This page presents the raw observations of daily high and low temperature along with precipitation and snow when available. The dates shown are the date when the observation was reported. For observations made at 7 AM, this would be a for a 24 hour period up until that time and not for that local date. The timestamps shown are valid for the local timezone of that reporting station.

Hint: You should be able to highlight the values in the table and then copy + paste these values into a spreadsheet program like Excel. A download interface does exist for these observations.

COOP obs listed by station

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NWSLI: Site Name: Date: Temp at Ob Max Air Temp Min Air Temp Precip Snowfall Snow Depth Snow Water Equiv
BLGI4BURLINGTON1 Jan 2022 5AM294127000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON2 Jan 2022 5AM532-30.547MM
BLGI4BURLINGTON3 Jan 2022 5AM-313-300MM
BLGI4BURLINGTON4 Jan 2022 5AM2124-400MM
BLGI4BURLINGTON5 Jan 2022 5AM16381600MM
BLGI4BURLINGTON13 Jan 2022 5AM344730M0MM
BLGI4BURLINGTON14 Jan 2022 5AM30473000MM
BLGI4BURLINGTON15 Jan 2022 5AM2234220.4167M
BLGI4BURLINGTON16 Jan 2022 5AM5285006M
BLGI4BURLINGTON17 Jan 2022 5AM28284006M
BLGI4BURLINGTON18 Jan 2022 5AM273019006M
BLGI4BURLINGTON19 Jan 2022 5AM214421005M
BLGI4BURLINGTON20 Jan 2022 5AM21404005M
BLGI4BURLINGTON21 Jan 2022 5AM-721-7003M
BLGI4BURLINGTON22 Jan 2022 5AM1818-7003M
BLGI4BURLINGTON23 Jan 2022 5AM313212003M
BLGI4BURLINGTON24 Jan 2022 5AM141100MM
BLGI4BURLINGTON25 Jan 2022 5AM133-500MM
BLGI4BURLINGTON26 Jan 2022 5AM-513-500MM
BLGI4BURLINGTON27 Jan 2022 5AM2424-800MM
BLGI4BURLINGTON28 Jan 2022 5AM1635900MM
BLGI4BURLINGTON29 Jan 2022 5AM925600MM
BLGI4BURLINGTON30 Jan 2022 5AM2035600MM
BLGI4BURLINGTON31 Jan 2022 5AM16301600MM
BLGI4BURLINGTON1 Feb 2022 5AM41421300MM
BLGI4BURLINGTON2 Feb 2022 5AM1348110.234M
BLGI4BURLINGTON3 Feb 2022 5AM11223004M
BLGI4BURLINGTON4 Feb 2022 5AM3173004M
BLGI4BURLINGTON5 Feb 2022 5AM-126-1004M
BLGI4BURLINGTON6 Feb 2022 5AM2425-2003M
BLGI4BURLINGTON7 Feb 2022 5AM124312002M
BLGI4BURLINGTON8 Feb 2022 5AM212910002M
BLGI4BURLINGTON9 Feb 2022 5AM324921001M
BLGI4BURLINGTON10 Feb 2022 5AM294429000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON11 Feb 2022 5AM4141240.1200M
BLGI4BURLINGTON12 Feb 2022 5AM9489000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON13 Feb 2022 5AM16206000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON14 Feb 2022 5AM14199000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON15 Feb 2022 5AM233612000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON16 Feb 2022 5AM474921000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON17 Feb 2022 5AM285830.8500M
BLGI4BURLINGTON18 Feb 2022 5AM43440.232.5MM
BLGI4BURLINGTON19 Feb 2022 5AM3039400MM
BLGI4BURLINGTON20 Feb 2022 5AM1236300MM
BLGI4BURLINGTON21 Feb 2022 5AM41551200MM
BLGI4BURLINGTON22 Feb 2022 5AM4460390.050MM
BLGI4BURLINGTON23 Feb 2022 5AM74970.170MM
BLGI4BURLINGTON24 Feb 2022 5AM1819600MM
BLGI4BURLINGTON25 Feb 2022 5AM1225100.121.5MM
BLGI4BURLINGTON26 Feb 2022 5AM10251000MM
BLGI4BURLINGTON27 Feb 2022 5AM25389000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON28 Feb 2022 5AM324923000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON1 Mar 2022 5AM445931000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON2 Mar 2022 5AM376235000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON3 Mar 2022 5AM357028000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON4 Mar 2022 5AM35M28000M
.AR BLGI4 220304 C DH0500/TX M/TN 28/TA 35/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2204161606 TX 70
BLGI4BURLINGTON5 Mar 2022 5AM525228T00M
BLGI4BURLINGTON6 Mar 2022 5AM3570350.200M
BLGI4BURLINGTON7 Mar 2022 5AM3060300.321.52M
BLGI4BURLINGTON8 Mar 2022 5AM163216001M
BLGI4BURLINGTON9 Mar 2022 5AM293915000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON10 Mar 2022 5AM203716000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON11 Mar 2022 5AM1626160.1522M
BLGI4BURLINGTON12 Mar 2022 5AM9299001M
BLGI4BURLINGTON13 Mar 2022 5AM32328000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON14 Mar 2022 5AM425820000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON15 Mar 2022 5AM476542000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON16 Mar 2022 5AM436442000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON17 Mar 2022 5AM517243000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON18 Mar 2022 5AM487037T00M
BLGI4BURLINGTON19 Mar 2022 5AM3750370.7800M
BLGI4BURLINGTON20 Mar 2022 5AM395435000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON21 Mar 2022 5AM527137000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON22 Mar 2022 5AM4975490.4700M
BLGI4BURLINGTON23 Mar 2022 5AM5158490.4100M
BLGI4BURLINGTON24 Mar 2022 5AM3652360.600M
BLGI4BURLINGTON25 Mar 2022 5AM3942320.0700M
BLGI4BURLINGTON26 Mar 2022 5AM325232000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON27 Mar 2022 5AM264026000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON28 Mar 2022 5AM274124000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON29 Mar 2022 5AM344526000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON30 Mar 2022 5AM5151340.5600M
.A BLGI4 220330 C DH0500/TX 51/TN 34/TA 51/PP 0.56/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2204041110 Rain measure at 1730 3/30
BLGI4BURLINGTON31 Mar 2022 5AM345532M00M
.AR BLGI4 220331 C DH0500/TX 55/TN 32/TA 34/PP M/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2204161605 PP missing
BLGI4BURLINGTON1 Apr 2022 5AM3237320.3600M
.A BLGI4 220401 C DH0500/TX 37/TN 32/TA 32/PP 0.36/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2204041112 Rain measure at 0915 4/1
BLGI4BURLINGTON2 Apr 2022 5AM3848320.0900M
.A BLGI4 220402 C DH0500/TX 48/TN 32/TA 38/PP 0.09/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2204041114 Rain measure at 1800 4/2
BLGI4BURLINGTON3 Apr 2022 5AM335133000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON4 Apr 2022 5AM4458310.0700M
BLGI4BURLINGTON7 Apr 2022 7AM3856330.1100M
.A BLGI4 220407 C DH0500/TX 56/TN 33/TA 38/PP 0.11/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2204091111 Nimbus froze... had to unplug it. Lost 5th and 6th.
BLGI4BURLINGTON8 Apr 2022 7AM334232000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON9 Apr 2022 5AM3346300.02T0M
.A BLGI4 220409 C DH0500/TX 46/TN 30/TA 33/PP 0.02/SF T/SD 0/DC2204091113 Nimbus time adjustment 4/9 @ 1103 when Nimbus read 2219.
BLGI4BURLINGTON10 Apr 2022 5AM415730000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON11 Apr 2022 5AM497439000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON12 Apr 2022 5AM456545000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON13 Apr 2022 5AM6572M0.0500M
.AR BLGI4 220413 C DH0500/TX 72/TN M/TA 65/PP 0.05/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2205231328 TN 33, might be off by a day
BLGI4BURLINGTON14 Apr 2022 5AM33M33000M
.AR BLGI4 220414 C DH0500/TX M/TN 33/TA 33/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2205231406 TX 69
BLGI4BURLINGTON15 Apr 2022 5AM435632000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON16 Apr 2022 5AM335133000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON17 Apr 2022 7AM3451311.060.20M
BLGI4BURLINGTON18 Apr 2022 7AM334529000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON19 Apr 2022 5AM294529000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON20 Apr 2022 5AM475228000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON21 Apr 2022 5AM4452441.0200M
BLGI4BURLINGTON22 Apr 2022 5AM6068430.0500M
BLGI4BURLINGTON23 Apr 2022 5AM658057000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON24 Apr 2022 5AM5884580.1100M
.A BLGI4 220424 C DH0500/TX 84/TN 58/TA 58/PP 0.11/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2204241015 Rain measure at 10 AM
.AR BLGI4 220425 C DH0500/TX M/TN M/TA 46/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2205231408 TX 71, TN 31 is too low, might be off by a day
BLGI4BURLINGTON26 Apr 2022 5AM315331000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON27 Apr 2022 5AM405731000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON28 Apr 2022 5AM427439000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON29 Apr 2022 5AM5566410.100M
BLGI4BURLINGTON30 Apr 2022 5AM5762540.5400M
BLGI4BURLINGTON1 May 2022 5AM497349000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON2 May 2022 5AM455545000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON3 May 2022 5AM5359410.4500M
BLGI4BURLINGTON4 May 2022 5AM4554450.0600M
BLGI4BURLINGTON5 May 2022 5AM516243T00M
BLGI4BURLINGTON6 May 2022 5AM5056500.5600M
BLGI4BURLINGTON7 May 2022 5AM4858M0.0600M
.AR BLGI4 220507 C DH0500/TX 58/TN M/TA 48/PP 0.06/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2206091123 TN 48
BLGI4BURLINGTON8 May 2022 5AM547148000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON9 May 2022 5AM627453000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON10 May 2022 5AM738861000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON11 May 2022 5AM739272000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON12 May 2022 5AM779472000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON13 May 2022 5AM749565000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON14 May 2022 5AM65M65000M
.AR BLGI4 220514 C DH0500/TX M/TN 65/TA 65/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2206091135 TX 95
BLGI4BURLINGTON15 May 2022 5AM659065000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON16 May 2022 5AM5372530.0700M
BLGI4BURLINGTON17 May 2022 5AM558052000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON18 May 2022 5AM6382550.2200M
BLGI4BURLINGTON19 May 2022 5AM627762000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON20 May 2022 5AM688661000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON21 May 2022 5AM5778M0.6600M
.AR BLGI4 220521 C DH0500/TX 78/TN M/TA 57/PP 0.66/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2206091130 Rain measured at 10, TN 57
BLGI4BURLINGTON22 May 2022 5AM4563450.0600M
.A BLGI4 220522 C DH0500/TX 63/TN 45/TA 45/PP 0.06/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2205230655 Rain measured for 5/22 fell after 10 AM 5/21, when previous measurement was made.
BLGI4BURLINGTON23 May 2022 5AM526744000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON24 May 2022 5AM537050000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON25 May 2022 5AM5771520.7400M
.A BLGI4 220525 C DH0500/TX 71/TN 52/TA 57/PP 0.74/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2205250527 Rain measured at 0500. Nimbus clock reset to use 0500 as midnight, so I changed the display to read 00::08 at 5::08 this morning.
BLGI4BURLINGTON26 May 2022 5AM6476540.5700M
BLGI4BURLINGTON27 May 2022 5AM5876580.1500M
BLGI4BURLINGTON28 May 2022 5AM577157000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON29 May 2022 5AM657756000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON30 May 2022 5AM708765000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON31 May 2022 5AM748769000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON1 Jun 2022 5AM6582650.5900M
BLGI4BURLINGTON2 Jun 2022 5AM5674560.0200M
BLGI4BURLINGTON3 Jun 2022 5AM577655000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON4 Jun 2022 5AM588357000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON5 Jun 2022 5AM618057000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON6 Jun 2022 5AM678460000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON7 Jun 2022 5AM6584650.3300M
BLGI4BURLINGTON8 Jun 2022 5AM6379630.2200M
.A BLGI4 220608 C DH0500/TX 79/TN 63/TA 63/PP 0.22/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2206081023 Rain measured at 0930 (rain had stopped by then).
BLGI4BURLINGTON9 Jun 2022 5AM567556000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON10 Jun 2022 5AM6481550.0400M
BLGI4BURLINGTON11 Jun 2022 5AM597059M00M
BLGI4BURLINGTON12 Jun 2022 12AM707959M00M
BLGI4BURLINGTON13 Jun 2022 5AM738770000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON14 Jun 2022 7AM809272000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON15 Jun 2022 5AM779677000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON16 Jun 2022 5AM7295721.5700M
BLGI4BURLINGTON17 Jun 2022 5AM759371000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON18 Jun 2022 5AM678967000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON19 Jun 2022 7AM598259000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON20 Jun 2022 5AM658558000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON21 Jun 2022 5AM709165000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON22 Jun 2022 5AM739570000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON23 Jun 2022 5AM678665000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON24 Jun 2022 5AM678865000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON25 Jun 2022 5AM758167000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON26 Jun 2022 7AM708769M00M
BLGI4BURLINGTON27 Jun 2022 12AM617759M00M
BLGI4BURLINGTON28 Jun 2022 5AM618158000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON29 Jun 2022 5AM768459000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON30 Jun 2022 5AM84M66000M
.AR BLGI4 220630 C DH0500/TX M/TN 66/TA 84/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2207040541 I don't believe that Max either.
BLGI4BURLINGTON1 Jul 2022 5AM769169000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON2 Jul 2022 5AM6377630.1300M
BLGI4BURLINGTON3 Jul 2022 5AM658261000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON4 Jul 2022 5AM748965000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON5 Jul 2022 5AM809574000M
.A BLGI4 220705 C DH0500/TX 95/TN 74/TA 80/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2207050630 80 degrees at 5 AM. Yikes.
BLGI4BURLINGTON6 Jul 2022 5AM7299720.4200M
.A BLGI4 220706 C DH0500/TX 99/TN 72/TA 72/PP 0.42/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2207060611 Was my temperature lower than the airport due to the heating radiated by the concrete at the airport?
BLGI4BURLINGTON7 Jul 2022 5AM7484720.0800M
BLGI4BURLINGTON8 Jul 2022 5AM7380720.9100M
BLGI4BURLINGTON9 Jul 2022 5AM6678660.0800M
BLGI4BURLINGTON10 Jul 2022 5AM668265000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON11 Jul 2022 5AM718464000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON12 Jul 2022 5AM678667000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON13 Jul 2022 5AM648464000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON14 Jul 2022 5AM718963000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON15 Jul 2022 5AM7287680.3100M
.A BLGI4 220715 C DH0500/TX 87/TN 68/TA 72/PP 0.31/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2207161049 Rain measure taken at 0730
BLGI4BURLINGTON16 Jul 2022 5AM7181700.2200M
BLGI4BURLINGTON17 Jul 2022 5AM777871000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON18 Jul 2022 5AM688368000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON19 Jul 2022 5AM698867000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON20 Jul 2022 5AM738969000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON21 Jul 2022 5AM688868000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON22 Jul 2022 5AM679464000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON23 Jul 2022 5AM778967000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON24 Jul 2022 5AM8197770.1700M
BLGI4BURLINGTON25 Jul 2022 5AM628562000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON26 Jul 2022 5AM667762000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON27 Jul 2022 5AM697764000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON28 Jul 2022 5AM698767000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON29 Jul 2022 7AM618261000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON30 Jul 2022 5AM618160000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON31 Jul 2022 5AM648661000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON1 Aug 2022 5AM7586630.4100M
BLGI4BURLINGTON2 Aug 2022 5AM789175000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON3 Aug 2022 5AM778776000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON4 Aug 2022 5AM7386730.0200M
BLGI4BURLINGTON5 Aug 2022 5AM728871000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON6 Aug 2022 5AM769172000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON7 Aug 2022 5AM809476000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON8 Aug 2022 5AM8187800.1300M
BLGI4BURLINGTON9 Aug 2022 5AM6381630.2100M
BLGI4BURLINGTON10 Aug 2022 5AM627961000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON11 Aug 2022 5AM638460000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON12 Aug 2022 5AM668663000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON13 Aug 2022 5AM687964000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON14 Aug 2022 5AM708867000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON15 Aug 2022 5AM657665000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON16 Aug 2022 5AM6778640.100M
BLGI4BURLINGTON17 Aug 2022 5AM658164000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON18 Aug 2022 5AM598159000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON19 Aug 2022 5AM668557000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON20 Aug 2022 5AM6785660.1800M
.A BLGI4 220820 C DH0500/TX 85/TN 66/TA 67/PP 0.18/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2208201036 Rain measure at 1030
BLGI4BURLINGTON21 Aug 2022 5AM6782650.0100M
BLGI4BURLINGTON22 Aug 2022 5AM627862000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON23 Aug 2022 5AM688261000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON24 Aug 2022 5AM648464000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON25 Aug 2022 5AM7186640.0200M
.A BLGI4 220826 C DH0500/TX M/TN M/TA M/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2208310856 Battery died 8/28, no way to recover 8/26 until battery replaced
BLGI4BURLINGTON29 Aug 2022 5AM73MM0.0200M
BLGI4BURLINGTON30 Aug 2022 5AM669366T00M
BLGI4BURLINGTON31 Aug 2022 5AM598359000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON1 Sep 2022 5AM598957000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON2 Sep 2022 5AM688459000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON3 Sep 2022 5AM708767000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON4 Sep 2022 5AMM88680.9800M
.A BLGI4 220904 C DH0500/TX 88/TN 68/TA M/PP 0.98/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2209041544 High was error.... -99.9
BLGI4BURLINGTON5 Sep 2022 5AM677364000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON6 Sep 2022 5AM647564000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON7 Sep 2022 5AM658162000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON8 Sep 2022 5AM628262000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON9 Sep 2022 5AM638660000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON10 Sep 2022 5AM648760000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON11 Sep 2022 5AM5881581.300M
BLGI4BURLINGTON12 Sep 2022 5AM577356000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON13 Sep 2022 5AM537253000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON14 Sep 2022 5AM568052000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON15 Sep 2022 5AM648655000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON16 Sep 2022 5AM658661000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON17 Sep 2022 5AM7187630.0300M
.A BLGI4 220917 C DH0500/TX 87/TN 63/TA 71/PP 0.03/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2209170850 Rain measure at 0900
BLGI4BURLINGTON18 Sep 2022 5AM6682550.7200M
BLGI4BURLINGTON19 Sep 2022 5AM7191650.8200M
BLGI4BURLINGTON20 Sep 2022 5AM728770000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON21 Sep 2022 5AM7195700.5700M
.A BLGI4 220921 C DH0500/TX 95/TN 70/TA 71/PP 0.57/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2209210712 Rain measured at 0630
BLGI4BURLINGTON22 Sep 2022 5AM5678560.0400M
BLGI4BURLINGTON23 Sep 2022 5AM536753000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON24 Sep 2022 5AM5256510.100M
.A BLGI4 220924 C DH0500/TX 56/TN 51/TA 52/PP 0.10/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2209241000 Rain measure at 1000
BLGI4BURLINGTON25 Sep 2022 5AM578152000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON26 Sep 2022 5AM517650000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON27 Sep 2022 5AM476846000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON28 Sep 2022 5AM416841000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON29 Sep 2022 5AM456341000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON30 Sep 2022 5AM477043000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON1 Oct 2022 5AM517347000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON2 Oct 2022 5AM527249000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON3 Oct 2022 5AM517450000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON4 Oct 2022 5AM467546000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON5 Oct 2022 5AM487644000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON6 Oct 2022 5AM5272460.200M
BLGI4BURLINGTON7 Oct 2022 5AM4577450.1100M
BLGI4BURLINGTON8 Oct 2022 5AM365636000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON9 Oct 2022 5AM436134000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON10 Oct 2022 5AM487343000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON11 Oct 2022 5AM577845000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON12 Oct 2022 5AM6667430.4700M
BLGI4BURLINGTON13 Oct 2022 5AM4369430.0200M
BLGI4BURLINGTON14 Oct 2022 5AM375734000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON15 Oct 2022 5AM3563340.1400M
BLGI4BURLINGTON16 Oct 2022 5AM436032000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON17 Oct 2022 5AM345934000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON18 Oct 2022 5AM284528000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON19 Oct 2022 5AM274926000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON20 Oct 2022 5AM3451M000M
.A BLGI4 221020 C DH0500/TX 51/TN M/TA 34/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2210200938 Rain gauge winterized 10/19. The temperature measuring tool's cover was replaced, and must have impacted the unit. Minimum temp was -67.7, so I entered M above.
BLGI4BURLINGTON21 Oct 2022 5AM447134000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON22 Oct 2022 5AM588244000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON23 Oct 2022 5AM688557000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON24 Oct 2022 5AM6978600.0400M
BLGI4BURLINGTON25 Oct 2022 5AM4772470.7700M
BLGI4BURLINGTON26 Oct 2022 5AM3848380.6200M
BLGI4BURLINGTON27 Oct 2022 5AM435737000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON28 Oct 2022 5AM425842000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON29 Oct 2022 5AM406240000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON30 Oct 2022 5AM516737000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON31 Oct 2022 5AM5259500.0400M
BLGI4BURLINGTON1 Nov 2022 5AM436643000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON2 Nov 2022 5AM497341000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON3 Nov 2022 5AM567748000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON4 Nov 2022 5AM6474550.010MM
.A BLGI4 221104 C DH0500/TX 74/TN 55/TA 64/PP 0.01/SF 0.0/DC2211071243 Rain measured at 1745
BLGI4BURLINGTON5 Nov 2022 5AM6274530.7500M
.A BLGI4 221105 C DH0500/TX 74/TN 53/TA 62/PP 0.75/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2211071244 Rain time measured not known
BLGI4BURLINGTON6 Nov 2022 5AM456343000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON7 Nov 2022 5AM436341000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON8 Nov 2022 5AM395437000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON9 Nov 2022 5AM556138000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON10 Nov 2022 5AM637754000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON11 Nov 2022 5AM3376330.100M
.A BLGI4 221111 C DH0500/TX 76/TN 33/TA 33/PP 0.10/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2211201021 Rain measure @ 415
BLGI4BURLINGTON12 Nov 2022 5AM2733250.0300M
BLGI4BURLINGTON13 Nov 2022 5AM243124000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON14 Nov 2022 5AM233523000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON15 Nov 2022 5AM324122000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON16 Nov 2022 5AM2935290.1800M
BLGI4BURLINGTON17 Nov 2022 5AM223022000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON18 Nov 2022 5AM213620000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON19 Nov 2022 5AM172517000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON20 Nov 2022 5AM142913000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON21 Nov 2022 5AM314113000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON22 Nov 2022 5AM245324000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON23 Nov 2022 5AM365523000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON24 Nov 2022 5AM455935000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON25 Nov 2022 5AM295429000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON26 Nov 2022 5AM315327000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON27 Nov 2022 5AM425530M00M
.AR BLGI4 221127 C DH0500/TX 55/TN 30/TA 42/PP M/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2212020858 Rain should have been reported
BLGI4BURLINGTON28 Nov 2022 5AM274527M00M
.AR BLGI4 221128 C DH0500/TX 45/TN 27/TA 27/PP M/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2212020859 Rain should have been reported
BLGI4BURLINGTON29 Nov 2022 5AM415026000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON30 Nov 2022 5AM216321000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON1 Dec 2022 5AM143214000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON2 Dec 2022 5AM394014000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON3 Dec 2022 5AM196019000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON4 Dec 2022 5AM212915000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON5 Dec 2022 5AM264520000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON6 Dec 2022 5AM334525000M
.A BLGI4 221207 C DH0500/TX 46/TN 28/TA 29/PP T/DC2212070613 1/4 mile visibility in some areas at 0500 this morning.

Errors exist in this dataset and you should evaluate the observations before using...