This page presents the raw observations of daily high and low temperature along with precipitation and snow when available. The dates shown are the date when the observation was reported. For observations made at 7 AM, this would be a for a 24 hour period up until that time and not for that local date. The timestamps shown are valid for the local timezone of that reporting station.

Hint: You should be able to highlight the values in the table and then copy + paste these values into a spreadsheet program like Excel. A download interface does exist for these observations.

COOP obs listed by station

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NWSLI: Site Name: Date: Temp at Ob Max Air Temp Min Air Temp Precip Snowfall Snow Depth Snow Water Equiv
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY1 Jan 2022 8AM-424-4T00M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY2 Jan 2022 8AM-8-1-9000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY3 Jan 2022 7AM817-8000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY4 Jan 2022 8AM30418000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY5 Jan 2022 8AM5374000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY6 Jan 2022 8AM-913-9000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY7 Jan 2022 8AM-72-9000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY8 Jan 2022 8AM1818-7000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY9 Jan 2022 8AM3332000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY10 Jan 2022 7AM4223000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY11 Jan 2022 8AM17174000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY12 Jan 2022 8AM345117000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY13 Jan 2022 7AM294926000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY14 Jan 2022 8AM2945280.050.61M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY15 Jan 2022 6AM53250.8910.311M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY16 Jan 2022 8AM1112-100011M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY17 Jan 2022 8AM23331100101.4
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY18 Jan 2022 6AM203316009M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY19 Jan 2022 7AM1421008M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY20 Jan 2022 7AM-154-15007M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY21 Jan 2022 7AM-14-2-19007M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY22 Jan 2022 8AM1426-15T0.27M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY23 Jan 2022 8AM-437-4TT7M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY24 Jan 2022 8AM2628-
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY25 Jan 2022 7AM-1226-13TT7M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY26 Jan 2022 8AM-113-20007M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY27 Jan 2022 7AM3131-11007M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY28 Jan 2022 8AM-1133-11TT6M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY29 Jan 2022 8AM717-11006M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY30 Jan 2022 7AM10337TT6M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY31 Jan 2022 7AM1420100061.1
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY1 Feb 2022 7AM313714006M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY2 Feb 2022 8AM-131-1005M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY3 Feb 2022 7AM-124-12005M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY4 Feb 2022 8AM25-12005M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY5 Feb 2022 8AM014-7T0.15M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY6 Feb 2022 8AM23390005M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY7 Feb 2022 8AM7303TT51
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY8 Feb 2022 8AM26267005M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY9 Feb 2022 7AM334426004M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY10 Feb 2022 8AM203720003M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY11 Feb 2022 7AM3640200.1402M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY12 Feb 2022 8AM-337-4TT2M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY13 Feb 2022 8AM-214-30.020.42M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY14 Feb 2022 8AM2121-20020.8
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY15 Feb 2022 7AM142211TT2M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY16 Feb 2022 6AM294414001M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY17 Feb 2022 8AM5295001M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY18 Feb 2022 8AM17175001M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY20 Feb 2022 8AM3636400TM
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY21 Feb 2022 9AM355428000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY22 Feb 2022 7AM1242120.020.2TM
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY23 Feb 2022 8AM-512-50.010.41M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY24 Feb 2022 8AM611-5001M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY25 Feb 2022 6AM31510.091.83M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY26 Feb 2022 8AM10161002M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY27 Feb 2022 8AM184210001M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY28 Feb 2022 7AM29481800TM
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY1 Mar 2022 9AM356028000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY2 Mar 2022 7AM285327000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY4 Mar 2022 7AM263526000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY5 Mar 2022 6AM4046260.0600M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY6 Mar 2022 7AM2450230.25TTM
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY8 Mar 2022 9AM323420000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY9 Mar 2022 8AM174517TT0M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY10 Mar 2022 8AM172414000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY11 Mar 2022 7AM152815000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY12 Mar 2022 8AM7182000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY13 Mar 2022 8AM29322000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY14 Mar 2022 8AM335929000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY15 Mar 2022 8AM235421000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY16 Mar 2022 8AM415623000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY17 Mar 2022 8AM357135000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY18 Mar 2022 8AM344534T00M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY19 Mar 2022 8AM274726T00M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY20 Mar 2022 7AM266126000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY21 Mar 2022 7AM566926000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY22 Mar 2022 8AM4172410.2600M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY23 Mar 2022 8AM3342320.67TTM
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY24 Mar 2022 8AM3235320.02T0M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY25 Mar 2022 8AM373932000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY26 Mar 2022 8AM234622000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY27 Mar 2022 7AM173516000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY28 Mar 2022 8AM223517000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY29 Mar 2022 7AM334522000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY30 Mar 2022 7AM354333T00M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY31 Mar 2022 8AM2935290.070.81M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY1 Apr 2022 8AM203217T01M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY2 Apr 2022 8AM3448180.480.2TM
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY3 Apr 2022 8AM345427T00M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY4 Apr 2022 8AM325131T00M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY5 Apr 2022 8AM355532000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY6 Apr 2022 8AM4151350.0900M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY7 Apr 2022 8AM3341330.0200M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY8 Apr 2022 8AM3238300.03T0M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY9 Apr 2022 8AM264724000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY10 Apr 2022 11AM485926000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY11 Apr 2022 8AM347133000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY12 Apr 2022 7AM466334000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY13 Apr 2022 8AM3368320.8300M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY14 Apr 2022 7AM254425T00M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY15 Apr 2022 8AM264325000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY16 Apr 2022 8AM244422000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY17 Apr 2022 8AM324424000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY18 Apr 2022 8AM2440230.231.51M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY19 Apr 2022 7AM224221000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY20 Apr 2022 8AM454522000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY21 Apr 2022 8AM3947340.4500M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY22 Apr 2022 8AM5063330.0300M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY23 Apr 2022 7AM6472500.1700M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY24 Apr 2022 8AM4676410.5600M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY25 Apr 2022 8AM325131000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY26 Apr 2022 7AM273925000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY27 Apr 2022 8AM375425000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY28 Apr 2022 8AM446134T00M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY29 Apr 2022 8AM5061410.2100M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY30 Apr 2022 8AM5656490.4200M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY1 May 2022 8AM4159400.1800M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY2 May 2022 8AM404939000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY3 May 2022 7AM3944390.6700M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY4 May 2022 8AM3452330.0500M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY5 May 2022 8AM475634T00M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY6 May 2022 8AM4857470.0300M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY7 May 2022 8AM487044000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY8 May 2022 8AM5272480.1700M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY9 May 2022 7AM6060520.3200M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY10 May 2022 6AM609258000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY11 May 2022 8AM678060000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY12 May 2022 8AM719167000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY13 May 2022 7AM6494600.1100M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY14 May 2022 8AM638052000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY15 May 2022 6AM518550000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY16 May 2022 7AM517650000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY17 May 2022 7AM548051000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY18 May 2022 7AM557054T00M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY19 May 2022 6AM5683550.0400M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY20 May 2022 6AM5290520.1500M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY21 May 2022 8AM446742000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY22 May 2022 8AM485636000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY23 May 2022 7AM456236000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY24 May 2022 7AM516545000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY25 May 2022 8AM4866460.6500M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY26 May 2022 8AM4854470.2300M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY27 May 2022 8AM515443T00M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY28 May 2022 7AM607746000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY29 May 2022 6AM668760T00M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY30 May 2022 8AM6682640.0700M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY31 May 2022 8AM628659T00M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY1 Jun 2022 7AM517748000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY2 Jun 2022 8AM577244000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY3 Jun 2022 7AM587950000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY4 Jun 2022 8AM6079540.1500M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY5 Jun 2022 8AM6167540.0200M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY6 Jun 2022 7AM6276590.2800M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY7 Jun 2022 7AM5871570.0100M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY8 Jun 2022 8AM6079580.0900M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY9 Jun 2022 8AM657756000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY10 Jun 2022 8AM6080600.1400M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY11 Jun 2022 8AM6477600.0200M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY12 Jun 2022 9AM7381640.0800M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY13 Jun 2022 7AM748866T00M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY14 Jun 2022 8AM7489730.0100M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY15 Jun 2022 6AM6795670.3600M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY16 Jun 2022 8AM6674601.9700M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY17 Jun 2022 7AM608858000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY18 Jun 2022 8AM738760000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY19 Jun 2022 8AM738666000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY20 Jun 2022 7AM779273000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY21 Jun 2022 7AM789475000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY22 Jun 2022 8AM678862000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY23 Jun 2022 8AM698662000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY24 Jun 2022 8AM708866000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY25 Jun 2022 7AM6786660.1400M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY26 Jun 2022 8AM628356T00M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY27 Jun 2022 7AM587651000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY28 Jun 2022 8AM618458000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY29 Jun 2022 7AM588756000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY30 Jun 2022 7AM759258000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY1 Jul 2022 7AM668765000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY2 Jul 2022 8AM728358000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY3 Jul 2022 7AM628658000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY4 Jul 2022 9AM6982600.7100M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY5 Jul 2022 7AM7490690.4600M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY6 Jul 2022 7AM6792650.4300M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY7 Jul 2022 7AM698167000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY8 Jul 2022 8AM758569T00M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY9 Jul 2022 7AM668465000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY10 Jul 2022 9AM698366000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY11 Jul 2022 8AM7087680.2900M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY12 Jul 2022 8AM6581620.0200M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY13 Jul 2022 7AM688263000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY14 Jul 2022 7AM678664000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY15 Jul 2022 8AM7489670.0200M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY16 Jul 2022 8AM698766000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY17 Jul 2022 8AM718067T00M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY18 Jul 2022 8AM708664000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY19 Jul 2022 8AM749064000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY20 Jul 2022 7AM669065T00M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY21 Jul 2022 8AM728665000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY22 Jul 2022 8AM6687640.0200M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY23 Jul 2022 8AM799165T00M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY24 Jul 2022 8AM6792660.4300M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY25 Jul 2022 8AM658056000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY26 Jul 2022 8AM637757T00M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY27 Jul 2022 7AM658358T00M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY28 Jul 2022 8AM6084580.1800M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY29 Jul 2022 7AM567755000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY30 Jul 2022 8AM758156000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY31 Jul 2022 8AM648357000M
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY1 Aug 2022 7AM6384620MMM
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY2 Aug 2022 7AM6787630MMM
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY3 Aug 2022 7AM7894670MMM
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY5 Aug 2022 8AM6485580MMM
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY6 Aug 2022 8AM7589640MMM
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY7 Aug 2022 8AM7292710.26MMM
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY8 Aug 2022 8AM6478620.26MMM
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY9 Aug 2022 7AM5377520MMM
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY10 Aug 2022 7AM5883530MMM
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY11 Aug 2022 7AM6587580MMM
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY12 Aug 2022 8AM6682640MMM
DAKI4DAKOTA CITY13 Aug 2022 7AM7082660MMM

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