This page presents the raw observations of daily high and low temperature along with precipitation and snow when available. The dates shown are the date when the observation was reported. For observations made at 7 AM, this would be a for a 24 hour period up until that time and not for that local date. The timestamps shown are valid for the local timezone of that reporting station.

Hint: You should be able to highlight the values in the table and then copy + paste these values into a spreadsheet program like Excel. A download interface does exist for these observations.

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NWSLI: Site Name: Date: Temp at Ob Max Air Temp Min Air Temp Precip Snowfall Snow Depth Snow Water Equiv
CINI4CARROLL1 Jan 2022 7AM-128-1T000
CINI4CARROLL2 Jan 2022 7AM-72-80.010.3T0
CINI4CARROLL3 Jan 2022 7AM1214-700T0
CINI4CARROLL4 Jan 2022 7AM3137120000
CINI4CARROLL5 Jan 2022 7AM33930000
.A CINI4 220105 C DH0700/TX 39/TN 3/TA 3/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/SW 0.0/DC2201050701 Wind chill -22, NW winds gusting up to 40mph
CINI4CARROLL6 Jan 2022 7AM-413-40000
.A CINI4 220106 C DH0700/TX 13/TN -4/TA -4/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/SW 0.0/DC2201060700 Wind chill at -28 at 7am
CINI4CARROLL7 Jan 2022 7AM23-40000
CINI4CARROLL8 Jan 2022 7AM2020-20000
CINI4CARROLL9 Jan 2022 7AM53450000
CINI4CARROLL10 Jan 2022 7AM62650000
CINI4CARROLL11 Jan 2022 7AM212250000
CINI4CARROLL12 Jan 2022 7AM3751210000
CINI4CARROLL13 Jan 2022 7AM315524T000
CINI4CARROLL14 Jan 2022 7AM2948260.050.51M
.AR CINI4 220114 C DH0700/TX 48/TN 26/TA 29/PP 0.05/SF 0.5/SD 1/DC2202070531 Light "glaze" on the ground.
CINI4CARROLL15 Jan 2022 7AM73270.676.270.6
CINI4CARROLL16 Jan 2022 7AM1313-50060.6
CINI4CARROLL17 Jan 2022 7AM2236110050.5
CINI4CARROLL18 Jan 2022 7AM2937180040.5
CINI4CARROLL19 Jan 2022 7AM64560030.4
CINI4CARROLL20 Jan 2022 7AM-711-7003M
CINI4CARROLL21 Jan 2022 7AM-310-11003M
CINI4CARROLL22 Jan 2022 7AM2126-7TT30
CINI4CARROLL23 Jan 2022 7AM5425T030
CINI4CARROLL24 Jan 2022 7AM32344TT3M
CINI4CARROLL25 Jan 2022 7AM-432-7002M
CINI4CARROLL26 Jan 2022 7AM-216-10002M
CINI4CARROLL27 Jan 2022 7AM2930-6002M
CINI4CARROLL28 Jan 2022 7AM-335-50.010.22M
CINI4CARROLL29 Jan 2022 7AM1525-5002M
CINI4CARROLL30 Jan 2022 7AM164515001M
CINI4CARROLL31 Jan 2022 7AM182616001M
CINI4CARROLL1 Feb 2022 7AM34471700TM
CINI4CARROLL2 Feb 2022 7AM434400TM
CINI4CARROLL3 Feb 2022 7AM-712-7000M
CINI4CARROLL4 Feb 2022 7AM78-7000M
CINI4CARROLL5 Feb 2022 7AM52220000
CINI4CARROLL6 Feb 2022 7AM27465000M
CINI4CARROLL7 Feb 2022 7AM123810000M
CINI4CARROLL8 Feb 2022 7AM344812000M
CINI4CARROLL9 Feb 2022 7AM375530000M
CINI4CARROLL10 Feb 2022 7AM204620000M
CINI4CARROLL11 Feb 2022 7AM4046180.1400M
CINI4CARROLL12 Feb 2022 7AM14010000
CINI4CARROLL13 Feb 2022 7AM42000000
CINI4CARROLL14 Feb 2022 7AM21223000M
CINI4CARROLL15 Feb 2022 7AM162915000M
CINI4CARROLL16 Feb 2022 7AM325416000M
CINI4CARROLL17 Feb 2022 7AM8358000M
CINI4CARROLL18 Feb 2022 7AM19216000M
CINI4CARROLL19 Feb 2022 7AM6564000M
CINI4CARROLL20 Feb 2022 7AM24386000M
CINI4CARROLL21 Feb 2022 7AM2463230000
.A CINI4 220221 C DH0700/TX 63/TN 23/TA 24/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/SW 0.0/DC2202210700 New record hi temp for Feb 20th.
CINI4CARROLL22 Feb 2022 7AM115411TTT0
CINI4CARROLL23 Feb 2022 7AM-312-3TTT0
.AR CINI4 220223 C DH0700/TX 12/TN -3/TA -3/PP T/SF T/SD T/SW 0.0/DC2203141027 -25 wind chill at 7am
CINI4CARROLL24 Feb 2022 7AM513-30000
CINI4CARROLL25 Feb 2022 7AM-215-20.051.62M
CINI4CARROLL26 Feb 2022 7AM1318-20010
CINI4CARROLL27 Feb 2022 7AM16431300TM
CINI4CARROLL28 Feb 2022 7AM3053160000
CINI4CARROLL1 Mar 2022 7AM3766280000
.AR CINI4 220301 C DH0700/TX 66/TN 28/TA 37/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/SW 0.0/DC2204091544 66 is a new record hi temp for Feb 28th
CINI4CARROLL2 Mar 2022 7AM366531T000
CINI4CARROLL3 Mar 2022 7AM276927TT00
CINI4CARROLL4 Mar 2022 7AM254125000M
CINI4CARROLL5 Mar 2022 7AM4757250.21000
CINI4CARROLL6 Mar 2022 7AM2459230.22000
CINI4CARROLL7 Mar 2022 7AM2233220.091.310.1
CINI4CARROLL8 Mar 2022 7AM21361600T0
CINI4CARROLL9 Mar 2022 7AM2046200000
CINI4CARROLL10 Mar 2022 7AM1726170000
CINI4CARROLL11 Mar 2022 7AM1529150000
CINI4CARROLL12 Mar 2022 7AM42120000
CINI4CARROLL13 Mar 2022 7AM28323000M
CINI4CARROLL14 Mar 2022 7AM4062280000
CINI4CARROLL15 Mar 2022 7AM2958260000
CINI4CARROLL16 Mar 2022 7AM4359250000
CINI4CARROLL17 Mar 2022 7AM427237T000
CINI4CARROLL18 Mar 2022 7AM3545350.320.300
.AR CINI4 220318 C DH0700/TX 45/TN 35/TA 35/PP 0.32/SF 0.3/SD 0/SW 0.0/DC2204091544 Lt rain at observation time
CINI4CARROLL19 Mar 2022 7AM2547250.06TT0
CINI4CARROLL20 Mar 2022 7AM316024000M
CINI4CARROLL21 Mar 2022 7AM5672310000
CINI4CARROLL22 Mar 2022 7AM4372430.42000
CINI4CARROLL23 Mar 2022 7AM3343330.33000
CINI4CARROLL24 Mar 2022 7AM3437330.01T00
CINI4CARROLL25 Mar 2022 7AM3740330000
CINI4CARROLL26 Mar 2022 7AM2550250000
CINI4CARROLL27 Mar 2022 7AM1841180000
CINI4CARROLL28 Mar 2022 7AM2239180000
CINI4CARROLL29 Mar 2022 7AM3548220000
CINI4CARROLL30 Mar 2022 7AM3554330.08000
CINI4CARROLL31 Mar 2022 7AM2937290.091.110.1
CINI4CARROLL1 Apr 2022 7AM1633150010.1
CINI4CARROLL2 Apr 2022 7AM3554150.23000
CINI4CARROLL3 Apr 2022 7AM3157300000
CINI4CARROLL4 Apr 2022 7AM3356310000
CINI4CARROLL5 Apr 2022 7AM4158320000
CINI4CARROLL6 Apr 2022 7AM3957380.04000
CINI4CARROLL7 Apr 2022 7AM3645350000
.A CINI4 220407 C DH0700/TX 45/TN 35/TA 36/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/SW 0.0/DC2204070700 wind gusts to 42mph
CINI4CARROLL8 Apr 2022 7AM3340300.02T00
CINI4CARROLL9 Apr 2022 7AM244822000M
CINI4CARROLL10 Apr 2022 7AM4060240000
CINI4CARROLL11 Apr 2022 7AM347034000M
CINI4CARROLL12 Apr 2022 7AM466534000M
CINI4CARROLL13 Apr 2022 7AM3282320.2000
.A CINI4 220413 C DH0700/TX 82/TN 32/TA 32/PP 0.20/SF 0.0/SD 0/SW 0.0/DC2204130709 Tornado in Carrol County last night
CINI4CARROLL14 Apr 2022 7AM284727000M
CINI4CARROLL15 Apr 2022 7AM264826000M
CINI4CARROLL16 Apr 2022 7AM2447240000
CINI4CARROLL17 Apr 2022 7AM3348240000
CINI4CARROLL18 Apr 2022 7AM2634250.222.22M
CINI4CARROLL19 Apr 2022 7AM2346190000
CINI4CARROLL20 Apr 2022 7AM4848230000
CINI4CARROLL21 Apr 2022 7AM3650330.23000
.AR CINI4 220421 C DH0700/TX 50/TN 33/TA 36/PP 0.23/SF 0.0/SD 0/SW 0.0/DC2205210925 Dense fog, visibility extremely poor
CINI4CARROLL22 Apr 2022 7AM5165350.13000
CINI4CARROLL23 Apr 2022 7AM6779510.15000
CINI4CARROLL24 Apr 2022 7AM4377420.0200M
CINI4CARROLL25 Apr 2022 7AM3354330000
CINI4CARROLL26 Apr 2022 7AM2647230000
CINI4CARROLL27 Apr 2022 7AM3665260000
CINI4CARROLL28 Apr 2022 7AM4268360000
CINI4CARROLL29 Apr 2022 7AM5373420.41000
CINI4CARROLL30 Apr 2022 7AM5563520.43000
CINI4CARROLL1 May 2022 7AM4357420.0100M
CINI4CARROLL2 May 2022 7AM425441000M
CINI4CARROLL3 May 2022 7AM3944391.1300M
CINI4CARROLL4 May 2022 7AM4152360.04000
CINI4CARROLL5 May 2022 7AM4858410.03000
CINI4CARROLL6 May 2022 7AM4859470.01000
CINI4CARROLL7 May 2022 7AM4871470000
CINI4CARROLL8 May 2022 7AM5474480.07000
CINI4CARROLL9 May 2022 7AM6363530.61000
CINI4CARROLL10 May 2022 7AM6194590000
.A CINI4 220510 C DH0700/TX 94/TN 59/TA 61/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/SW 0.0/DC2205100705 94 tied the record high set in 1934
CINI4CARROLL11 May 2022 7AM6982610000
CINI4CARROLL12 May 2022 7AM7193660000
.AR CINI4 220512 C DH0700/TX 93/TN 66/TA 71/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/SW 0.0/DC2206202117 93 tied a record high set in 2000
CINI4CARROLL13 May 2022 7AM6395600.15000
.AR CINI4 220513 C DH0700/TX 95/TN 60/TA 63/PP 0.15/SF 0.0/SD 0/SW 0.0/DC2206202117 95 is a new hi temp record!
CINI4CARROLL14 May 2022 7AM608050000M
CINI4CARROLL15 May 2022 7AM5485540.04000
CINI4CARROLL16 May 2022 7AM547452T000
CINI4CARROLL17 May 2022 7AM5682540000
CINI4CARROLL18 May 2022 7AM5872561.33000
CINI4CARROLL19 May 2022 7AM5983540000
CINI4CARROLL20 May 2022 7AM5491540.02000
CINI4CARROLL21 May 2022 7AM466945000M
CINI4CARROLL22 May 2022 7AM425836000M
CINI4CARROLL23 May 2022 7AM4664390000
CINI4CARROLL24 May 2022 7AM5166460000
CINI4CARROLL25 May 2022 7AM4962480.75000
CINI4CARROLL26 May 2022 7AM4854480.74000
CINI4CARROLL27 May 2022 7AM4656440000
CINI4CARROLL28 May 2022 7AM6579460000
CINI4CARROLL29 May 2022 7AM6888650.01000
CINI4CARROLL30 May 2022 7AM7487660000
CINI4CARROLL31 May 2022 7AM5987590.1000
CINI4CARROLL1 Jun 2022 7AM5177510000
CINI4CARROLL2 Jun 2022 7AM5172470000
CINI4CARROLL3 Jun 2022 7AM5579490000
CINI4CARROLL4 Jun 2022 7AM608155T00M
CINI4CARROLL5 Jun 2022 7AM6072540.0600M
CINI4CARROLL6 Jun 2022 7AM6382600.91000
CINI4CARROLL7 Jun 2022 7AM6074570.14000
CINI4CARROLL8 Jun 2022 7AM6279600.22000
CINI4CARROLL9 Jun 2022 7AM5878570000
CINI4CARROLL10 Jun 2022 7AM6378580.1000
CINI4CARROLL11 Jun 2022 7AM6578630000
CINI4CARROLL12 Jun 2022 7AM7087630.1800M
CINI4CARROLL13 Jun 2022 7AM7690690.05000
CINI4CARROLL14 Jun 2022 7AM819876T000
.AR CINI4 220614 C DH0700/TX 98/TN 76/TA 81/PP T/SF 0.0/SD 0/SW 0.0/DC2207131646 New record Hi temp for June 13th at 98 degrees
CINI4CARROLL15 Jun 2022 7AM6796660.52000
CINI4CARROLL16 Jun 2022 7AM6675620.27000
CINI4CARROLL17 Jun 2022 7AM6590620000
CINI4CARROLL18 Jun 2022 7AM6889650000
CINI4CARROLL19 Jun 2022 7AM7091680000
CINI4CARROLL20 Jun 2022 7AM7694700000
CINI4CARROLL21 Jun 2022 7AM799576T000
CINI4CARROLL22 Jun 2022 7AM6789640000
CINI4CARROLL23 Jun 2022 7AM6887630000
CINI4CARROLL24 Jun 2022 7AM6987620000
CINI4CARROLL25 Jun 2022 7AM708769000M
CINI4CARROLL26 Jun 2022 7AM6086570000
CINI4CARROLL27 Jun 2022 7AM5778500000
CINI4CARROLL28 Jun 2022 7AM6484550000
CINI4CARROLL29 Jun 2022 7AM6688590000
CINI4CARROLL30 Jun 2022 7AM7593660000
CINI4CARROLL1 Jul 2022 7AM6991670000
CINI4CARROLL2 Jul 2022 7AM618056T000
CINI4CARROLL3 Jul 2022 7AM6485590000
CINI4CARROLL4 Jul 2022 7AM7187640.7000
CINI4CARROLL5 Jul 2022 7AM8092710.04000
CINI4CARROLL6 Jul 2022 7AM6994670.31000
CINI4CARROLL7 Jul 2022 7AM7182690.01000
CINI4CARROLL8 Jul 2022 7AM7285710.4600M
.AR CINI4 220708 C DH0700/TX 85/TN 71/TA 72/PP 0.46/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2208032218 Areas of patchy fog.
CINI4CARROLL9 Jul 2022 7AM6984660.04000
CINI4CARROLL10 Jul 2022 7AM7185660000
CINI4CARROLL11 Jul 2022 7AM7188661.31000
CINI4CARROLL12 Jul 2022 7AM6383620000
CINI4CARROLL13 Jul 2022 7AM6784630000
CINI4CARROLL14 Jul 2022 7AM6887640000
CINI4CARROLL15 Jul 2022 7AM7790680.0500M
CINI4CARROLL16 Jul 2022 7AM7291680000
CINI4CARROLL17 Jul 2022 7AM6981680.0100M
CINI4CARROLL18 Jul 2022 7AM6684650000
CINI4CARROLL19 Jul 2022 7AM728965000M
CINI4CARROLL20 Jul 2022 7AM698966000M
CINI4CARROLL21 Jul 2022 7AM728866000M
CINI4CARROLL22 Jul 2022 7AM6589630.0400M
.AR CINI4 220722 C DH0700/TX 89/TN 63/TA 65/PP 0.04/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2208032218 Trace of rain
CINI4CARROLL23 Jul 2022 7AM7792640000
CINI4CARROLL24 Jul 2022 7AM6992680.1800M
CINI4CARROLL25 Jul 2022 7AM618257000M
CINI4CARROLL26 Jul 2022 7AM6075570.0100M
CINI4CARROLL27 Jul 2022 7AM6582600.01000
CINI4CARROLL28 Jul 2022 7AM6287590.55000
CINI4CARROLL29 Jul 2022 7AM5777560000
CINI4CARROLL30 Jul 2022 7AM5981550000
CINI4CARROLL31 Jul 2022 7AM6683590000
CINI4CARROLL1 Aug 2022 7AM6587610000
CINI4CARROLL2 Aug 2022 7AM708965T000
CINI4CARROLL3 Aug 2022 7AM7995700000
CINI4CARROLL4 Aug 2022 7AM609459T000
CINI4CARROLL5 Aug 2022 7AM6286600000
CINI4CARROLL6 Aug 2022 7AM729061000M
CINI4CARROLL7 Aug 2022 7AM749672T000
CINI4CARROLL8 Aug 2022 7AM6488640.25000
CINI4CARROLL9 Aug 2022 7AM5477530000
CINI4CARROLL10 Aug 2022 7AM6084540000
CINI4CARROLL11 Aug 2022 7AM6288600000
CINI4CARROLL12 Aug 2022 7AM7190620000
CINI4CARROLL13 Aug 2022 7AM738970000M
CINI4CARROLL14 Aug 2022 7AM6482610000
CINI4CARROLL15 Aug 2022 7AM6578640000
CINI4CARROLL16 Aug 2022 7AM6367621.04000
.AR CINI4 220816 C DH0700/TX 67/TN 62/TA 63/PP 1.04/SF 0.0/SD 0/SW 0.0/DC2209240131 light fog in the Carroll area.
CINI4CARROLL17 Aug 2022 7AM5881560000
CINI4CARROLL18 Aug 2022 7AM6382570000
CINI4CARROLL19 Aug 2022 7AM6084600.27000
CINI4CARROLL20 Aug 2022 7AM6483600.02000
CINI4CARROLL21 Aug 2022 7AM6277590000
CINI4CARROLL22 Aug 2022 7AM5579540000
CINI4CARROLL23 Aug 2022 7AM6282550000
CINI4CARROLL24 Aug 2022 7AM6786620000
CINI4CARROLL25 Aug 2022 7AM668466T000
CINI4CARROLL26 Aug 2022 7AM5978580000
.A CINI4 220826 C DH0700/TX 78/TN 58/TA 59/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/SW 0.0/DC2208260700 Thick fog
CINI4CARROLL27 Aug 2022 7AM728159000M
CINI4CARROLL28 Aug 2022 7AM6986670.0500M
CINI4CARROLL29 Aug 2022 7AM6886680.02000
CINI4CARROLL30 Aug 2022 7AM5782570.01000
CINI4CARROLL31 Aug 2022 7AM5981540000
CINI4CARROLL1 Sep 2022 7AM7088580000
CINI4CARROLL2 Sep 2022 7AM6490640000
CINI4CARROLL3 Sep 2022 7AM5792570000
CINI4CARROLL4 Sep 2022 7AM5979550000
CINI4CARROLL5 Sep 2022 7AM6077550000
CINI4CARROLL6 Sep 2022 7AM5981560000
.AR CINI4 220906 C DH0700/TX 81/TN 56/TA 59/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/SW 0.0/DC2210021122 Dense fog in the Carroll area.
CINI4CARROLL7 Sep 2022 7AM6081580000
CINI4CARROLL8 Sep 2022 7AM6285590000
CINI4CARROLL9 Sep 2022 7AM6587590000
CINI4CARROLL10 Sep 2022 7AM5481530.54000
CINI4CARROLL11 Sep 2022 7AM4865470.36000
CINI4CARROLL12 Sep 2022 7AM4576450000
CINI4CARROLL13 Sep 2022 7AM4678450000
CINI4CARROLL14 Sep 2022 7AM5483460000
CINI4CARROLL15 Sep 2022 7AM6688540000
CINI4CARROLL16 Sep 2022 7AM6484610.05000
CINI4CARROLL17 Sep 2022 7AM6480610.45000
CINI4CARROLL18 Sep 2022 7AM6077600000
CINI4CARROLL19 Sep 2022 7AM588255T000
CINI4CARROLL20 Sep 2022 7AM7485550000
CINI4CARROLL21 Sep 2022 7AM6097600000
.A CINI4 220921 C DH0700/TX 97/TN 60/TA 60/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/SW 0.0/DC2209210701 New Record Hi temp for Sept 20th
CINI4CARROLL22 Sep 2022 7AM4871470000
CINI4CARROLL23 Sep 2022 7AM5368480.04000
CINI4CARROLL24 Sep 2022 7AM5459520.12000
CINI4CARROLL25 Sep 2022 7AM5379520000
CINI4CARROLL26 Sep 2022 7AM4375430000
CINI4CARROLL27 Sep 2022 7AM4674420000
CINI4CARROLL28 Sep 2022 7AM3372320000
CINI4CARROLL29 Sep 2022 7AM3967330000
CINI4CARROLL30 Sep 2022 7AM4372380000
CINI4CARROLL1 Oct 2022 7AM4776430000
CINI4CARROLL2 Oct 2022 7AM5277470000
CINI4CARROLL3 Oct 2022 7AM4879480000
CINI4CARROLL4 Oct 2022 7AM4979480000
CINI4CARROLL5 Oct 2022 7AM5681480.01000
CINI4CARROLL6 Oct 2022 7AM5372520.06000
CINI4CARROLL7 Oct 2022 7AM4064390000
CINI4CARROLL8 Oct 2022 7AM3055270000
CINI4CARROLL9 Oct 2022 7AM406329000M
CINI4CARROLL10 Oct 2022 7AM387537000M
CINI4CARROLL11 Oct 2022 7AM597937000M
CINI4CARROLL12 Oct 2022 7AM5180510.39000
CINI4CARROLL13 Oct 2022 7AM4165410000
CINI4CARROLL14 Oct 2022 7AM3554300000
CINI4CARROLL15 Oct 2022 7AM3153260000
CINI4CARROLL16 Oct 2022 7AM4169310000
CINI4CARROLL17 Oct 2022 7AM2851280000
CINI4CARROLL18 Oct 2022 7AM2243170000
CINI4CARROLL19 Oct 2022 7AM2042180000
.A CINI4 221019 C DH0700/TX 42/TN 20/TA 20/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/SW 0.0/DC2210190702 Tied a record low for Oct 18th
CINI4CARROLL20 Oct 2022 7AM3953200000
CINI4CARROLL21 Oct 2022 7AM5167390000
CINI4CARROLL22 Oct 2022 7AM5280400000
CINI4CARROLL23 Oct 2022 7AM5581470000
CINI4CARROLL24 Oct 2022 7AM5583550000
.AR CINI4 221024 C DH0700/TX 83/TN 55/TA 55/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/SW 0.0/DC2211071527 83 is a new record hi temp for Oct 23rd
CINI4CARROLL25 Oct 2022 7AM3355330.3000
CINI4CARROLL26 Oct 2022 7AM3355320000
CINI4CARROLL27 Oct 2022 7AM4659320000
CINI4CARROLL28 Oct 2022 7AM2958290000
CINI4CARROLL29 Oct 2022 7AM426428000M
CINI4CARROLL30 Oct 2022 7AM4268350000
CINI4CARROLL31 Oct 2022 7AM3764330000
CINI4CARROLL1 Nov 2022 7AM4868350000
CINI4CARROLL2 Nov 2022 7AM5477480000
CINI4CARROLL3 Nov 2022 7AM5975530000
CINI4CARROLL4 Nov 2022 7AM3771370.5000
CINI4CARROLL5 Nov 2022 7AM3238320.2000
CINI4CARROLL6 Nov 2022 7AM5051320000
CINI4CARROLL7 Nov 2022 7AM2954270000
CINI4CARROLL8 Nov 2022 7AM4047270000
CINI4CARROLL9 Nov 2022 7AM6262400.01000
CINI4CARROLL10 Nov 2022 7AM657362T000
CINI4CARROLL11 Nov 2022 7AM1766170000
CINI4CARROLL12 Nov 2022 7AM2225170000
CINI4CARROLL13 Nov 2022 7AM2229210000
CINI4CARROLL14 Nov 2022 7AM2836220000
CINI4CARROLL15 Nov 2022 7AM2838280000
CINI4CARROLL16 Nov 2022 7AM2031200.010.100.1
CINI4CARROLL17 Nov 2022 7AM262618TT00
CINI4CARROLL18 Nov 2022 7AM1231100000
CINI4CARROLL19 Nov 2022 7AM1825110000
CINI4CARROLL20 Nov 2022 7AM202690MMM
CINI4CARROLL21 Nov 2022 7AM2446200000
CINI4CARROLL22 Nov 2022 7AM1748160000
CINI4CARROLL23 Nov 2022 7AM3157170000
CINI4CARROLL24 Nov 2022 7AM3857300000
CINI4CARROLL25 Nov 2022 7AM2547250000
CINI4CARROLL26 Nov 2022 7AM3451240000
CINI4CARROLL27 Nov 2022 7AM3156240000
CINI4CARROLL28 Nov 2022 7AM2744160000
CINI4CARROLL29 Nov 2022 7AM3152270000
CINI4CARROLL30 Nov 2022 7AM1531150.070.500.5
CINI4CARROLL1 Dec 2022 7AM152590000
CINI4CARROLL2 Dec 2022 7AM3644150000
CINI4CARROLL3 Dec 2022 7AM75370000
CINI4CARROLL4 Dec 2022 7AM202970000
CINI4CARROLLNo Observation Reported for 2022-12-05

Errors exist in this dataset and you should evaluate the observations before using...