This page presents the raw observations of daily high and low temperature along with precipitation and snow when available. The dates shown are the date when the observation was reported. For observations made at 7 AM, this would be a for a 24 hour period up until that time and not for that local date. The timestamps shown are valid for the local timezone of that reporting station.

Hint: You should be able to highlight the values in the table and then copy + paste these values into a spreadsheet program like Excel. A download interface does exist for these observations.

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NWSLI: Site Name: Date: Temp at Ob Max Air Temp Min Air Temp Precip Snowfall Snow Depth Snow Water Equiv
BLGI4BURLINGTON8 Jan 2023 5AM272817000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON9 Jan 2023 5AM253623000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON10 Jan 2023 5AM314924000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON11 Jan 2023 5AM354729000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON12 Jan 2023 5AM325332000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON13 Jan 2023 5AM223521000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON14 Jan 2023 5AM162916000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON15 Jan 2023 5AM313715000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON16 Jan 2023 5AM4246310.0300M
BLGI4BURLINGTON17 Jan 2023 5AM3861380.0300M
BLGI4BURLINGTON18 Jan 2023 5AM334033000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON19 Jan 2023 5AM3636310.5300M
BLGI4BURLINGTON20 Jan 2023 5AM3037300.05M0M
BLGI4BURLINGTON21 Jan 2023 5AM263225000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON22 Jan 2023 7AM3139250.1511M
BLGI4BURLINGTON23 Jan 2023 5AM313320001M
BLGI4BURLINGTON24 Jan 2023 5AM313320000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON25 Jan 2023 5AM3035300.312.63M
BLGI4BURLINGTON26 Jan 2023 5AM163316002M
BLGI4BURLINGTON27 Jan 2023 5AM222213001M
BLGI4BURLINGTON28 Jan 2023 5AM2442220.050.51M
BLGI4BURLINGTON29 Jan 2023 5AM162816MM1M
BLGI4BURLINGTON30 Jan 2023 5AM8188001M
BLGI4BURLINGTON31 Jan 2023 5AM0140001M
BLGI4BURLINGTON1 Feb 2023 5AM918-1001M
BLGI4BURLINGTON2 Feb 2023 5AM22359001M
BLGI4BURLINGTON3 Feb 2023 5AM-139-1001M
BLGI4BURLINGTON4 Feb 2023 5AM1818-2001M
BLGI4BURLINGTON5 Feb 2023 5AM335418000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON6 Feb 2023 6AM264726000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON7 Feb 2023 5AM355526000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON8 Feb 2023 5AM254724000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON9 Feb 2023 7AM364623M00M
BLGI4BURLINGTON10 Feb 2023 12AM253925MM0M
BLGI4BURLINGTON11 Feb 2023 5AM193419000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON12 Feb 2023 5AM294718000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON13 Feb 2023 5AM305526000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON14 Feb 2023 5AM455528000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON15 Feb 2023 5AM4053400.1500M
BLGI4BURLINGTON16 Feb 2023 5AM3040280.01M0M
BLGI4BURLINGTON17 Feb 2023 5AM1032100.050.50M
BLGI4BURLINGTON18 Feb 2023 5AM30318000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON19 Feb 2023 5AM405129000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON20 Feb 2023 5AM255525000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON21 Feb 2023 5AM305424000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON22 Feb 2023 5AM3742260.0600M
.A BLGI4 230222 C DH0500/TX 42/TN 26/TA 37/PP 0.06/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2302250932 Rain measure taken at 0900
BLGI4BURLINGTON23 Feb 2023 5AM3645340.4800M
BLGI4BURLINGTON24 Feb 2023 5AM123611000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON25 Feb 2023 5AM272812MM0M
BLGI4BURLINGTON26 Feb 2023 5AM284425000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON27 Feb 2023 5AM5155280.4500M
BLGI4BURLINGTON28 Feb 2023 5AM355535000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON1 Mar 2023 5AM365034000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON2 Mar 2023 5AM325931000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON3 Mar 2023 5AM334232000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON4 Mar 2023 5AM274426000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON5 Mar 2023 5AM355526000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON6 Mar 2023 5AM505834000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON7 Mar 2023 5AM366036000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON8 Mar 2023 5AM395135000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON9 Mar 2023 5AM404538000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON10 Mar 2023 5AM3140310.781.51M
BLGI4BURLINGTON11 Mar 2023 5AM283528000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON12 Mar 2023 5AM3240280.582.52M
BLGI4BURLINGTON13 Mar 2023 5AM263626001M
BLGI4BURLINGTON14 Mar 2023 5AM273326000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON15 Mar 2023 5AM314227000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON16 Mar 2023 5AM455631000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON17 Mar 2023 5AM2146210.84MMM
BLGI4BURLINGTON18 Mar 2023 5AM1035100.020.50M
BLGI4BURLINGTON19 Mar 2023 5AM132310000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON20 Mar 2023 5AM294213000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON21 Mar 2023 5AM396028000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON22 Mar 2023 5AM405639000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON23 Mar 2023 5AM3749370.1600M
BLGI4BURLINGTON24 Mar 2023 5AM354435000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON25 Mar 2023 5AM3151311.1500M
BLGI4BURLINGTON26 Mar 2023 5AM415431000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON27 Mar 2023 5AM305730000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON28 Mar 2023 5AM375229000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON29 Mar 2023 5AM365233000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON30 Mar 2023 5AM324532000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON31 Mar 2023 5AM596932000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON1 Apr 2023 5AM3674350.2500M
BLGI4BURLINGTON2 Apr 2023 5AM355132000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON3 Apr 2023 5AM487035000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON4 Apr 2023 5AM456844000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON5 Apr 2023 5AM5885450.200M
BLGI4BURLINGTON6 Apr 2023 5AM295828000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON7 Apr 2023 5AM335427000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON8 Apr 2023 5AM386331000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON9 Apr 2023 5AM476837000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON10 Apr 2023 5AM527146000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON11 Apr 2023 5AM507448000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON12 Apr 2023 5AM547948000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON13 Apr 2023 5AM548052000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON14 Apr 2023 5AM578251000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON15 Apr 2023 5AM628357000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON16 Apr 2023 5AM3874370.600M
BLGI4BURLINGTON17 Apr 2023 5AM3739350.0500M
BLGI4BURLINGTON18 Apr 2023 5AM3859350.2200M
BLGI4BURLINGTON19 Apr 2023 5AM526434000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON20 Apr 2023 5AM588039000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON21 Apr 2023 5AM397634000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON22 Apr 2023 5AM346032000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON23 Apr 2023 5AM324330000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON24 Apr 2023 5AM325030000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON25 Apr 2023 5AM4461300.2900M
BLGI4BURLINGTON26 Apr 2023 5AM375936000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON27 Apr 2023 5AM395836000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON28 Apr 2023 5AM447138000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON29 Apr 2023 5AM477343000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON30 Apr 2023 5AM4161410.100M
BLGI4BURLINGTON1 May 2023 5AM445241000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON2 May 2023 5AM416241000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON3 May 2023 5AM416439000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON4 May 2023 6AM436738000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON5 May 2023 6AM477943000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON6 May 2023 5AM587347000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON7 May 2023 6AM5980580.5300M
BLGI4BURLINGTON8 May 2023 6AM5786572.0300M
BLGI4BURLINGTON9 May 2023 6AM547254000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON10 May 2023 6AM567553000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON11 May 2023 6AM618056000M
BLGI4BURLINGTON12 May 2023 6AM6579610.0900M
BLGI4BURLINGTON13 May 2023 6AM6582650.0100M
BLGI4BURLINGTON14 May 2023 6AM6175610.2300M
.A BLGI4 230514 C DH0600/TX 75/TN 61/TA 61/PP 0.23/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2305181725
BLGI4BURLINGTON15 May 2023 6AM537253000M
.A BLGI4 230515 C DH0600/TX 72/TN 53/TA 53/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2305181725
BLGI4BURLINGTON16 May 2023 6AM5568530.0900M
.A BLGI4 230516 C DH0600/TX 68/TN 53/TA 55/PP 0.09/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2305181727
BLGI4BURLINGTON17 May 2023 6AM537753000M
.A BLGI4 230517 C DH0600/TX 77/TN 53/TA 53/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2305181727
BLGI4BURLINGTON18 May 2023 6AM517551000M
.A BLGI4 230518 C DH0600/TX 75/TN 51/TA 51/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2306021735
BLGI4BURLINGTON19 May 2023 6AM648251000M
.A BLGI4 230519 C DH0600/TX 82/TN 51/TA 64/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2306021739
BLGI4BURLINGTON20 May 2023 6AM466646000M
.A BLGI4 230520 C DH0600/TX 66/TN 46/TA 46/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2306021740
BLGI4BURLINGTON21 May 2023 6AM467146000M
.A BLGI4 230521 C DH0600/TX 71/TN 46/TA 46/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2306021741
BLGI4BURLINGTON22 May 2023 6AM538046000M
.A BLGI4 230522 C DH0600/TX 80/TN 46/TA 53/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2306021743
BLGI4BURLINGTON23 May 2023 6AM548053000M
.A BLGI4 230523 C DH0600/TX 80/TN 53/TA 54/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2306021757
BLGI4BURLINGTON24 May 2023 6AM578454000M
.A BLGI4 230524 C DH0600/TX 84/TN 54/TA 57/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2306021757
BLGI4BURLINGTON25 May 2023 6AM548754000M
.A BLGI4 230525 C DH0600/TX 87/TN 54/TA 54/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2306021759
BLGI4BURLINGTON26 May 2023 6AM487548000M
.A BLGI4 230526 C DH0600/TX 75/TN 48/TA 48/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2306021759
BLGI4BURLINGTON27 May 2023 6AM547648000M
.A BLGI4 230527 C DH0600/TX 76/TN 48/TA 54/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2306021800
BLGI4BURLINGTON28 May 2023 6AM588154000M
.A BLGI4 230528 C DH0600/TX 81/TN 54/TA 58/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2306021834
BLGI4BURLINGTON29 May 2023 6AM578256000M
.A BLGI4 230529 C DH0600/TX 82/TN 56/TA 57/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2306021836
BLGI4BURLINGTON30 May 2023 6AM578256000M
.A BLGI4 230530 C DH0600/TX 82/TN 56/TA 57/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2306021837
BLGI4BURLINGTON31 May 2023 6AM638957000M
.A BLGI4 230531 C DH0600/TX 89/TN 57/TA 63/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2306021838
BLGI4BURLINGTON1 Jun 2023 6AM659063000M
.A BLGI4 230601 C DH0600/TX 90/TN 63/TA 65/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2306021839
.A BLGI4 230602 C DH0600/TX M/TN M/TA M/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2306030556
.AR BLGI4 20230603 Z DH1100/PPDRZ 1.71
.A BLGI4 230604 C DH0600/TX M/TN M/TA M/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2306050532
.AR BLGI4 20230605 Z DH1100/PPDRZ M
.A BLGI4 230606 C DH0600/TX M/TN M/TA M/PP 0.00/SF 0.0/SD 0/DC2306062017
BLGI4BURLINGTONNo Observation Reported for 2023-06-07

Errors exist in this dataset and you should evaluate the observations before using...