madison9 Feb 2022 11PM324528000M
FTMI4Fort Madison10 Feb 2022 11PM393927T00M
FTMI4Fort Madison11 Feb 2022 11PM1651160.1300M
FTMI4Fort Madison12 Feb 2022 11PM18238000M
FTMI4Fort Madison13 Feb 2022 11PM142112000M
FTMI4Fort Madison14 Feb 2022 11PM254014000M
FTMI4Fort Madison15 Feb 2022 11PM505222000M
FTMI4Fort Madison16 Feb 2022 11PM3356330.6500M
FTMI4Fort Madison17 Feb 2022 11PM1033100.231.52M
FTMI4Fort Madison18 Feb 2022 11PM28354002M
FTMI4Fort Madison19 Feb 2022 11PM232812002M
FTMI4Fort Madison20 Feb 2022 11PM364923001M
FTMI4Fort Madison21 Feb 2022 11PM445534000M
FTMI4Fort Madison22 Feb 2022 11PM1650160.4600M
FTMI4Fort Madison23 Feb 2022 11PM18208000M
FTMI4Fort Madison24 Feb 2022 11PM2426170.1122M
FTMI4Fort Madison25 Feb 2022 11PM172817T01M
FTMI4Fort Madison26 Feb 2022 11PM303812001M
FTMI4Fort Madison27 Feb 2022 11PM315023000M
FTMI4Fort Madison28 Feb 2022 11PM465127000M
FTMI4Fort Madison1 Mar 2022 11PM406338000M
FTMI4Fort Madison2 Mar 2022 11PM446935000M
FTMI4Fort Madison3 Mar 2022 11PM324532000M
FTMI4Fort Madison4 Mar 2022 11PM464929000M
FTMI4Fort Madison5 Mar 2022 11PM4768460.1400M
FTMI4Fort Madison6 Mar 2022 11PM3247320.1611M
FTMI4Fort Madison7 Mar 2022 11PM2533250.1200M
FTMI4Fort Madison8 Mar 2022 11PM304020T00M
FTMI4Fort Madison9 Mar 2022 11PM264026000M
FTMI4Fort Madison10 Mar 2022 11PM1926190.1422M
FTMI4Fort Madison11 Mar 2022 11PM1532150.0201M
FTMI4Fort Madison12 Mar 2022 11PM222810001M
FTMI4Fort Madison13 Mar 2022 11PM435722000M
FTMI4Fort Madison14 Mar 2022 11PM506136000M
FTMI4Fort Madison15 Mar 2022 11PM466241000M
FTMI4Fort Madison16 Mar 2022 11PM556639000M
FTMI4Fort Madison17 Mar 2022 11PM527044000M
FTMI4Fort Madison18 Mar 2022 11PM3852380.7900M
FTMI4Fort Madison19 Mar 2022 11PM3855360.0900M
FTMI4Fort Madison20 Mar 2022 11PM566935000M
FTMI4Fort Madison21 Mar 2022 11PM5271490.1700M
FTMI4Fort Madison22 Mar 2022 11PM5158500.4300M
FTMI4Fort Madison23 Mar 2022 11PM3852380.8100M
FTMI4Fort Madison24 Mar 2022 11PM4143350.1200M
FTMI4Fort Madison25 Mar 2022 11PM425441000M
FTMI4Fort Madison26 Mar 2022 11PM324331000M
FTMI4Fort Madison27 Mar 2022 11PM314326000M
FTMI4Fort Madison28 Mar 2022 11PM394426000M
FTMI4Fort Madison29 Mar 2022 11PM444936000M
FTMI4Fort Madison30 Mar 2022 11PM3455340.6400M
FTMI4Fort Madison31 Mar 2022 11PM3540340.200M
FTMI4Fort Madison1 Apr 2022 11PM404732000M
FTMI4Fort Madison2 Apr 2022 11PM3752370.0400M
FTMI4Fort Madison3 Apr 2022 11PM4957330.0300M
FTMI4Fort Madison4 Apr 2022 11PM4253390.0500M
FTMI4Fort Madison5 Apr 2022 11PM5154380.9700M
FTMI4Fort Madison6 Apr 2022 11PM4356430.0700M
FTMI4Fort Madison7 Apr 2022 11PM3644360.0800M
FTMI4Fort Madison8 Apr 2022 11PM3942340.0200M
FTMI4Fort Madison9 Apr 2022 11PM465532000M
FTMI4Fort Madison10 Apr 2022 11PM627142000M
FTMI4Fort Madison11 Apr 2022 11PM456245000M
FTMI4Fort Madison12 Apr 2022 11PM687244000M
FTMI4Fort Madison13 Apr 2022 11PM3769360.800M
FTMI4Fort Madison14 Apr 2022 11PM445735000M
FTMI4Fort Madison15 Apr 2022 11PM395239000M
FTMI4Fort Madison16 Apr 2022 11PM405333000M
FTMI4Fort Madison17 Apr 2022 11PM3444330.3100M
FTMI4Fort Madison18 Apr 2022 11PM374734T00M
FTMI4Fort Madison19 Apr 2022 11PM485030000M
FTMI4Fort Madison20 Apr 2022 11PM5051440.9400M
FTMI4Fort Madison21 Apr 2022 11PM5766440.0600M
FTMI4Fort Madison22 Apr 2022 11PM678057000M
FTMI4Fort Madison23 Apr 2022 11PM708163000M
FTMI4Fort Madison24 Apr 2022 11PM5673550.1600M
FTMI4Fort Madison25 Apr 2022 11PM385638000M
FTMI4Fort Madison26 Apr 2022 11PM495832000M
FTMI4Fort Madison27 Apr 2022 11PM497242000M
FTMI4Fort Madison28 Apr 2022 11PM5662450.1200M
FTMI4Fort Madison29 Apr 2022 11PM6060530.6600M
FTMI4Fort Madison30 Apr 2022 11PM5467540.1400M
FTMI4Fort Madison1 May 2022 11PM455545000M
FTMI4Fort Madison2 May 2022 11PM5459390.0200M
FTMI4Fort Madison3 May 2022 11PM5055500.4500M
FTMI4Fort Madison4 May 2022 11PM546045000M
FTMI4Fort Madison5 May 2022 11PM5357510.2300M
FTMI4Fort Madison6 May 2022 11PM5159510.0600M
FTMI4Fort Madison7 May 2022 11PM596746000M
FTMI4Fort Madison8 May 2022 11PM667055000M
FTMI4Fort Madison9 May 2022 11PM738561000M
FTMI4Fort Madison10 May 2022 11PM768568000M
FTMI4Fort Madison11 May 2022 11PM798969000M
FTMI4Fort Madison12 May 2022 11PM789073000M
FTMI4Fort Madison13 May 2022 11PM739170000M
FTMI4Fort Madison14 May 2022 11PM678764000M
FTMI4Fort Madison15 May 2022 11PM5672550.0800M
FTMI4Fort Madison16 May 2022 11PM658153000M
FTMI4Fort Madison17 May 2022 11PM6583560.300M
FTMI4Fort Madison18 May 2022 11PM637863000M
FTMI4Fort Madison19 May 2022 11PM728361000M
FTMI4Fort Madison20 May 2022 11PM5977590.1700M
FTMI4Fort Madison21 May 2022 11PM5263500.200M
FTMI4Fort Madison22 May 2022 11PM556745000M
FTMI4Fort Madison23 May 2022 11PM616850000M
FTMI4Fort Madison24 May 2022 11PM5770530.6800M
FTMI4Fort Madison25 May 2022 11PM6375560.8700M
FTMI4Fort Madison26 May 2022 11PM5672560.0800M
FTMI4Fort Madison27 May 2022 11PM6272560.0800M
FTMI4Fort Madison28 May 2022 11PM687657000M
FTMI4Fort Madison29 May 2022 11PM738468000M
FTMI4Fort Madison30 May 2022 11PM768665000M
FTMI4Fort Madison31 May 2022 11PM7077690.7100M
FTMI4Fort Madison1 Jun 2022 11PM6374620.0500M
FTMI4Fort Madison2 Jun 2022 11PM657655000M
FTMI4Fort Madison3 Jun 2022 11PM618458000M
FTMI4Fort Madison4 Jun 2022 11PM698156000M
FTMI4Fort Madison5 Jun 2022 11PM748264000M
FTMI4Fort Madison6 Jun 2022 11PM6683660.0800M
FTMI4Fort Madison7 Jun 2022 11PM707864000M
FTMI4Fort Madison8 Jun 2022 11PM6278620.6700M
FTMI4Fort Madison9 Jun 2022 11PM6881570.0100M
FTMI4Fort Madison10 Jun 2022 11PM6571630.2600M
FTMI4Fort Madison11 Jun 2022 11PM738060T00M
FTMI4Fort Madison12 Jun 2022 11PM778670000M
FTMI4Fort Madison13 Jun 2022 11PM858875000M
FTMI4Fort Madison14 Jun 2022 11PM829278000M
FTMI4Fort Madison15 Jun 2022 11PM7790770.0400M
FTMI4Fort Madison16 Jun 2022 11PM8093720.0300M
FTMI4Fort Madison17 Jun 2022 11PM769073000M
FTMI4Fort Madison18 Jun 2022 11PM738368000M
FTMI4Fort Madison19 Jun 2022 11PM758561000M
FTMI4Fort Madison20 Jun 2022 11PM789374000M
FTMI4Fort Madison21 Jun 2022 11PM729267000M
FTMI4Fort Madison22 Jun 2022 11PM7292680.0500M
FTMI4Fort Madison23 Jun 2022 11PM778866000M
FTMI4Fort Madison24 Jun 2022 11PM708168T00M
FTMI4Fort Madison25 Jun 2022 11PM7188680.0800M
FTMI4Fort Madison26 Jun 2022 11PM737968000M
FTMI4Fort Madison27 Jun 2022 11PM688363000M
FTMI4Fort Madison28 Jun 2022 11PM758360000M
FTMI4Fort Madison29 Jun 2022 11PM768967000M
FTMI4Fort Madison30 Jun 2022 11PM768975000M
FTMI4Fort Madison1 Jul 2022 11PM6877660.0700M
FTMI4Fort Madison2 Jul 2022 11PM688168000M
FTMI4Fort Madison3 Jul 2022 11PM788663000M
FTMI4Fort Madison4 Jul 2022 11PM849371000M
FTMI4Fort Madison5 Jul 2022 11PM8296790.0200M
FTMI4Fort Madison6 Jul 2022 11PM7682720.7100M
FTMI4Fort Madison7 Jul 2022 11PM7480720.5800M
FTMI4Fort Madison8 Jul 2022 11PM7279720.0500M
FTMI4Fort Madison9 Jul 2022 11PM718265000M
FTMI4Fort Madison10 Jul 2022 11PM748365000M
FTMI4Fort Madison11 Jul 2022 11PM759265000M
FTMI4Fort Madison12 Jul 2022 11PM708866000M
FTMI4Fort Madison13 Jul 2022 11PM759065000M
FTMI4Fort Madison14 Jul 2022 11PM738770000M
FTMI4Fort Madison15 Jul 2022 11PM7387700.400M
FTMI4Fort Madison16 Jul 2022 11PM737870000M
FTMI4Fort Madison17 Jul 2022 11PM728469M00M
.AR FTMI4 220717 C DH2400/TX 84/TN 69/TA 72/PP M/SF 0.0/SD 0/HG 16.10/DC2208152041 Should have had precip
FTMI4Fort Madison18 Jul 2022 11PM708566000M
FTMI4Fort Madison19 Jul 2022 11PM778866000M
FTMI4Fort Madison20 Jul 2022 11PM749272000M
FTMI4Fort Madison21 Jul 2022 11PM749370000M
FTMI4Fort Madison22 Jul 2022 11PM8089660.0100M
FTMI4Fort Madison23 Jul 2022 11PM849478000M
FTMI4Fort Madison24 Jul 2022 11PM708870000M
FTMI4Fort Madison25 Jul 2022 11PM7078640.0100M
FTMI4Fort Madison26 Jul 2022 11PM7074660.0300M
FTMI4Fort Madison27 Jul 2022 11PM699168000M
FTMI4Fort Madison28 Jul 2022 11PM688566000M
FTMI4Fort Madison29 Jul 2022 11PM698263000M
FTMI4Fort Madison30 Jul 2022 11PM678559000M
FTMI4Fort Madison31 Jul 2022 11PM768459000M
FTMI4Fort Madison1 Aug 2022 11PM7794760.2700M
FTMI4Fort Madison2 Aug 2022 11PM759474000M
FTMI4Fort Madison3 Aug 2022 11PM7786750.0200M
FTMI4Fort Madison4 Aug 2022 11PM759071000M
FTMI4Fort Madison5 Aug 2022 11PM778963000M
FTMI4Fort Madison6 Aug 2022 11PM819374000M
FTMI4Fort Madison7 Aug 2022 11PM808980000M
FTMI4Fort Madison8 Aug 2022 11PM6881680.2500M
FTMI4Fort Madison9 Aug 2022 11PM688162000M
FTMI4Fort Madison10 Aug 2022 11PM688460000M
FTMI4Fort Madison11 Aug 2022 11PM748662000M
FTMI4Fort Madison12 Aug 2022 11PM717865000M
FTMI4Fort Madison13 Aug 2022 11PM778866000M
FTMI4Fort Madison14 Aug 2022 11PM707769000M
FTMI4Fort Madison15 Aug 2022 11PM6776630.2600M
FTMI4Fort Madison16 Aug 2022 11PM7080630.0500M
FTMI4Fort Madison17 Aug 2022 11PM658463000M
FTMI4Fort Madison18 Aug 2022 11PM748458000M
FTMI4Fort Madison19 Aug 2022 11PM7283720.0400M
FTMI4Fort Madison20 Aug 2022 11PM6583650.1200M
FTMI4Fort Madison21 Aug 2022 11PM637963000M
FTMI4Fort Madison22 Aug 2022 11PM698262000M
FTMI4Fort Madison23 Aug 2022 11PM738165000M
FTMI4Fort Madison24 Aug 2022 11PM708566000M
FTMI4Fort Madison25 Aug 2022 11PM6789650.0600M
FTMI4Fort Madison26 Aug 2022 11PM738267000M
FTMI4Fort Madison27 Aug 2022 11PM748867000M
FTMI4Fort Madison28 Aug 2022 11PM768670000M
FTMI4Fort Madison29 Aug 2022 11PM749465000M
FTMI4Fort Madison30 Aug 2022 11PM598759000M
FTMI4Fort Madison31 Aug 2022 11PM738759000M
FTMI4Fort Madison1 Sep 2022 11PM738465000M
FTMI4Fort Madison2 Sep 2022 11PM718567000M
FTMI4Fort Madison3 Sep 2022 11PM7085660.1400M
FTMI4Fort Madison4 Sep 2022 11PM707365000M
FTMI4Fort Madison5 Sep 2022 11PM677566000M
FTMI4Fort Madison6 Sep 2022 11PM708164000M
FTMI4Fort Madison7 Sep 2022 11PM638363000M
FTMI4Fort Madison8 Sep 2022 11PM688661000M
FTMI4Fort Madison9 Sep 2022 11PM688662000M
FTMI4Fort Madison10 Sep 2022 11PM6283610.5500M
FTMI4Fort Madison11 Sep 2022 11PM5975570.7800M
FTMI4Fort Madison12 Sep 2022 11PM607853000M
FTMI4Fort Madison13 Sep 2022 11PM618053000M
FTMI4Fort Madison14 Sep 2022 11PM698760000M
FTMI4Fort Madison15 Sep 2022 11PM688364000M
FTMI4Fort Madison16 Sep 2022 11PM708365T00M
FTMI4Fort Madison17 Sep 2022 11PM6979680.1500M
FTMI4Fort Madison18 Sep 2022 11PM7086651.1700M
FTMI4Fort Madison19 Sep 2022 11PM7484701.2400M
FTMI4Fort Madison20 Sep 2022 11PM789071000M
FTMI4Fort Madison21 Sep 2022 11PM6178610.5100M
FTMI4Fort Madison22 Sep 2022 11PM566853000M
FTMI4Fort Madison23 Sep 2022 11PM5458530.100M
FTMI4Fort Madison24 Sep 2022 11PM687953000M
FTMI4Fort Madison25 Sep 2022 11PM587756000M
FTMI4Fort Madison26 Sep 2022 11PM496948000M
FTMI4Fort Madison27 Sep 2022 11PM467043000M
FTMI4Fort Madison28 Sep 2022 11PM506341000M
FTMI4Fort Madison29 Sep 2022 11PM526741000M
FTMI4Fort Madison30 Sep 2022 11PM617146000M
FTMI4Fort Madison1 Oct 2022 11PM487148000M
FTMI4Fort Madison2 Oct 2022 11PM537448000M
FTMI4Fort Madison3 Oct 2022 11PM527349000M
FTMI4Fort Madison4 Oct 2022 11PM517339000M
FTMI4Fort Madison5 Oct 2022 11PM6072510.0400M
FTMI4Fort Madison6 Oct 2022 11PM527945000M
FTMI4Fort Madison7 Oct 2022 11PM445839000M
FTMI4Fort Madison8 Oct 2022 11PM456236000M
FTMI4Fort Madison9 Oct 2022 11PM527344000M
FTMI4Fort Madison10 Oct 2022 11PM527652000M
FTMI4Fort Madison11 Oct 2022 11PM6366520.300M
FTMI4Fort Madison12 Oct 2022 11PM496949T00M
FTMI4Fort Madison13 Oct 2022 11PM395939000M
FTMI4Fort Madison14 Oct 2022 11PM3864380.1100M
FTMI4Fort Madison15 Oct 2022 11PM445835000M
FTMI4Fort Madison16 Oct 2022 11PM406138000M
FTMI4Fort Madison17 Oct 2022 11PM35M32000M
.AR FTMI4 221017 C DH2400/TX M/TN 32/TA 35/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/HG 15.50/DC2210180952 TX 61
FTMI4Fort Madison18 Oct 2022 11PM365027000M
FTMI4Fort Madison19 Oct 2022 11PM365136000M
FTMI4Fort Madison20 Oct 2022 11PM477234000M
FTMI4Fort Madison21 Oct 2022 11PM617841000M
FTMI4Fort Madison22 Oct 2022 11PM668256000M
FTMI4Fort Madison23 Oct 2022 11PM6976590.0200M
FTMI4Fort Madison24 Oct 2022 11PM4771470.700M
FTMI4Fort Madison25 Oct 2022 11PM3948390.7500M
FTMI4Fort Madison26 Oct 2022 11PM425939000M
FTMI4Fort Madison27 Oct 2022 11PM485741000M
FTMI4Fort Madison28 Oct 2022 11PM426142000M
FTMI4Fort Madison29 Oct 2022 11PM496337000M
FTMI4Fort Madison30 Oct 2022 11PM546249000M
FTMI4Fort Madison31 Oct 2022 11PM4667400.0200M
FTMI4Fort Madison1 Nov 2022 11PM496946000M
FTMI4Fort Madison2 Nov 2022 11PM617247000M
FTMI4Fort Madison3 Nov 2022 11PM657355000M
FTMI4Fort Madison4 Nov 2022 11PM5172510.6900M
FTMI4Fort Madison5 Nov 2022 11PM4756450.3300M
FTMI4Fort Madison6 Nov 2022 11PM416341000M
FTMI4Fort Madison7 Nov 2022 11PM355228000M
FTMI4Fort Madison8 Nov 2022 11PM546135000M
FTMI4Fort Madison9 Nov 2022 11PM567552000M
FTMI4Fort Madison10 Nov 2022 11PM3273240.0500M
FTMI4Fort Madison11 Nov 2022 11PM2832270.2500M
FTMI4Fort Madison12 Nov 2022 11PM283228000M
FTMI4Fort Madison13 Nov 2022 11PM283627000M
FTMI4Fort Madison14 Nov 2022 11PM344027000M
FTMI4Fort Madison15 Nov 2022 11PM3136310.1900M
FTMI4Fort Madison16 Nov 2022 11PM273127000M
FTMI4Fort Madison17 Nov 2022 11PM233923000M
FTMI4Fort Madison18 Nov 2022 11PM232821000M
FTMI4Fort Madison19 Nov 2022 11PM203220000M
FTMI4Fort Madison20 Nov 2022 11PM364216000M
FTMI4Fort Madison21 Nov 2022 11PM275427000M
FTMI4Fort Madison22 Nov 2022 11PM375424000M
FTMI4Fort Madison23 Nov 2022 11PM485732000M
FTMI4Fort Madison24 Nov 2022 11PM4450410.0400M
FTMI4Fort Madison25 Nov 2022 11PM405332000M
FTMI4Fort Madison26 Nov 2022 11PM405140000M
FTMI4Fort Madison27 Nov 2022 11PM4445290.4300M
FTMI4Fort Madison28 Nov 2022 11PM414929000M
FTMI4Fort Madison29 Nov 2022 11PM276226000M
FTMI4Fort Madison30 Nov 2022 11PM183318000M
FTMI4Fort Madison1 Dec 2022 11PM394018000M
FTMI4Fort MadisonNo Observation Reported for 2022-12-02
FTMI4Fort MadisonNo Observation Reported for 2022-12-03
FTMI4Fort MadisonNo Observation Reported for 2022-12-04
FTMI4Fort MadisonNo Observation Reported for 2022-12-05

Errors exist in this dataset and you should evaluate the observations before using...