This page presents the raw observations of daily high and low temperature along with precipitation and snow when available. The dates shown are the date when the observation was reported. For observations made at 7 AM, this would be a for a 24 hour period up until that time and not for that local date. The timestamps shown are valid for the local timezone of that reporting station.

Hint: You should be able to highlight the values in the table and then copy + paste these values into a spreadsheet program like Excel. A download interface does exist for these observations.

COOP obs listed by station

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NWSLI: Site Name: Date: Temp at Ob Max Air Temp Min Air Temp Precip Snowfall Snow Depth Snow Water Equiv
DVNI4Davenport 6N1 Jan 2022 11PM1128110.186.270.5
DVNI4Davenport 6N2 Jan 2022 11PM-412-6T0.170.6
DVNI4Davenport 6N3 Jan 2022 11PM2222-70070.8
DVNI4Davenport 6N4 Jan 2022 11PM2934220060.8
DVNI4Davenport 6N5 Jan 2022 11PM3293TT30.8
.A DVNI4 220105 C DH1800/PPQ 0.00/SFQ 0.0/SD 3/DC2201051803 Strong winds basically blew all snow away, leaving us with the snow/ice from the previous storm.
DVNI4Davenport 6N6 Jan 2022 11PM-83-80030.8
DVNI4Davenport 6N7 Jan 2022 11PM1010-90030.8
DVNI4Davenport 6N8 Jan 2022 11PM2930100.02T30.8
.A DVNI4 220108 C DH1200/PPQ T/SFQ T/SD 3/SW 0.8/DC2201081207 Snow grains and FZDZ
DVNI4Davenport 6N9 Jan 2022 11PM112950030.8
DVNI4Davenport 6N10 Jan 2022 11PM51520030.8
DVNI4Davenport 6N11 Jan 2022 11PM374230030.8
DVNI4Davenport 6N12 Jan 2022 11PM2944270020.6
DVNI4Davenport 6N13 Jan 2022 11PM2637250020.6
DVNI4Davenport 6N14 Jan 2022 11PM2033200.193.15M
DVNI4Davenport 6N15 Jan 2022 11PM92190.060.950.6
DVNI4Davenport 6N16 Jan 2022 11PM22241TT50.6
DVNI4Davenport 6N17 Jan 2022 11PM2126170050.6
DVNI4Davenport 6N18 Jan 2022 11PM3441210050.5
.A DVNI4 220118 C DH1800/PPQ 0.00/SFQ 0.0/SD 3/DC2201181754 Fairly rapid snowmelt due to winds and temperatures well above freezing.
DVNI4Davenport 6N19 Jan 2022 11PM13410020.5
DVNI4Davenport 6N20 Jan 2022 11PM-45-50020.4
DVNI4Davenport 6N21 Jan 2022 11PM1417-80020.4
DVNI4Davenport 6N22 Jan 2022 11PM2930140020.4
DVNI4Davenport 6N23 Jan 2022 11PM163710TT20.4
DVNI4Davenport 6N24 Jan 2022 11PM22510.020.320.4
DVNI4Davenport 6N25 Jan 2022 11PM-64-60020.3
DVNI4Davenport 6N26 Jan 2022 11PM1818-100020.3
DVNI4Davenport 6N27 Jan 2022 11PM213318TT20.3
DVNI4Davenport 6N28 Jan 2022 11PM72340020.3
DVNI4Davenport 6N29 Jan 2022 11PM193050010
DVNI4Davenport 6N30 Jan 2022 11PM1524120010
DVNI4Davenport 6N31 Jan 2022 11PM363612001M
DVNI4Davenport 6N1 Feb 2022 11PM17411700TM
.A DVNI4 220201 C DH2400/TX 41/TN 17/TA 17/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD T/DC2202020005 greater than 50% bare ground
DVNI4Davenport 6N2 Feb 2022 11PM111711T0.1TM
DVNI4Davenport 6N3 Feb 2022 11PM516500T0
DVNI4Davenport 6N4 Feb 2022 11PM1230TTTM
DVNI4Davenport 6N5 Feb 2022 11PM2323-200TM
DVNI4Davenport 6N6 Feb 2022 11PM13411300TM
DVNI4Davenport 6N7 Feb 2022 11PM2225500TM
DVNI4Davenport 6N8 Feb 2022 11PM34521800TM
DVNI4Davenport 6N9 Feb 2022 11PM30413000TM
DVNI4Davenport 6N10 Feb 2022 11PM3637200.06TTM
DVNI4Davenport 6N11 Feb 2022 11PM164316TTTM
DVNI4Davenport 6N12 Feb 2022 11PM12177TTTM
DVNI4Davenport 6N13 Feb 2022 12AM101360.010.3TM
DVNI4Davenport 6N14 Feb 2022 11PM17271000TM
DVNI4Davenport 6N15 Feb 2022 11PM484817000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N16 Feb 2022 11PM3257320.1900M
DVNI4Davenport 6N17 Feb 2022 11PM103210TTTM
.AR DVNI4 220217 C DH2400/TX 32/TN 10/TA 10/PP T/SF T/SD T/DC2202180005 Corrected TX.
DVNI4Davenport 6N18 Feb 2022 11PM183670.040.61M
DVNI4Davenport 6N19 Feb 2022 11PM1923500TM
DVNI4Davenport 6N20 Feb 2022 11PM325519000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N21 Feb 2022 11PM374931000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N22 Feb 2022 11PM1137110.19T00
.A DVNI4 220222 C DH1200/PPQ 0.17/SFQ 0.0/SD 0/SW 0.0/DC2202221221 Rain, freezing rain, thunderstorm
DVNI4Davenport 6N23 Feb 2022 11PM17187TT00
DVNI4Davenport 6N24 Feb 2022 11PM1823140.091.82M
DVNI4Davenport 6N25 Feb 2022 11PM8201T0.120.1
.A DVNI4 220225 C DH1200/PPQ 0.00/SFQ 0.0/SD 2/SW 0.1/DC2202251157 snow depth 1.5
DVNI4Davenport 6N26 Feb 2022 11PM2833600TM
DVNI4Davenport 6N27 Feb 2022 11PM274020000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N28 Feb 2022 11PM465326000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N1 Mar 2022 11PM375635000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N2 Mar 2022 11PM3561310000
DVNI4Davenport 6N3 Mar 2022 11PM273527TT00
.A DVNI4 220303 C DH0600/PP T/PPQ T/SF T/SD 0/SFQ T/GD 8/GT 0/DC2203030552 Thawed just under halfway to one inch
DVNI4Davenport 6N4 Mar 2022 12AM424426T00M
DVNI4Davenport 6N5 Mar 2022 11PM4567380.27T0M
DVNI4Davenport 6N6 Mar 2022 11PM2945290.020.3TM
.AR DVNI4 220306 C DH0600/PP 0.27/PPQ 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/SFQ 0.0/GD 8/GT 1/DC2203061932 Thawed is close to 1.5 inches, depth is close to 7.5
DVNI4Davenport 6N7 Mar 2022 11PM2129210.171.520.2
DVNI4Davenport 6N8 Mar 2022 11PM28381700TM
DVNI4Davenport 6N9 Mar 2022 11PM233223000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N10 Mar 2022 11PM1723160.071.210
.A DVNI4 220310 C DH2400/TX 23/TN 16/TA 17/PP 0.07/SF 1.2/SD 1/DC2203102353 Snow melted as it fell.
DVNI4Davenport 6N11 Mar 2022 11PM10251000T0
DVNI4Davenport 6N12 Mar 2022 11PM2123500TM
DVNI4Davenport 6N13 Mar 2022 11PM385421000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N14 Mar 2022 11PM3761340000
DVNI4Davenport 6N15 Mar 2022 11PM3959330000
DVNI4Davenport 6N16 Mar 2022 11PM547037000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N17 Mar 2022 11PM456543000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N18 Mar 2022 11PM3546350.8700M
DVNI4Davenport 6N19 Mar 2022 11PM3751330.06T0M
DVNI4Davenport 6N20 Mar 2022 11PM546733000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N21 Mar 2022 11PM597652000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N22 Mar 2022 11PM4959490.6300M
DVNI4Davenport 6N23 Mar 2022 11PM3751370.2600M
DVNI4Davenport 6N24 Mar 2022 11PM3841350.0400M
DVNI4Davenport 6N25 Mar 2022 12AM335033TT0M
DVNI4Davenport 6N26 Mar 2022 11PM253525000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N27 Mar 2022 11PM233719000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N28 Mar 2022 11PM344020000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N29 Mar 2022 11PM404230000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N30 Mar 2022 11PM4056380.7200M
DVNI4Davenport 6N31 Mar 2022 11PM3140310.220.90M
.A DVNI4 220331 C DH1900/PPQ T/SFQ T/SD 0/DC2203311853 Snow melted as it fell.
DVNI4Davenport 6N1 Apr 2022 11PM364727000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N2 Apr 2022 11PM3545350.32T0M
DVNI4Davenport 6N3 Apr 2022 11PM4452270.2300M
DVNI4Davenport 6N4 Apr 2022 11PM3846360.0200M
DVNI4Davenport 6N5 Apr 2022 11PM4651320.53000
DVNI4Davenport 6N6 Apr 2022 11PM4052400.01000
DVNI4Davenport 6N7 Apr 2022 11PM3443330.16T0M
.A DVNI4 220407 C DH1900/PPQ 0.15/SFQ T/SD 0/DC2204071910 Small hail in a heavy rain shower at 23z.
DVNI4Davenport 6N8 Apr 2022 11PM3438300.020.10M
DVNI4Davenport 6N9 Apr 2022 11PM3953280000
DVNI4Davenport 6N10 Apr 2022 11PM546935000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N11 Apr 2022 11PM4563420000
DVNI4Davenport 6N12 Apr 2022 11PM687338000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N13 Apr 2022 11PM3768370.57T00
.AR DVNI4 220413 C DH2400/TX 68/TN 37/TA 37/PP 0.57/SF T/SD 0/DC2204300059 small hail this afternoon
DVNI4Davenport 6N14 Apr 2022 11PM395031000M
.A DVNI4 220414 C DH0700/PP 0.52/PPQ 0.00/SF T/SD 0/SFQ 0.0/DC2204140702 Thunderstorm with BB size hail about 230 pm April 13.
DVNI4Davenport 6N15 Apr 2022 11PM354833TT0M
.A DVNI4 220415 C DH1900/PPQ T/SFQ T/SD 0/DC2204151859 Observed Graupel
DVNI4Davenport 6N16 Apr 2022 11PM3047260000
DVNI4Davenport 6N17 Apr 2022 11PM3245270.110.200
DVNI4Davenport 6N18 Apr 2022 11PM2940290.010.100
DVNI4Davenport 6N19 Apr 2022 11PM485024000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N20 Apr 2022 11PM4951440.7100M
DVNI4Davenport 6N21 Apr 2022 11PM5568420.0500M
DVNI4Davenport 6N22 Apr 2022 11PM7071500.69000
DVNI4Davenport 6N23 Apr 2022 11PM618361T00M
DVNI4Davenport 6N24 Apr 2022 11PM4665460.2200M
DVNI4Davenport 6N25 Apr 2022 11PM334633000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N26 Apr 2022 11PM385329000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N27 Apr 2022 11PM385933T00M
DVNI4Davenport 6N28 Apr 2022 11PM5363370.02000
DVNI4Davenport 6N29 Apr 2022 11PM5764510.02000
DVNI4Davenport 6N30 Apr 2022 11PM5172510.1300M
DVNI4Davenport 6N1 May 2022 11PM465144T00M
DVNI4Davenport 6N2 May 2022 11PM4856430.0100M
DVNI4Davenport 6N3 May 2022 11PM4350420.8400M
DVNI4Davenport 6N4 May 2022 11PM516037000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N5 May 2022 11PM5157480.04000
DVNI4Davenport 6N6 May 2022 11PM4758470.05000
DVNI4Davenport 6N7 May 2022 11PM536942000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N8 May 2022 11PM646949T00M
DVNI4Davenport 6N9 May 2022 11PM768759000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N10 May 2022 11PM769172000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N11 May 2022 11PM8294720000
DVNI4Davenport 6N12 May 2022 11PM799576000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N13 May 2022 11PM679167T00M
DVNI4Davenport 6N14 May 2022 11PM698861T000
DVNI4Davenport 6N15 May 2022 11PM5570540.05000
DVNI4Davenport 6N16 May 2022 11PM5781470000
DVNI4Davenport 6N17 May 2022 11PM6071490.0600M
DVNI4Davenport 6N18 May 2022 11PM6375530.1300M
DVNI4Davenport 6N19 May 2022 11PM718761000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N20 May 2022 11PM577557T00M
DVNI4Davenport 6N21 May 2022 11PM4867460.0100M
DVNI4Davenport 6N22 May 2022 11PM506938000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N23 May 2022 11PM546746000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N24 May 2022 11PM5170500.1700M
DVNI4Davenport 6N25 May 2022 11PM6475501.1500M
DVNI4Davenport 6N26 May 2022 11PM5978590.200M
DVNI4Davenport 6N27 May 2022 11PM5668560.0200M
DVNI4Davenport 6N28 May 2022 11PM687753000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N29 May 2022 11PM758764000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N30 May 2022 11PM788871000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N31 May 2022 11PM7182700.0500M
DVNI4Davenport 6N1 Jun 2022 11PM6177600.0100M
DVNI4Davenport 6N2 Jun 2022 11PM638052000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N3 Jun 2022 11PM598354000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N4 Jun 2022 11PM5877560.04000
DVNI4Davenport 6N5 Jun 2022 11PM658456T000
DVNI4Davenport 6N6 Jun 2022 11PM6381630.36000
DVNI4Davenport 6N7 Jun 2022 11PM708060T00M
DVNI4Davenport 6N8 Jun 2022 11PM5873580.2000
DVNI4Davenport 6N9 Jun 2022 11PM6781540000
DVNI4Davenport 6N10 Jun 2022 11PM6169600.29000
DVNI4Davenport 6N11 Jun 2022 11PM6676560.700M
DVNI4Davenport 6N12 Jun 2022 11PM6984640.1300M
DVNI4Davenport 6N13 Jun 2022 11PM839263T00M
DVNI4Davenport 6N14 Jun 2022 11PM839679000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N15 Jun 2022 11PM7094700.34T0M
DVNI4Davenport 6N16 Jun 2022 11PM689166000M
.A DVNI4 220616 C DH0100/PPQ 0.34/SFQ T/SD 0/DC2206160104 Few hailstones
DVNI4Davenport 6N17 Jun 2022 11PM708765000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N18 Jun 2022 11PM628160000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N19 Jun 2022 11PM708653000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N20 Jun 2022 11PM759264000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N21 Jun 2022 11PM7496700.3200M
DVNI4Davenport 6N22 Jun 2022 11PM708768000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N23 Jun 2022 11PM7290650000
DVNI4Davenport 6N24 Jun 2022 11PM7287670000
DVNI4Davenport 6N25 Jun 2022 11PM6984652.1700M
DVNI4Davenport 6N26 Jun 2022 11PM557655000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N27 Jun 2022 11PM668052000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N28 Jun 2022 11PM718360000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N29 Jun 2022 11PM778967000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N30 Jun 2022 11PM778970000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N1 Jul 2022 11PM628062T000
DVNI4Davenport 6N2 Jul 2022 11PM678359000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N3 Jul 2022 11PM698662000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N4 Jul 2022 11PM8287691.2200M
DVNI4Davenport 6N5 Jul 2022 11PM7196710.0700M
DVNI4Davenport 6N6 Jul 2022 11PM738469000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N7 Jul 2022 11PM748169T00M
DVNI4Davenport 6N8 Jul 2022 11PM6877670.700M
DVNI4Davenport 6N9 Jul 2022 11PM668261000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N10 Jul 2022 11PM738361000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N11 Jul 2022 11PM6785670.6500M
DVNI4Davenport 6N12 Jul 2022 11PM678261000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N13 Jul 2022 11PM698463000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N14 Jul 2022 11PM728363000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N15 Jul 2022 11PM7080680.94000
DVNI4Davenport 6N16 Jul 2022 11PM707669T00M
DVNI4Davenport 6N17 Jul 2022 11PM678366T00M
DVNI4Davenport 6N18 Jul 2022 11PM748563000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N19 Jul 2022 11PM808870000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N20 Jul 2022 11PM668466000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N21 Jul 2022 11PM639062000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N22 Jul 2022 11PM788860000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N23 Jul 2022 11PM8594700.2200M
DVNI4Davenport 6N24 Jul 2022 11PM6486640.18000
DVNI4Davenport 6N25 Jul 2022 11PM6578590000
DVNI4Davenport 6N26 Jul 2022 11PM6980620000
DVNI4Davenport 6N27 Jul 2022 11PM708368T000
.A DVNI4 220727 C DH1300/PPQ T/SFQ 0.0/SD 0/SW 0.0/DC2207271254 Sprinkles observed about 1236 pm.
DVNI4Davenport 6N28 Jul 2022 11PM587858T00M
DVNI4Davenport 6N29 Jul 2022 11PM617954000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N30 Jul 2022 11PM708356000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N31 Jul 2022 11PM748361000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N1 Aug 2022 11PM6885670.0400M
DVNI4Davenport 6N2 Aug 2022 11PM7786660.25T0M
DVNI4Davenport 6N3 Aug 2022 11PM7385730.2200M
DVNI4Davenport 6N4 Aug 2022 11PM718664000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N5 Aug 2022 11PM778866000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N6 Aug 2022 11PM839173000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N7 Aug 2022 11PM8083730.8100M
DVNI4Davenport 6N8 Aug 2022 11PM6481640.1300M
DVNI4Davenport 6N9 Aug 2022 11PM627959000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N10 Aug 2022 11PM678255000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N11 Aug 2022 11PM647963000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N12 Aug 2022 11PM667256T00M
DVNI4Davenport 6N13 Aug 2022 11PM708666000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N14 Aug 2022 11PM677466T00M
DVNI4Davenport 6N15 Aug 2022 11PM667861000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N16 Aug 2022 11PM6482610000
DVNI4Davenport 6N17 Aug 2022 11PM5981560000
DVNI4Davenport 6N18 Aug 2022 11PM7082560000
DVNI4Davenport 6N19 Aug 2022 11PM6584630.15000
DVNI4Davenport 6N20 Aug 2022 11PM6778630.76000
DVNI4Davenport 6N21 Aug 2022 11PM6078600000
DVNI4Davenport 6N22 Aug 2022 11PM628157000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N23 Aug 2022 11PM628259000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N24 Aug 2022 11PM748460000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N25 Aug 2022 11PM6680660.7100M
DVNI4Davenport 6N26 Aug 2022 11PM658064000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N27 Aug 2022 11PM728563000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N28 Aug 2022 11PM7484690.1800M
DVNI4Davenport 6N29 Aug 2022 11PM6382620.25000
DVNI4Davenport 6N30 Aug 2022 11PM567756000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N31 Aug 2022 11PM698354000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N1 Sep 2022 11PM738563000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N2 Sep 2022 11PM718668000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N3 Sep 2022 11PM6680661.6100M
DVNI4Davenport 6N4 Sep 2022 11PM6573610.0100M
DVNI4Davenport 6N5 Sep 2022 11PM637462000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N6 Sep 2022 7AM638058000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N7 Sep 2022 11PM618259000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N8 Sep 2022 11PM678360000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N9 Sep 2022 11PM688358000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N10 Sep 2022 11PM6081600.3500M
DVNI4Davenport 6N11 Sep 2022 11PM5569511.2900M
DVNI4Davenport 6N12 Sep 2022 11PM546454T00M
DVNI4Davenport 6N13 Sep 2022 11PM557747000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N14 Sep 2022 11PM628152000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N15 Sep 2022 11PM698358000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N16 Sep 2022 11PM738464000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N17 Sep 2022 11PM7174670.59000
DVNI4Davenport 6N18 Sep 2022 11PM6885660.94T00
.AR DVNI4 220918 C DH2400/TX 85/TN 66/TA 68/PP 0.94/SF T/SD 0/DC2209191447 Corrected to add thunderstorm and hail
DVNI4Davenport 6N19 Sep 2022 11PM7082640000
DVNI4Davenport 6N20 Sep 2022 11PM789466000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N21 Sep 2022 11PM568356T00M
DVNI4Davenport 6N22 Sep 2022 11PM5266470000
DVNI4Davenport 6N23 Sep 2022 11PM5158490.01000
DVNI4Davenport 6N24 Sep 2022 11PM586751000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N25 Sep 2022 11PM497549000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N26 Sep 2022 11PM4165390000
DVNI4Davenport 6N27 Sep 2022 11PM376535T00M
DVNI4Davenport 6N28 Sep 2022 11PM426234000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N29 Sep 2022 11PM466639000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N30 Sep 2022 11PM497041000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N1 Oct 2022 11PM537244000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N2 Oct 2022 11PM527350000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N3 Oct 2022 11PM517146000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N4 Oct 2022 11PM527542000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N5 Oct 2022 6AM537744000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N6 Oct 2022 6AM4575430.0800M
DVNI4Davenport 6N7 Oct 2022 11PM405739000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N8 Oct 2022 11PM446031000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N9 Oct 2022 7AM487140000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N10 Oct 2022 11PM517538000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N11 Oct 2022 6AM646550000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N12 Oct 2022 6AM4066400.29000
DVNI4Davenport 6N13 Oct 2022 6AM3551340.0300M
DVNI4Davenport 6N14 Oct 2022 6AM345932000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N15 Oct 2022 6AM415627T00M
DVNI4Davenport 6N16 Oct 2022 11PM355634000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N17 Oct 2022 6AM334529000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N18 Oct 2022 6AM264922TT0M
.A DVNI4 221018 C DH0700/PP T/PPQ 0.00/SF T/SD 0/SFQ 0.0/GD 0/GT 0/DC2210180630 First snow of the season
DVNI4Davenport 6N19 Oct 2022 11PM384919000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N20 Oct 2022 1AM4368320000
DVNI4Davenport 6N21 Oct 2022 11PM648041000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N22 Oct 2022 11PM6582590000
DVNI4Davenport 6N23 Oct 2022 6AM677760000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N24 Oct 2022 6AM5073500.0700M
DVNI4Davenport 6N25 Oct 2022 6AM4250410.1200M
DVNI4Davenport 6N26 Oct 2022 6AM3855330.4100M
DVNI4Davenport 6N27 Oct 2022 11PM415637000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N28 Oct 2022 11PM416035000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N29 Oct 2022 11PM506334000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N30 Oct 2022 7AM5162440000
DVNI4Davenport 6N31 Oct 2022 7AM456741T000
DVNI4Davenport 6N1 Nov 2022 11PM5571400000
DVNI4Davenport 6N2 Nov 2022 11PM617642000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N3 Nov 2022 11PM657457000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N4 Nov 2022 7AM5471520000
.A DVNI4 221104 C DH1300/PPQ 0.09/SFQ 0.0/SD 0/SW 0.0/DC2211041303 Thunderstorms.
DVNI4Davenport 6N5 Nov 2022 7AM4364422.0600M
DVNI4Davenport 6N6 Nov 2022 6AM3859370.2800M
DVNI4Davenport 6N7 Nov 2022 11PM3751320000
DVNI4Davenport 6N8 Nov 2022 11PM525636000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N9 Nov 2022 11PM687650000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N10 Nov 2022 6AM397539000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N11 Nov 2022 6AM2839250.26T0M
.A DVNI4 221111 C DH0600/PP 0.26/PPQ 0.12/SF T/SD 0/SFQ T/DC2211110553 rain mixed with sleet.
DVNI4Davenport 6N12 Nov 2022 11PM273127TT0M
DVNI4Davenport 6N13 Nov 2022 6AM243419TT0M
DVNI4Davenport 6N14 Nov 2022 11PM344122000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N15 Nov 2022 6AM3235300.010.2TM
.A DVNI4 221115 C DH1200/PPQ 0.03/SFQ 0.6/SD 0/DC2211151154 Melted as it fell; max depth 1 inch at 15z.
DVNI4Davenport 6N16 Nov 2022 6AM2632260.070.9TM
DVNI4Davenport 6N17 Nov 2022 6AM2432210.010.1TM
DVNI4Davenport 6N18 Nov 2022 6AM172517T0.4TM
DVNI4Davenport 6N19 Nov 2022 11PM102610TT0M
DVNI4Davenport 6N20 Nov 2022 6AM343810TT00
DVNI4Davenport 6N21 Nov 2022 11PM254624000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N22 Nov 2022 11PM385321000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N23 Nov 2022 11PM4457330000
DVNI4Davenport 6N24 Nov 2022 11PM315631T00M
DVNI4Davenport 6N25 Nov 2022 11PM375124000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N26 Nov 2022 11PM425532000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N27 Nov 2022 11PM2945280.0500M
DVNI4Davenport 6N28 Nov 2022 11PM3748240000
DVNI4Davenport 6N29 Nov 2022 11PM2258220.01000
DVNI4Davenport 6N30 Nov 2022 11PM142814000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N1 Dec 2022 11PM353712000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N2 Dec 2022 11PM295629TT0M
.A DVNI4 221202 C DH2400/PPQ T/SFQ T/SD 0/DC2212030007 Observed a few flakes just before midnight.
DVNI4Davenport 6N3 Dec 2022 11PM172913000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N4 Dec 2022 11PM274117000M
DVNI4Davenport 6N5 Dec 2022 6AMMMM000M

Errors exist in this dataset and you should evaluate the observations before using...