This page presents the raw observations of daily high and low temperature along with precipitation and snow when available. The dates shown are the date when the observation was reported. For observations made at 7 AM, this would be a for a 24 hour period up until that time and not for that local date. The timestamps shown are valid for the local timezone of that reporting station.

Hint: You should be able to highlight the values in the table and then copy + paste these values into a spreadsheet program like Excel. A download interface does exist for these observations.

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NWSLI: Site Name: Date: Temp at Ob Max Air Temp Min Air Temp Precip Snowfall Snow Depth Snow Water Equiv
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW1 Jan 2023 7AM2134160.05MMM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW2 Jan 2023 7AM26422100MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW3 Jan 2023 8AM3336260.460MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW4 Jan 2023 7AM3137310.130MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW5 Jan 2023 7AM2831280.050.71M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW6 Jan 2023 7AM1634150.01MMM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW7 Jan 2023 7AM1123600MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW8 Jan 2023 7AM19261100MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW9 Jan 2023 7AM11231000MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW10 Jan 2023 7AM23431100MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW11 Jan 2023 7AM28302100MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW12 Jan 2023 7AM334326000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW13 Jan 2023 7AM253324000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW14 Jan 2023 7AM202720000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW15 Jan 2023 7AM313220000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW16 Jan 2023 7AM3842310.2300M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW17 Jan 2023 7AM3443340.400M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW18 Jan 2023 7AM313630000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW19 Jan 2023 7AM3035290.455.45M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW20 Jan 2023 7AM273327MM4M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW21 Jan 2023 7AM172817004M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW22 Jan 2023 8AM2627170.030.14M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW23 Jan 2023 8AM152814004M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW24 Jan 2023 7AM222913004M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW25 Jan 2023 8AM2733200.01M4M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW26 Jan 2023 7AM1232120.131.76M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW28 Jan 2023 12AM11358M0.95M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW29 Jan 2023 7AM41640.346.611M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW30 Jan 2023 7AM21100011M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW31 Jan 2023 7AM-257-250011M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW1 Feb 2023 7AM310-250010M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW2 Feb 2023 7AM1223-40010M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW3 Feb 2023 7AM-924-120010M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW4 Feb 2023 7AM1313-90010M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW5 Feb 2023 7AM173812009M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW6 Feb 2023 7AM8363008M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW7 Feb 2023 7AM354380.0106M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW8 Feb 2023 7AM173716002M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW9 Feb 2023 8AM354517001M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW10 Feb 2023 7AM1637160.06M1M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW11 Feb 2023 7AM26321500MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW12 Feb 2023 7AM23462200MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW13 Feb 2023 7AM28452300MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW14 Feb 2023 7AM40462800MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW15 Feb 2023 8AM3246320.3600M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW16 Feb 2023 7AM263224000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW17 Feb 2023 7AM-226-20.082.32M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW18 Feb 2023 7AM1726-2001M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW19 Feb 2023 7AM33401700MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW20 Feb 2023 7AM234718000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW21 Feb 2023 7AM134612000M
.AR EKRI4 230224 C DH0700/TX 30/TN M/TA M/PP M/SF M/SD M/DC2303172031 reported min temperature at 12, set to missing
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW26 Feb 2023 7AM15371500MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW27 Feb 2023 7AM3845151.3700M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW28 Feb 2023 7AMM4135000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW1 Mar 2023 7AM3542260.0300M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW2 Mar 2023 7AM295229000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW3 Mar 2023 7AM263922000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW4 Mar 2023 7AM234421000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW5 Mar 2023 7AM214619M00M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW6 Mar 2023 7AM3747200.17M0M
.A EKRI4 230306 C DH0700/TX 47/TN 20/TA 37/PP 0.17/SF T/SD 0/DC2303060701 Snow pellets
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW7 Mar 2023 7AM334130000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW8 Mar 2023 7AM314529000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW9 Mar 2023 7AM354231MM0M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW10 Mar 2023 7AM2737260.364.14M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW11 Mar 2023 8AM303427002M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW12 Mar 2023 7AM3233300.151.23M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW13 Mar 2023 8AM283226MM2M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW14 Mar 2023 7AM9319MM1M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW15 Mar 2023 8AM3135900MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW16 Mar 2023 7AM455231000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW17 Mar 2023 8AM1745170.430.1MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW18 Mar 2023 7AMM3214000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW20 Mar 2023 7AM304110000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW21 Mar 2023 7AM265226000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW22 Mar 2023 7AM4056260.0200M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW23 Mar 2023 7AM3150300.160.91M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW24 Mar 2023 7AM194319000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW25 Mar 2023 7AM334919000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW26 Mar 2023 7AM245121000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW27 Mar 2023 7AM2040200.080.70M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW28 Mar 2023 7AM275120000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW29 Mar 2023 7AM264525000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW30 Mar 2023 7AM243916000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW31 Mar 2023 7AM5353240.3100M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW1 Apr 2023 6AM3572330.87M0M
.A EKRI4 230401 C DH0700/TX 72/TN 33/TA 35/PP 0.87/SF T/SD 0/DC2304010714 Trace amount of pea size hail which melted quickly
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW2 Apr 2023 7AM364722000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW3 Apr 2023 7AM326931000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW4 Apr 2023 7AM455332M00M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW5 Apr 2023 7AM4762450.7100M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW6 Apr 2023 7AM254725M00M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW7 Apr 2023 7AM255024000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW8 Apr 2023 7AM346125000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW9 Apr 2023 7AM476734000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW10 Apr 2023 7AM487146000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW11 Apr 2023 7AM397539000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW12 Apr 2023 7AM607939000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW13 Apr 2023 7AM588656000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW14 Apr 2023 7AM488348000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW15 Apr 2023 7AM588348000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW16 Apr 2023 7AM3766370.1600M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW17 Apr 2023 6AM3137280.314.55M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW18 Apr 2023 6AM265025000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW19 Apr 2023 7AM4556260.0500M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW20 Apr 2023 7AM4349430.1200M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW21 Apr 2023 7AM3970360.2500M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW22 Apr 2023 6AM324931MM0M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW23 Apr 2023 6AM3349310.01M0M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW24 Apr 2023 7AM234621000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW25 Apr 2023 7AM365723000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW26 Apr 2023 7AM245022000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW27 Apr 2023 7AM425924000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW28 Apr 2023 7AM356933000M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW29 Apr 2023 7AM4172350.0900M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW30 Apr 2023 7AM4155350.0100M
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW1 May 2023 6AM4246370.020MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW2 May 2023 6AM43584100MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW3 May 2023 6AM33612800MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW4 May 2023 6AM34673100MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW5 May 2023 6AM52793400MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW6 May 2023 6AM5577520.110MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW7 May 2023 6AM5471500.310MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW8 May 2023 6AM5779540.310MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW9 May 2023 6AM5568520.010MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW10 May 2023 6AM49724600MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW11 May 2023 6AM54784900MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW12 May 2023 7AM6181540.070MM
.AR EKRI4 230512 C DH0700/TX 81/TN 54/TA 61/PP 0.07/SF 0.0/DC2305161225
.A EKRI4 230513 C DH0700/TX 76/TN 58/TA M/PP M/SF 0.0/DC2305161225
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW15 May 2023 6AM4753440.710MM
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW16 May 2023 6AM49714600MM
.B MSR 20230516 Z DH1200/PPDRZ EKRI4 DH1200/ 0.00
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW17 May 2023 6AM48804700MM
.B MSR 20230517 Z DH1200/PPDRZ EKRI4 DH1200/ 0.00
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW18 May 2023 6AM47664400MM
.B MSR 20230518 Z DH1200/PPDRZ EKRI4 DH1200/ 0.00
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW19 May 2023 6AM52814700MM
.B MSR 20230519 Z DH1200/PPDRZ EKRI4 DH1200/ 0.00
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW20 May 2023 7AM45633800MM
.A EKRI4 230520 C DH0700/TX 63/TN 38/TA 45/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/DC2305310705
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW21 May 2023 6AM44733900MM
.B MSR 20230521 Z DH1200/PPDRZ EKRI4 DH1200/ 0.00
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW22 May 2023 6AM47804100MM
.B MSR 20230522 Z DH1200/PPDRZ EKRI4 DH1200/ 0.00
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW23 May 2023 6AM46804200MM
.B MSR 20230523 Z DH1200/PPDRZ EKRI4 DH1200/ 0.00
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW24 May 2023 6AM48834400MM
.B MSR 20230524 Z DH1200/PPDRZ EKRI4 DH1200/ 0.00
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW25 May 2023 7AM49834400MM
.A EKRI4 230525 C DH0700/TX 83/TN 44/TA 49/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/DC2305310705
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW26 May 2023 6AM40713200MM
.B MSR 20230526 Z DH1200/PPDRZ EKRI4 DH1200/ 0.00
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW27 May 2023 6AM40743400MM
.B MSR 20230527 Z DH1200/PPDRZ EKRI4 DH1200/ 0.00
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW28 May 2023 6AM51784000MM
.B MSR 20230528 Z DH1200/PPDRZ EKRI4 DH1200/ 0.00
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW29 May 2023 6AM54805000MM
.B MSR 20230529 Z DH1200/PPDRZ EKRI4 DH1200/ 0.00
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW30 May 2023 6AM52854500MM
.B MSR 20230530 Z DH1200/PPDRZ EKRI4 DH1200/ 0.00
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW31 May 2023 6AM54884900MM
.B MSR 20230531 Z DH1200/PPDRZ EKRI4 DH1200/ 0.00
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW1 Jun 2023 6AM60895400MM
.B MSR 20230601 Z DH1200/PPDRZ EKRI4 DH1200/ 0.00
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW2 Jun 2023 6AM6686600.150MM
.B MSR 20230602 Z DH1200/PPDRZ EKRI4 DH1200/ 0.15
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW3 Jun 2023 6AM6087570.020MM
.B MSR 20230603 Z DH1200/PPDRZ EKRI4 DH1200/ 0.02
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW4 Jun 2023 6AM59895400MM
.B MSR 20230604 Z DH1200/PPDRZ EKRI4 DH1200/ 0.00
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW5 Jun 2023 6AM53875000MM
.B MSR 20230605 Z DH1200/PPDRZ EKRI4 DH1200/ 0.00
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSWNo Observation Reported for 2023-06-06
EKRI4ELKADER 6SSW7 Jun 2023 7AM5883580.480MM
.A EKRI4 230607 C DH0700/TX 83/TN 58/TA 58/PP 0.48/SF 0.0/DC2306070717

Errors exist in this dataset and you should evaluate the observations before using...