This page presents the raw observations of daily high and low temperature along with precipitation and snow when available. The dates shown are the date when the observation was reported. For observations made at 7 AM, this would be a for a 24 hour period up until that time and not for that local date. The timestamps shown are valid for the local timezone of that reporting station.

Hint: You should be able to highlight the values in the table and then copy + paste these values into a spreadsheet program like Excel. A download interface does exist for these observations.

COOP obs listed by station

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NWSLI: Site Name: Date: Temp at Ob Max Air Temp Min Air Temp Precip Snowfall Snow Depth Snow Water Equiv
AUDI4Audubon1 Jan 2023 8AM284625M00M
AUDI4Audubon2 Jan 2023 8AM314428000M
AUDI4Audubon3 Jan 2023 8AM3235300.5100M
AUDI4Audubon4 Jan 2023 8AM2334230.0500M
AUDI4Audubon5 Jan 2023 8AM2226220.040.61M
AUDI4Audubon6 Jan 2023 8AM162813001M
AUDI4Audubon7 Jan 2023 8AM834700MM
AUDI4Audubon8 Jan 2023 8AM624600MM
AUDI4Audubon9 Jan 2023 8AM27396000M
AUDI4Audubon10 Jan 2023 8AM224622000M
AUDI4Audubon11 Jan 2023 8AM314419000M
AUDI4Audubon12 Jan 2023 8AM223122000M
AUDI4Audubon13 Jan 2023 8AM132412000M
AUDI4Audubon14 Jan 2023 8AM222812000M
AUDI4Audubon15 Jan 2023 8AM334121000M
AUDI4Audubon16 Jan 2023 8AM4345270.1400M
AUDI4Audubon17 Jan 2023 8AM2951290.0500M
AUDI4Audubon18 Jan 2023 8AM273326000M
AUDI4Audubon19 Jan 2023 8AM2731270.654.24M
AUDI4Audubon20 Jan 2023 8AM2028190.010.14M
AUDI4Audubon21 Jan 2023 8AM182918004M
AUDI4Audubon22 Jan 2023 8AM192815MM4M
AUDI4Audubon23 Jan 2023 8AM15197004M
AUDI4Audubon24 Jan 2023 8AM14299004M
AUDI4Audubon25 Jan 2023 8AM253214003M
AUDI4Audubon26 Jan 2023 8AM4272003M
AUDI4Audubon27 Jan 2023 8AM36374MM2M
AUDI4Audubon28 Jan 2023 8AM1536150.111.23M
AUDI4Audubon29 Jan 2023 8AM-216-40.020.23M
AUDI4Audubon30 Jan 2023 8AM-35-4003M
AUDI4Audubon31 Jan 2023 8AM47-13003M
AUDI4Audubon1 Feb 2023 8AM11204003M
AUDI4Audubon2 Feb 2023 8AMM359003M
AUDI4Audubon3 Feb 2023 8AM-222-3003M
AUDI4Audubon4 Feb 2023 8AM2626-2003M
AUDI4Audubon5 Feb 2023 8AM264521002M
AUDI4Audubon6 Feb 2023 8AM304024001M
AUDI4Audubon7 Feb 2023 8AM32483000MM
AUDI4Audubon8 Feb 2023 8AM264121000M
AUDI4Audubon9 Feb 2023 8AM3448260.04MMM
AUDI4Audubon10 Feb 2023 8AM123411MM0M
AUDI4Audubon11 Feb 2023 8AM253712000M
AUDI4Audubon12 Feb 2023 8AM264625000M
AUDI4Audubon13 Feb 2023 8AM214420000M
AUDI4Audubon14 Feb 2023 8AM405319M00M
AUDI4Audubon15 Feb 2023 8AM2644260.8700M
AUDI4Audubon16 Feb 2023 8AM1728160.040.71M
AUDI4Audubon17 Feb 2023 8AM-922-100.24.15M
AUDI4Audubon18 Feb 2023 8AM2229-10004M
AUDI4Audubon19 Feb 2023 8AM284222002M
AUDI4Audubon20 Feb 2023 8AM26432200MM
AUDI4Audubon21 Feb 2023 8AM174717000M
AUDI4Audubon22 Feb 2023 8AM243917000M
AUDI4Audubon23 Feb 2023 8AM82880.010.1MM
.AR AUDI4 230223 C DH0800/TX 28/TN 8/TA 8/PP 0.01/PT 5/SF 0.1/SD T/DC2303231844 .1 in the snowfall was ice.
AUDI4Audubon24 Feb 2023 8AM113-2000M
AUDI4Audubon25 Feb 2023 8AM11171000M
AUDI4Audubon26 Feb 2023 8AM184111000M
AUDI4Audubon27 Feb 2023 8AM3954181.0600M
AUDI4Audubon28 Feb 2023 8AM2942210.0200M
AUDI4Audubon1 Mar 2023 8AM3138250MMM
AUDI4Audubon2 Mar 2023 8AM2246220MMM
AUDI4Audubon3 Mar 2023 8AM2539220MMM
AUDI4Audubon4 Mar 2023 8AM3150230MMM
AUDI4Audubon5 Mar 2023 8AM2747240MMM
AUDI4Audubon6 Mar 2023 8AM324927MMMM
AUDI4Audubon7 Mar 2023 8AM3139300MMM
AUDI4Audubon8 Mar 2023 8AM3242310.04MMM
AUDI4Audubon9 Mar 2023 8AM3136310.1211M
AUDI4Audubon10 Mar 2023 8AM2833280.1411M
AUDI4Audubon11 Mar 2023 8AM2732240MMM
AUDI4Audubon12 Mar 2023 8AM2332220.3223M
.A AUDI4 230312 C DH0800/TX 32/TN 22/TA 23/PP 0.32/PT 5/SF 2.0/SD 3/DC2303121553 It probably snowed at least 3 inches but by morning it had melted down to 2 inches.
AUDI4Audubon13 Mar 2023 8AM2025200M3M
AUDI4Audubon14 Mar 2023 8AM112611003M
AUDI4Audubon15 Mar 2023 8AM3437100M0M
AUDI4Audubon16 Mar 2023 8AM4459330MMM
AUDI4Audubon17 Mar 2023 8AM1944190.32MMM
.A AUDI4 230317 C DH0800/TX 44/TN 19/TA 19/PP 0.32/PT 1/SF T/SD T/DC2303170933 mostly rain changing to snow.
AUDI4Audubon18 Mar 2023 8AM103060MMM
AUDI4Audubon19 Mar 2023 8AM82370MMM
AUDI4Audubon20 Mar 2023 8AM294370MMM
AUDI4Audubon21 Mar 2023 8AM4055250MMM
AUDI4Audubon22 Mar 2023 8AM405134MMMM
AUDI4Audubon23 Mar 2023 8AM2648260.01MMM
.A AUDI4 230323 C DH0800/TX 48/TN 26/TA 26/PP 0.01/PT 1/DC2303230831 rain changing to sleet.
AUDI4Audubon24 Mar 2023 8AM2638200MMM
AUDI4Audubon25 Mar 2023 8AM3052260MMM
AUDI4AudubonNo Observation Reported for 2023-03-26
AUDI4Audubon27 Mar 2023 8AM2053170.210M
.A AUDI4 230327 C DH0800/TX 53/TN 17/TA 20/PP 0.20/PT 5/SF 1.0/SD 0/DC2303270827 Snow was all melted.
AUDI4Audubon28 Mar 2023 8AM1942190MMM
AUDI4Audubon29 Mar 2023 8AM2147190MMM
AUDI4Audubon30 Mar 2023 8AM2639200MMM
AUDI4Audubon31 Mar 2023 8AM597126MMMM
AUDI4Audubon1 Apr 2023 8AM2873270.02MMM
AUDI4Audubon2 Apr 2023 8AM4349240MMM
AUDI4Audubon3 Apr 2023 8AM4370310MMM
AUDI4Audubon4 Apr 2023 8AM4053370MMM
AUDI4Audubon5 Apr 2023 8AM3069300MMM
AUDI4Audubon6 Apr 2023 8AM1941130MMM
.AR AUDI4 230406 C DH0800/TX 41/TN M/TA 19/PP 0.00/DC2304060830 Min temp set to M, seemed too low, ob was 13 - NWS
AUDI4Audubon7 Apr 2023 8AM3054190MMM
AUDI4Audubon8 Apr 2023 8AM38M300MMM
.AR AUDI4 230408 C DH0800/TX M/TN 30/TA 38/PP 0.00/DC2304080915 MaxT of 60 set to M, 8 deg cooler than AWOS/surrounding sites. - NWS
AUDI4Audubon9 Apr 2023 8AM4570380MMM
AUDI4Audubon10 Apr 2023 8AM5174430.05MMM
AUDI4Audubon11 Apr 2023 8AM4072370MMM
AUDI4AudubonNo Observation Reported for 2023-04-12
AUDI4Audubon13 Apr 2023 8AM5384530MMM
AUDI4Audubon14 Apr 2023 8AM5783520MMM
AUDI4Audubon15 Apr 2023 8AM4281410.96MMM
AUDI4Audubon16 Apr 2023 8AM33M330.12MMM
.AR AUDI4 230416 C DH0800/TX M/TN 33/TA 33/PP 0.12/PT 1/DC2304160841 Looks like reset was not performed on 4/15. /rev
AUDI4Audubon17 Apr 2023 8AM3346320.04MMM
AUDI4Audubon18 Apr 2023 8AM3260320MMM
AUDI4Audubon19 Apr 2023 8AM6064320.04MMM
AUDI4Audubon20 Apr 2023 8AM5373461.16MMM
AUDI4Audubon21 Apr 2023 7AM3554340MMM
AUDI4Audubon22 Apr 2023 8AM3143300MMM
AUDI4Audubon23 Apr 2023 8AM2241220MMM
AUDI4Audubon24 Apr 2023 8AM2247220MMM
AUDI4Audubon25 Apr 2023 8AM365922MMMM
AUDI4Audubon26 Apr 2023 8AM3659350MMM
AUDI4Audubon27 Apr 2023 8AM4364340MMM
AUDI4Audubon28 Apr 2023 8AM4468390MMM
AUDI4Audubon29 Apr 2023 8AM346834MMMM
AUDI4Audubon30 Apr 2023 8AM3856340MMM
AUDI4Audubon1 May 2023 8AM3757350MMM
AUDI4Audubon2 May 2023 8AM3660360MMM
AUDI4Audubon3 May 2023 8AM2863270MMM
AUDI4Audubon4 May 2023 8AM3870270MMM
AUDI4Audubon5 May 2023 8AM5580380MMM
AUDI4Audubon6 May 2023 8AM5661551.16MMM
AUDI4Audubon7 May 2023 8AM5470460MMM
AUDI4Audubon8 May 2023 8AM5777540.3MMM
AUDI4Audubon9 May 2023 8AM5575540.01MMM
AUDI4Audubon10 May 2023 8AM5773540MMM
AUDI4Audubon11 May 2023 8AM5980540MMM
AUDI4Audubon12 May 2023 8AM6380590.43MMM
AUDI4Audubon13 May 2023 8AM6778620MMM
AUDI4AudubonNo Observation Reported for 2023-05-14
AUDI4Audubon15 May 2023 8AM486748MMMM
AUDI4Audubon16 May 2023 8AM5355470.03MMM
.B KRF 230516 DH12/PPDRZ AUDI4 DH1300/ 0.03
AUDI4Audubon17 May 2023 8AM4877470MMM
.B KRF 230517 DH12/PPDRZ AUDI4 DH1300/ 0.00
AUDI4Audubon18 May 2023 8AM5781480MMM
.B KRF 230518 DH12/PPDRZ AUDI4 DH1300/ 0.00
AUDI4Audubon19 May 2023 8AM4879480.19MMM
.B KRF 230519 DH12/PPDRZ AUDI4 DH1300/ 0.19
AUDI4Audubon20 May 2023 8AM4262370MMM
.A AUDI4 230520 C DH0800/TX 62/TN 37/TA 42/PP 0.00/DC2305201747
AUDI4Audubon21 May 2023 8AM3969380MMM
.A AUDI4 230521 C DH0800/TX 69/TN 38/TA 39/PP 0.00/DC2305211827
AUDI4Audubon22 May 2023 8AM4676390MMM
.B MSR 20230522 Z DH1200/PPDRZ AUDI4 DH1300/ 0.00
AUDI4Audubon23 May 2023 8AM5976460MMM
.B KRF 230523 DH12/PPDRZ AUDI4 DH1300/ 0.00
AUDI4Audubon24 May 2023 8AM4980480MMM
.B KRF 230524 DH12/PPDRZ AUDI4 DH1300/ 0.00
AUDI4Audubon25 May 2023 8AM6082490MMM
.B KRF 230525 DH12/PPDRZ AUDI4 DH1300/ 0.00
AUDI4Audubon26 May 2023 8AM4882470MMM
.B KRF 230526 DH12/PPDRZ AUDI4 DH1300/ 0.00
AUDI4Audubon27 May 2023 8AM4178380MMM
.A AUDI4 230527 C DH0800/TX 78/TN 38/TA 41/PP 0.00/DC2305271715
AUDI4Audubon28 May 2023 8AM6074410MMM
.A AUDI4 230528 C DH0800/TX 74/TN 41/TA 60/PP 0.00/DC2305281512
AUDI4Audubon29 May 2023 8AM6481490MMM
.B KRF 230529 DH12/PPDRZ AUDI4 DH1300/ 0.00
AUDI4Audubon30 May 2023 8AM6084600MMM
.B KRF 230530 DH12/PPDRZ AUDI4 DH1300/ 0.00
AUDI4Audubon31 May 2023 8AM6186590.28MMM
.B KRF 230531 DH12/PPDRZ AUDI4 DH1300/ 0.28
AUDI4Audubon1 Jun 2023 6AMMMM0MMM
.B KRF 230601 DH12/PPDRZ AUDI4 DH1200/ 0.00
AUDI4Audubon2 Jun 2023 8AM6681610.1MMM
.B KRF 230602 DH12/PPDRZ AUDI4 DH1300/ 0.10
AUDI4Audubon3 Jun 2023 8AM6087590.47MMM
.A AUDI4 230603 C DH0800/TX 87/TN 59/TA 60/PP 0.47/PT 1/DC2306031701
AUDI4Audubon4 Jun 2023 8AM6188600MMM
.A AUDI4 230604 C DH0800/TX 88/TN 60/TA 61/PP 0.00/DC2306041636
AUDI4Audubon5 Jun 2023 8AM6088600MMM
.B KRF 230605 DH12/PPDRZ AUDI4 DH1300/ 0.00
AUDI4Audubon6 Jun 2023 8AM5785570MMM
.B KRF 230606 DH12/PPDRZ AUDI4 DH1300/ 0.00
AUDI4AudubonNo Observation Reported for 2023-06-07

Errors exist in this dataset and you should evaluate the observations before using...