This page presents the raw observations of daily high and low temperature along with precipitation and snow when available. The dates shown are the date when the observation was reported. For observations made at 7 AM, this would be a for a 24 hour period up until that time and not for that local date. The timestamps shown are valid for the local timezone of that reporting station.

Hint: You should be able to highlight the values in the table and then copy + paste these values into a spreadsheet program like Excel. A download interface does exist for these observations.

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NWSLI: Site Name: Date: Temp at Ob Max Air Temp Min Air Temp Precip Snowfall Snow Depth Snow Water Equiv
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW2 Jan 2022 7AM-810-9TT4M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW3 Jan 2022 7AM-711-9004M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW4 Jan 2022 7AM2223-8003M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW6 Jan 2022 7AM-311-3TT3M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW7 Jan 2022 7AM-161-16003M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW8 Jan 2022 7AM1414-16003M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW9 Jan 2022 7AM2291T02M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW10 Jan 2022 7AM010-3002M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW11 Jan 2022 7AM68-2002M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW12 Jan 2022 7AM34405001M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW13 Jan 2022 7AM1945190.0101M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW14 Jan 2022 7AM324316001M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW15 Jan 2022 7AM1032100.345.26M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW16 Jan 2022 7AM619-9006M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW17 Jan 2022 7AM25276005M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW18 Jan 2022 7AM242818005M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW19 Jan 2022 7AM6385004M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW20 Jan 2022 7AM-98-9004M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW21 Jan 2022 7AM-214-21004M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW22 Jan 2022 7AM2222-210.010.24M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW23 Jan 2022 7AM32330.273.98M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW24 Jan 2022 7AM1718-20.131.910M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW25 Jan 2022 7AM-1521-17TT10M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW26 Jan 2022 7AM-302-300010M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW27 Jan 2022 7AM2424-30009M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW28 Jan 2022 7AM-1335-14008M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW29 Jan 2022 7AM016-15008M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW30 Jan 2022 7AM1426-1008M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW31 Jan 2022 7AM-425-5TT8M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW1 Feb 2022 7AM2538-4008M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW2 Feb 2022 7AMM255008M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW3 Feb 2022 7AM-312-4008M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW4 Feb 2022 7AM-1211-17008M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW5 Feb 2022 7AM-213-130.01T8M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW6 Feb 2022 7AM1729-2008M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW7 Feb 2022 7AM-436-4007M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW8 Feb 2022 7AM1721-5007M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW9 Feb 2022 7AM364014006M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW10 Feb 2022 7AM193719TT6M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW11 Feb 2022 7AM3738170.03T5M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW12 Feb 2022 7AM1381TT5M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW13 Feb 2022 7AM41010.010.15M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW14 Feb 2022 7AM11113TT5M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW16 Feb 2022 7AM43MM004M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW17 Feb 2022 7AM164416004M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW18 Feb 2022 7AM6161004M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW19 Feb 2022 7AM34130.01T2M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW20 Feb 2022 7AM32323001M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW21 Feb 2022 7AM335226001M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW22 Feb 2022 7AM2034200.110.2TM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW23 Feb 2022 7AM32130.020.1TM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW24 Feb 2022 7AM1117300TM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW25 Feb 2022 7AM-422-40.12.93M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW26 Feb 2022 7AM924-4002M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW27 Feb 2022 7AM13339001M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW28 Feb 2022 7AM19381300TM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW1 Mar 2022 7AM34501900TM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW2 Mar 2022 7AM295229T0TM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW3 Mar 2022 7AM275326000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW4 Mar 2022 7AM273225000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW5 Mar 2022 7AM3742270.2500M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW6 Mar 2022 7AM3055301.92T0M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW7 Mar 2022 7AM2534250.264.75M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW9 Mar 2022 7AM23382001M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW10 Mar 2022 7AM13261200TM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW11 Mar 2022 7AM18241200TM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW13 Mar 2022 7AM2025300TM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW14 Mar 2022 7AM305220000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW15 Mar 2022 7AM245624000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW16 Mar 2022 7AM265724000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW17 Mar 2022 7AM436826T00M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW18 Mar 2022 7AM3853380.3700M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW19 Mar 2022 7AM3338331.43T0M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW20 Mar 2022 7AM245224000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW21 Mar 2022 7AM496524000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW22 Mar 2022 7AM4874460.0200M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW23 Mar 2022 7AM4451441.0200M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW24 Mar 2022 7AM3244320.220.1TM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW25 Mar 2022 7AM3839320.02T0M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW26 Mar 2022 7AM234522TT0M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW27 Mar 2022 7AM193519TT0M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW28 Mar 2022 7AM143514000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW29 Mar 2022 7AM324013000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW30 Mar 2022 7AM3540320.1400M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW31 Mar 2022 7AM3151310.121.72M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW2 Apr 2022 7AM3248210.191.31M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW3 Apr 2022 7AM2449230.1510M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW4 Apr 2022 7AM3649240.0800M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW5 Apr 2022 7AM304626000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW6 Apr 2022 7AM3949300.1900M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW7 Apr 2022 7AM3446340.0200M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW8 Apr 2022 7AM3245310.050.1TM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW9 Apr 2022 7AM224021TT0M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW10 Apr 2022 7AM365522000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW11 Apr 2022 7AM406636000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW12 Apr 2022 7AM3163M000M
.AR EKRI4 220412 C DH0700/TX 63/TN M/TA 31/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2205172011 reported min temp at 27, set to missing
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW13 Apr 2022 7AM5367310.1400M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW14 Apr 2022 7AM2953280.0300M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW15 Apr 2022 7AM294529000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW16 Apr 2022 7AM284123000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW17 Apr 2022 7AM184217000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW18 Apr 2022 7AM3347180.0400M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW19 Apr 2022 7AM253623000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW20 Apr 2022 7AM464925000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW21 Apr 2022 7AM4049350.3400M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW22 Apr 2022 7AM4865390.5300M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW23 Apr 2022 7AM6364450.7600M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW24 Apr 2022 7AM4879480.1900M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW25 Apr 2022 7AM366136000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW26 Apr 2022 7AM304030T00M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW27 Apr 2022 7AM334828000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW28 Apr 2022 7AM3549330.2100M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW29 Apr 2022 7AM4853350.400M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW30 Apr 2022 7AM5259480.0800M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW1 May 2022 7AM4566450.2300M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW2 May 2022 7AM434842T00M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW3 May 2022 7AM4353430.5600M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW4 May 2022 7AM325031T00M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW5 May 2022 7AM466132000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW6 May 2022 7AM406140000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW7 May 2022 7AM406640000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW8 May 2022 7AM537038000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW9 May 2022 7AM606253T00M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW10 May 2022 7AMM87600.9100M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW11 May 2022 7AM648860000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW12 May 2022 7AM729264000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW13 May 2022 7AMM9467000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW14 May 2022 7AMM8757000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW15 May 2022 7AM548849T00M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW16 May 2022 7AM487542000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW17 May 2022 7AM507745T00M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW18 May 2022 7AM516050T00M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW19 May 2022 7AM577251T00M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW20 May 2022 7AM658857T00M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW21 May 2022 7AM476543000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW22 May 2022 7AM415933000M
.AR EKRI4 220522 C DH0700/TX 59/TN 33/TA 41/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2207120855 Frost
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW23 May 2022 7AM366130000M
.AR EKRI4 220523 C DH0700/TX 61/TN 30/TA 36/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2207120855 Frost/Freeze
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW24 May 2022 7AM456236000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW25 May 2022 7AM4863450.8800M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW26 May 2022 7AM5662480.900M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW27 May 2022 7AM546953T00M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW28 May 2022 7AM577448000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW29 May 2022 7AM657857T00M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW30 May 2022 7AM708465T00M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW31 May 2022 7AM6987620.2800M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW1 Jun 2022 7AM558153000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW2 Jun 2022 7AM497044T00M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW3 Jun 2022 7AM507843000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW4 Jun 2022 7AMM75430.0900M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW5 Jun 2022 7AM5659520.3100M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW6 Jun 2022 7AM6275560.7400M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW7 Jun 2022 7AM567052000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW8 Jun 2022 7AM5877560.100M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW9 Jun 2022 7AM527347M00M
.AR EKRI4 220609 C DH0700/TX 73/TN 47/TA 52/PP M/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2207121507 Reported 0.07" of precipitation, set to missing.
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW10 Jun 2022 7AM597852000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW11 Jun 2022 7AM5874520.0100M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW12 Jun 2022 7AM6273570.0400M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW13 Jun 2022 7AM6579620.0100M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW14 Jun 2022 7AM7680630.0300M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW15 Jun 2022 7AM709663000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW16 Jun 2022 7AM6788540.0200M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW17 Jun 2022 7AM628856000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW18 Jun 2022 7AM598353000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW19 Jun 2022 7AM607953000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW20 Jun 2022 7AM738660000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW21 Jun 2022 7AM769372000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW22 Jun 2022 7AM639557000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW23 Jun 2022 7AM608555000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW24 Jun 2022 7AM669058000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW25 Jun 2022 7AM6687660.4100M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW26 Jun 2022 7AM5976540.2800M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW27 Jun 2022 7AM527447000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW28 Jun 2022 7AM588052000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW29 Jun 2022 7AM5883570.1700M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW30 Jun 2022 7AM738658000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW1 Jul 2022 7AM69896400MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW2 Jul 2022 7AM55815200MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW3 Jul 2022 7AM58855300MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW4 Jul 2022 7AM72865300MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW5 Jul 2022 7AM7485690.670MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW6 Jul 2022 7AM6993662.290MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW7 Jul 2022 7AM68836600MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW8 Jul 2022 7AM7183680.250MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW9 Jul 2022 7AM6380570.220MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW10 Jul 2022 7AM61815600MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW11 Jul 2022 7AM73826100MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW12 Jul 2022 7AM6183570.140MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW13 Jul 2022 7AM64826100MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW14 Jul 2022 7AM59815700MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW15 Jul 2022 7AM7082590.930MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW16 Jul 2022 7AM6679650.040MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW17 Jul 2022 7AM65776200MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW18 Jul 2022 7AM62845800MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW19 Jul 2022 7AM72886200MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW20 Jul 2022 7AM69886400MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW21 Jul 2022 7AM65846100MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW22 Jul 2022 7AM60865600MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW23 Jul 2022 7AM71876000MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW24 Jul 2022 7AM7090690.30MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW25 Jul 2022 7AM57805400MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW26 Jul 2022 7AM61775700MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW27 Jul 2022 7AM69826100MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW28 Jul 2022 7AM6182600.050MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW29 Jul 2022 7AM54765200MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW30 Jul 2022 7AM53795000MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW31 Jul 2022 7AM60825300MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW1 Aug 2022 7AM68835300MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW2 Aug 2022 7AM63845300MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW3 Aug 2022 7AM75886300MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW4 Aug 2022 7AM5990570.010MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW5 Aug 2022 7AM58845600MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW6 Aug 2022 7AM73865800MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW7 Aug 2022 7AM71907120MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW8 Aug 2022 7AM6783661.20MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW9 Aug 2022 7AM54775300MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW10 Aug 2022 7AM56805400MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW11 Aug 2022 7AM63845400MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW12 Aug 2022 7AM60845400MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSWNo Observation Reported for 2022-08-13

Errors exist in this dataset and you should evaluate the observations before using...