This page presents the raw observations of daily high and low temperature along with precipitation and snow when available. The dates shown are the date when the observation was reported. For observations made at 7 AM, this would be a for a 24 hour period up until that time and not for that local date. The timestamps shown are valid for the local timezone of that reporting station.

Hint: You should be able to highlight the values in the table and then copy + paste these values into a spreadsheet program like Excel. A download interface does exist for these observations.

COOP obs listed by station

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NWSLI: Site Name: Date: Temp at Ob Max Air Temp Min Air Temp Precip Snowfall Snow Depth Snow Water Equiv
CRTI4CRESTON 2 SWNo Observation Reported for 2024-01-01
CRTI4CRESTON 2 SW2 Jan 2024 7AM233520MM0M
.AR CRTI4 240102 C DH0700/TX 35/TN 20/TA 23/DVD04/PPV 0.00/SFV 0.0/SD 0/DC2402041335
CRTI4CRESTON 2 SW3 Jan 2024 7AM204018000M
.AR CRTI4 240103 C DH0700/TX 40/TN 18/TA 20/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2402041335
CRTI4CRESTON 2 SW4 Jan 2024 7AM253520000M
.AR CRTI4 240104 C DH0700/TX 35/TN 20/TA 25/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2402041335
CRTI4CRESTON 2 SW5 Jan 2024 7AM233521000M
.AR CRTI4 240105 C DH0700/TX 35/TN 21/TA 23/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2402041335
CRTI4CRESTON 2 SWNo Observation Reported for 2024-01-06
CRTI4CRESTON 2 SWNo Observation Reported for 2024-01-07
CRTI4CRESTON 2 SW8 Jan 2024 7AM273022MM0M
.AR CRTI4 240108 C DH0700/TX 30/TN 22/TA 27/DVD03/PPV 0.06/SFV 0.7/SD 0/DC2402041335
CRTI4CRESTON 2 SW9 Jan 2024 7AM2833270.586.97M
.AR CRTI4 240109 C DH0700/TX 33/TN 27/TA 28/PP 0.58/SF 6.9/SD 7/DC2402041335
CRTI4CRESTON 2 SW10 Jan 2024 7AM112880.091.98M
.AR CRTI4 240110 C DH0700/TX 28/TN 8/TA 11/PP 0.09/SF 1.9/SD 8/DC2402041335
CRTI4CRESTON 2 SW11 Jan 2024 7AM2028110.010.38M
.AR CRTI4 240111 C DH0700/TX 28/TN 11/TA 20/PP 0.01/SF 0.3/SD 8/DC2402041335
CRTI4CRESTON 2 SW12 Jan 2024 7AM102390.37512M
.AR CRTI4 240112 C DH0700/TX 23/TN 9/TA 10/PP 0.37/SF 5.0/SD 12/DC2402041335
CRTI4CRESTON 2 SWNo Observation Reported for 2024-01-13
CRTI4CRESTON 2 SWNo Observation Reported for 2024-01-14
CRTI4CRESTON 2 SW15 Jan 2024 7AM-10-9-210014M
.AR CRTI4 240115 C DH0700/TX -9/TN -21/TA -10/DVD03/PPV 0.23/SFV 3.9/SD 14/DC2402041335
CRTI4CRESTON 2 SW16 Jan 2024 7AM-11-4-150014M
.AR CRTI4 240116 C DH0700/TX -4/TN -15/TA -11/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 14/DC2402041335
CRTI4CRESTON 2 SW17 Jan 2024 7AM77-110013M
.AR CRTI4 240117 C DH0700/TX 7/TN -11/TA 7/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 13/DC2402041335
CRTI4CRESTON 2 SW18 Jan 2024 7AM142470012M
.AR CRTI4 240118 C DH0700/TX 24/TN 7/TA 14/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 12/DC2402041335
CRTI4CRESTON 2 SW19 Jan 2024 7AM-622-60.193.715M
.AR CRTI4 240119 C DH0700/TX 22/TN -6/TA -6/PP 0.19/SF 3.7/SD 15/DC2402041335
CRTI4CRESTON 2 SWNo Observation Reported for 2024-01-20
CRTI4CRESTON 2 SWNo Observation Reported for 2024-01-21
CRTI4CRESTON 2 SW22 Jan 2024 7AM28294MM13M
.AR CRTI4 240122 C DH0700/TX 29/TN 4/TA 28/DVD03/PPV 0.00/SFV 0.0/SD 13/DC2402041335
CRTI4CRESTON 2 SW23 Jan 2024 7AM3032280.01011M
.AR CRTI4 240123 C DH0700/TX 32/TN 28/TA 30/PP 0.01/SF 0.0/SD 11/DC2402041335
CRTI4CRESTON 2 SW24 Jan 2024 7AM3133300.0809M
.AR CRTI4 240124 C DH0700/TX 33/TN 30/TA 31/PP 0.08/SF 0.0/SD 9/DC2402041335
CRTI4CRESTON 2 SW25 Jan 2024 7AM3235310.0507M
.AR CRTI4 240125 C DH0700/TX 35/TN 31/TA 32/PP 0.05/SF 0.0/SD 7/DC2402041335
CRTI4CRESTON 2 SW26 Jan 2024 7AM3235310.1605M
.AR CRTI4 240126 C DH0700/TX 35/TN 31/TA 32/PP 0.16/SF 0.0/SD 5/DC2402041335
CRTI4CRESTON 2 SWNo Observation Reported for 2024-01-27
CRTI4CRESTON 2 SWNo Observation Reported for 2024-01-28
CRTI4CRESTON 2 SW29 Jan 2024 7AM294525MM3M
.AR CRTI4 240129 C DH0700/TX 45/TN 25/TA 29/DVD03/PPV 0.00/SFV 0.0/SD 3/DC2402041335
CRTI4CRESTON 2 SW30 Jan 2024 7AM284928002M
.AR CRTI4 240130 C DH0700/TX 49/TN 28/TA 28/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 2/DC2402041335
CRTI4CRESTON 2 SW31 Jan 2024 7AM264022001M
.AR CRTI4 240131 C DH0700/TX 40/TN 22/TA 26/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 1/DC2402041335
CRTI4CRESTON 2 SW1 Feb 2024 7AM385425000M
.A CRTI4 240201 C DH0700/TX 54/TN 25/TA 38/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2402020608
CRTI4CRESTON 2 SW2 Feb 2024 7AM385337000M
.A CRTI4 240202 C DH0700/TX 53/TN 37/TA 38/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2402050752
CRTI4CRESTON 2 SWNo Observation Reported for 2024-02-03
CRTI4CRESTON 2 SWNo Observation Reported for 2024-02-04
CRTI4CRESTON 2 SW5 Feb 2024 7AM254825MM0M
.A CRTI4 240205 C DH0700/TX 48/TN 25/TA 25/DVD03/PPV 0.00/SFV 0.0/SD 0/DC2402050752
CRTI4CRESTON 2 SW6 Feb 2024 7AM285625000M
.A CRTI4 240206 C DH0700/TX 56/TN 25/TA 28/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2402060809
CRTI4CRESTON 2 SW7 Feb 2024 7AM415428000M
.A CRTI4 240207 C DH0700/TX 54/TN 28/TA 41/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2402070813
CRTI4CRESTON 2 SW8 Feb 2024 7AM455840000M
.A CRTI4 240208 C DH0700/TX 58/TN 40/TA 45/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2402090602
CRTI4CRESTON 2 SW9 Feb 2024 7AM286028000M
.A CRTI4 240209 C DH0700/TX 60/TN 28/TA 28/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2402090903
CRTI4CRESTON 2 SWNo Observation Reported for 2024-02-10
CRTI4CRESTON 2 SWNo Observation Reported for 2024-02-11
CRTI4CRESTON 2 SW12 Feb 2024 7AM214618MM0M
.A CRTI4 240212 C DH0700/TX 46/TN 18/TA 21/DVD03/PPV 0.00/SFV 0.0/SD 0/DC2402140601
CRTI4CRESTON 2 SW13 Feb 2024 7AM334921000M
.A CRTI4 240213 C DH0700/TX 49/TN 21/TA 33/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2402140601
CRTI4CRESTON 2 SW14 Feb 2024 7AM285128000M
.A CRTI4 240214 C DH0700/TX 51/TN 28/TA 28/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2402140754
CRTI4CRESTON 2 SW15 Feb 2024 7AM2256220.0300M
.A CRTI4 240215 C DH0700/TX 56/TN 22/TA 22/PP 0.03/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2402150808
CRTI4CRESTON 2 SW16 Feb 2024 7AM2241220.050.20M
.A CRTI4 240216 C DH0700/TX 41/TN 22/TA 22/PP 0.05/SF 0.2/SD 0/DC2402161035
CRTI4CRESTON 2 SWNo Observation Reported for 2024-02-17
CRTI4CRESTON 2 SWNo Observation Reported for 2024-02-18
CRTI4CRESTON 2 SW19 Feb 2024 7AM2446MMM0M
.A CRTI4 240219 C DH0700/TX 46/TN 5/TA 24/DVD03/PPV 0.00/SFV 0.0/SD 0/DC2402190754
CRTI4CRESTON 2 SW20 Feb 2024 7AM275524000M
.A CRTI4 240220 C DH0700/TX 55/TN 24/TA 27/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2402200813
CRTI4CRESTON 2 SW21 Feb 2024 7AM366327000M
.A CRTI4 240221 C DH0700/TX 63/TN 27/TA 36/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2402220605
CRTI4CRESTON 2 SW22 Feb 2024 7AM406536000M
.A CRTI4 240222 C DH0700/TX 65/TN 36/TA 40/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2402220727
CRTI4CRESTON 2 SW23 Feb 2024 7AM276327000M
.A CRTI4 240223 C DH0700/TX 63/TN 27/TA 27/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2402230753
CRTI4CRESTON 2 SWNo Observation Reported for 2024-02-24
CRTI4CRESTON 2 SWNo Observation Reported for 2024-02-25
CRTI4CRESTON 2 SW26 Feb 2024 7AM396918MM0M
.A CRTI4 240226 C DH0700/TX 69/TN 18/TA 39/DVD03/PPV 0.00/SFV 0.0/SD 0/DC2402280603
CRTI4CRESTON 2 SW27 Feb 2024 7AM407539000M
.A CRTI4 240227 C DH0700/TX 75/TN 39/TA 40/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2402280603
CRTI4CRESTON 2 SWNo Observation Reported for 2024-02-28

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